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Jazz meets Salsa and Slack Key

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"The JK Gallery" is a virtual web site featuring photographs taken by Ray Cotter Jr. of Jazz artists and Salsa artists in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1970's. 

Sr. Research Photographer Ray Cotter, Jr's. work has been published in various magazines, books, album covers such as: DownBeat Magazine, Fantasy Records, The Guineas Book of Weather Facts, and many more. His work includes never before seen pictures of jazz artist Miles Davis, to such artist's as Tito Puente. To view more of his priceless work, please enter the Exhibition Room  or click on below "ADMIT ONE"


 JAZZ meets Salsa and Slack Key

photos from
Keystone Korner
and the
San Francisco, CA &  Bay Area
by Ray Cotter, Jr.

Wanted: Publishing's companies, Museums, Art Galleries, Jazz Night Clubs and Latin Night Clubs interested in showcasing Ray Cotter, Jr.'s work. Also wanted are individuals interested in perhaps purchasing some of his work. If interested please e-mail the JK Gallery at rfcotter@earthlink.net. Hopefully this will generate enough interest that will make photographer Ray Cotter Jr. break out of the dark and come into the light, so that we all can enjoy these images that have never been seen before. "I've been working hard to get this photographer to release to us signed and numbered, limited edition color or black and white framed prints, and maybe a book or cd-rom." (KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED)

Bright Moments, Jeffrey Kubo

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