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George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. The most important horror film of all time. My enchantment with this film began many many years ago, as I described in the editorial I wrote for our (Deadline Press') Night of the Living Dead 25th Anniversary Tribute Magazine. Also in that magazine was the first appearance of an article I wrote (and subsequently re-wrote - as two separate articles for The Zombie Chronicles) comparing the original screenplays of Romero's zombie trilogy to the finished films. I've made a few minor corrections, but otherwise retained the original text, and you can read it here. In the future, I hope to put up more articles or interesting things on this classic film. In the meantime, let me know what you think of what's here. And don't forget to click on George to go to a bibliography/filmography page.

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Until then, we'll keep the link as a reminder of better times...

And be sure to check out Night star Kyra Schon's home page, where you can read about her Living Dead experiences, view actual film props, and order exclusive Night of the Living Dead merchandise! Just click on the link below!

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