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We are a search organization that locates hard to find new and especially used equipment. We operate in two different modes: Search and Consultant.

In the Search mode we can locate hard to find equipment or search for products required in large quantities. Incidentally, we don't look for buyers, sell any products, or have any arrangements to market companies products. Similarly, we never purchase the product or place the order for a client. Eventually we tie the seller and the client together, and continue as an active liaison between both parties until the contract has been completed.

Where the project involves extensive research, we can provide consulting services to survey an industry, find equipment in short supply, or perform a price position market analysis.

Do we always look for hard to find equipment? For overseas clients who don't have access to many sources, anything may be hard to find. Similarly, our search may be requested because the client either doesn't have the resources to perform the search, or has not been successful.

Do we always take on a search? No! If we feel that we can't do justice to the search, we will make some alternate suggestions.

Our staff has an engineering background. Therefore, we can evaluate a client's specification and find effective equipment fits. Often we find that a company's specification is based more on what some salesperson has shown rather than the most cost-effective product that can be obtained. That's why we try to get as much information about client requirements as possible. We also review the clients general price targets (we NEVER reveal the clients price objectives to the seller). This enables us to eliminate companies that do not meet the target objectives or inform the client that their objectives are impractical. We look for a frank exchange of information so that the best and quickest search can be conducted and the most cost-effective item obtained. Where there is a divergence of specifications that can't be resolved, we obtain multiple quotes, and prepare a variation's chart.

We can also perform specification modification, obtain samples, review applicable government regulations, terminology interpretation, price negotiation, obtaining state department approval if required, and providing for pre ship inspection. Often we act as a company's search representative for a broad line of products. Overall, our objectives are to establish a relationship with clients that are more than just a one-time project.

In what areas do we specialize? It would be a little easier to indicate the areas we don't work. In general, we don't search for aircraft, ships, vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs, food, munitions, explosives, oil, computer supplies or readily available commodities.

Who do we work with? Our clients include both USA and overseas companies. Because of our extensive contacts and research, we frequently work with consultants, brokers or trading companies who are trying to locate equipment.