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Richard Laymon died of a heart attack on February 14, 2001. He was a dear friend and strong supporter of Deadline Press. We were honored to have worked with him on both A Good, Secret Place and A Writer's Tale, and moreso to have become good friends with he and his family.

John Scoleri & Peter Enfantino

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Richard Laymon's

A Writer's Tale

From the bestselling author of The Cellar, Funland and Savage comes his most harrowing tale yet...and this time it's all true!

A Writer's Tale is an autobiographical tour through the life and work of Richard Laymon, from his earliest published work to his current success as one of the UKs hottest selling horror authors.

This book-length non-fiction work contains everything you ever wanted to know about Richard Laymon, including:

The bookk was produced in two specially designed limited editions:

A 500-copy signed/numbered edition SOLD OUT

A deluxe, 26-copy signed/lettered/traycased edition with a matching signed illustrated chapbook containing never-before-published chapters edited from the novel The Woods Are Dark (signed by Laymon and artist Martin Walsh) SOLD OUT

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