New York City Bookstores

New York City Bookstores

Offenes Buch

I am drawn to bookstores wherever I am.  They hold a certain kind of magic.   Scarcely a day goes by when I do not end up in one of these many stores.   As nice and comfy it might be to sip a cup of coffee at Barnes & Nobles while perusing the latest books and magazines, nothing intrigues me more than antiquarian, rare and used book stores.   There I find forgotten treasures, books I long hoped to find and others I did not even have an inkling about.

I discover something new all the time.   Don't miss out on New York City's bookstores while visiting.

aufgeschlagenes Heft   Whatever you are interested in, you gonna find it here .  I listed my favorite bookstores in New York City on this page .   All of them have used, out-of-print, and collectible or rare books to offer, while some stores sell new books as well.

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