I wish to acknowledge receipt of a Washington State University Graduate Student Travel Grant which enabled me to conduct interviews in California in January, 1978.

The hospitality and cooperation of the people who participated in interviews was always delightful. I wish to especially remember Mrs. Marjorie Foster Munn of Seattle, WA who hosted a gathering of WASPs in her home. Genevieve Yetter Miller entrusted me with copies of the Avenger Newspaper and Dorothy Kocher Olsen gave me access and permission to use letters which she wrote during World War II.

My graduate student colleagues have given generously of their time to help me along the way. Marjorie Grunewald and especially Mary Wysong deserve thanks for tolerating mundane requests and the sometimes frantic behavior of this graduate student.

The members of my committee, Susan Armitage, LeRoy Ashby, and Edward Bennett have each given immeasurable assistance in the preparation of this thesis. Their encouragement, high standards, and challenging ideas added much to my effort. Any errors which remain are strictly my own.

My deepest appreciation is reserved for my husband, Steven Smith. He unfailingly offers patient and courageous support of my efforts as a soldier and scholar.

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Lieutenant Colonel Natalie J. Stewart-Smith, New Mexico Military Institute
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