Locates Hard to Find New or Used Equipment, Mills, and Plants

locate equipment
locate equipment
We are a search organization designed to locate equipment, especially hard to find new and used equipment/mills/plants. We operate in two different modes: Search and Consultant. In the Search mode we can locate equipment or search for products required in large quantities.

In what areas do we specialize? It would be a little easier to indicate the areas we don't work. In general, we don't search for aircraft, ships, vehicles, pharmaceutical drugs, food, munitions, explosives, oil, computer supplies, or readily available commodities. Our clients include both USA and overseas companies

We are totally independent, we don't look for buyers, sell any products, or have any arrangements to market company's products, we only locate equipment. We never purchase the product or place the order for a client. After we locate equipment, we tie the seller and the client together, and continue as an active liaison between both parties until the contract has been completed.

We can act as a representative for specification and price negotiation, obtain samples, review government regulations, interpret terminology, arrange for pre ship inspection, and prepare government export documentation. We also provide consulting services for market analysis, market penetration, pricing comparisons, and general product availability. Our clients are both domestic and overseas companies and also include consultants, brokers, and trading companies.

Our staff has an engineering background. Therefore, we can evaluate a client's specification locate equipment to find effective equipment fits. Often we find that a company's specification is based more on what some salesperson has shown rather than the most cost-effective product that can be obtained.


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