We know it can be difficult or expensive to come to Nova Scotia. We hope everyone can make it, but we'll understand if it doesn't work out.

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Our Canadian wedding is coming up soon... and it comes complete with Canadian laws and Canadian immigration officials! In other words, don't forget your passports!

Here you'll find information on lodging, ferries, airlines, and touring around Nova Scotia, as well as updated information about the wedding weekend schedule. As you make your plans, please keep us informed about your arrival times and lodging arrangements. Here's a couple of maps to help you plan your visit:


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The town of Shelburne is the place where the Redcoats and loyalists fled during the American Revolution. As such, it is home to a Loyalist Reenactment Regiment and the Black Loyalist Museum. The historical waterfront is picturesque and served as the set for the movie The Scarlet Letter starring the tremendous talent Demi Moore. With a population of 2,200, Shelburne boasts several good restaurants, craft shops, and public parks. Shelburne's website:

http://www. shelburnenovascotia.com/

Please visit the guest bulletin board in order to easily communicate your arrival, departure and other plans to us and to your fellow guests. Also, feel free to email (Renbo@earthlink.net; kstarr@heronfdn.org) or call if you have questions: 212-923-9196.

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