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This web site is about encouraging words of the Christ. The Christ was manifest in Jesus, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad and many others (peace be upon them all) . Do you want to build both your faith and your feelings of self esteem and self worth? Do you want to get closer to God? Do you want to know what to do with your life? To overcome depression? What your purpose really is? I write these articles to encourage you and inspire you in just these ways.


18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

    because he has anointed me

    to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

    and recovery of sight for the blind,

to set the oppressed free,

19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

~Jesus Christ


God wants us to be free and whole in spirit and psychologically and is willing to help us become so. This is part of the very mission of Christ. Christ wants us to walk in the light, to bring forth the light that is in us, to grow it and to shine. That light in us IS Christ. We will be called to go into dark prison places within ourselves with that light, that compassion and holy life force, and bring freedom, healing, and sight. God is with us in this endeavor. The holy sparks in us that are encrusted with darkness and shame, can be raised up to the glory of the resurrection by faith. The Messiah is the Good Shepherd. He wants our best spiritually and psychologically.

All Gods and Goddesses are part of One God

(Below I use the pronouns he, she and it to denote God because God encompasses, but is also beyond gender.)


God is accessed through the heart and imagination. Different aspects of God can be interacted with at different times, but as the Jews say: “Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One”. This means that all gods and goddesses are aspects of the One. Let me just state here that I do not take all scripture literally at all, nor do I believe all Jewish laws and traditions are meant for modern people to be followed, unless you are a Jew and decide you want to serve God in that way. I see the saying in the Hebrew Bible that God is ONE as true. However, God split into multiple beings at the creation. God’s highest self is still in a unity, but the parts within space and time have split into trillions of beings ---animals, humans, gods, goddesses, etc. But they can be reunified in US. We can experience God as one within ourselves, by focusing on God’s center, his heart, where he is One.


Pagans and Wiccans and others speak of their “patron” god or goddess. This is the aspect of God that has come to you personally and interacted with you. This is the Christ coming to you in a special form. This is a pathway God has given you to itself.  It is good to realize that the patron is an aspect of God, not the totality of God. Christians, too, are only dealing with one aspect of God when they focus their attention on Jesus. God is beyond just one image or holy person. We cannot grasp the totality of God, but we can acknowledge God’s Oneness, and this helps God become more cohesive in space and time. God gives us different spiritual inclinations and inspires us with different archetypes. God  expresses different forms of itself to us, we do not drum it up ourselves. The archetypes are autonomous and we receive them in our imagination. All religions focus on a different aspect of God. God looks different in each religion. But God is beyond each representation of himself/herself, at the same time living within each of them. It is like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. Each blind man felt a different part of the elephant’s body and came to his unique conclusion. One felt its tail and thought it was like a snake. One felt its leg and thought it was like a tree. Each one had a different experience and differing ideas about it. Such is religion.


It is a beautiful thing if you have interacted with your patron or aspect of God. Wiccans and Pagans are well aware of the use of the imagination in imagining their patrons. This is how we communicate with any aspect of God. It has to be in the heart and done with the imagination. God gives us a taste; a vision, a feeling, some words, and we remember these and savor these, pointing our attention towards our God by faith. Or we are inspired about God through another. Either way, a bridge is made to God. This is precious and holy.


Because God is all things and beings and yet beyond all things and beings, he is both good and evil and beyond good and evil. There are parts of God that are wicked and parts that are harsh and judgmental and parts that are good and kind. But the holy center of God, his heart, is both loving and just, and that is where we aim our prayers and worship.

In Kabballah, the body of God is represented by a tree of light spheres. The heart of God is the sphere of light in the middle. All parts of God run like rivers into that holy ocean there.


Also, God is both male and female. So whether you call on Diana, Lilith, Lucifer or Persephone; Apollo, Mercury or Jesus; Krishna, Shiva or Kali….these are all aspects of the One God. Remember, there is a vast God beyond any representation of God. And there is a God beyond all universes, beyond the body of God represented in the kabbalistic tree. But God expresses himself to us personally in time and space through the prism of his tree of lights, his body.


Some points I will elaborate on over time:

1] Jesus expressed Christ, or the balance and coming together of both the merciful and judgmental sides of God..
2] Many others, besides Jesus have also incarnated God or expressed God, and each one has left a unique Gift to the world and to God.
3] Jews are totally accepted by God, as are Muslims and Hindus, apart from making Jesus *Lord and Savior*.
4] Jews are meant to be a Blessing spiritually to Gentiles.
5] Each person and each religion (including witchcraft), are meant to be a Blessing to other people and to God.
That is, when they are walking in the Spirit. Some people may not be able to fulfill that function in this life, but their lives are still used as part of God's great Plan which includes both Good and Evil.
6] All people are evolving back to God and helping God's disparate lower parts be elevated back up to Him.
7] The whole earth and universe are filled with Holy Sparks that fell from God, which God yearns for. The Holy Sparks are in everything and everyone.
8]We believe in many holy books, but not everything in them is Truth. As Ramakrishna said, "Scripture is a mixture of sugar and sand."

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God in us is greater than the mountains.

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