The Event
or, As it Shall Be

835 days
that many remain
until our day
when we become one
far away, yet rapidly approaching
what shall transpire,
here is what they will see,
on that late April day:

from the mass of hairdressers
worrying on the flowers,
will they all be there,
there, in the basement
of Saint Mary's,
dressing in their gowns,
with help of her matrons,
readying for the walk,
now mere hours away,
eager in anticipation,
yet overwhelmed in the moment
is all right,
thoughts race through her head,
will it be perfect,
will I cry?,
(yes, it's allowed)

The tough decisions,
the colors of the day,
the style of the wedding gown,
the bridesmaid's dresses
and the reception hall
have long been set,
Only worries of the reception,
will the decorations
be received well, will they be complimented?
There's time for that later--
Nothing can be done about that now.

The pre-wedding photo session begins,
With the bridal party
She worries about her make-up,
as dozens of images are snapped,
they'll last forever --
she loathes them as it is
Her matrons ease her mind--
before she knows it,
it's a half hour away

The music begins upstairs,
Bach and Brahms ring through the church
There the men are,
the Best Man conspiring with the Ushers
Guests file in,
one by one, two by two
signing the log,
preserving their presence in ink
indexing themselves for posterity,
Pleasantly ushered to their seats,
the start is in the air
As the preludes have all concluded

Liszt echoes-- It's time
The bridesmades start the aisle,
picking up their escorts
Resuming their journey to the front
The Liszt climaxes--
And the bride, my Barbie,
processes with her dad at her side,
All eyes are on her,
as they well should be,
the most beautiful woman in the world--
A fact I've known for years

Photo Flashes erupt left and right,
all want to catch this moment,
her moment, just minutes away --
her husband-to-be waits --
from adding a band
to her cherished ring,
on that left hand
Images fill her mind,
of that December night
When clues were discovered
and the sentence assembled
vividly she recalls
Each and every day since,
eager for this day
She thought would never come
A long road to get here,
This, the grandest intersection in life,
Where the new road begins:

There she is, Miss Yost,
next to me at the Altar;
All are in place,
The Matrons to the left,
The Best Man to our right
The guests are silent in prayer --
The ceremony is set to begin,
moments away from our vows:

To the World we proclaim,
Our love through the Lord
"To have and to hold,
in sickness and in health
till death do us part"

We become one-

Carry your love I do,
My entire life I'll continue to --
You and no other --
a dream?
No, it's real--
and I'm the luckiest alive.

1.15.98-2 glenn

(more on the reception later)