The Celebration

At last, it is here
The post event festivities,
The grandest of parties
that some call delight
And all delight in
the announcement
of a couple: us --

a celebration of a life begun
just a few short hours before

A meal- what for a meal
all are hungry,
hungry in anticipation
for special moments yet to come:

They anxiously await the toast,
waiting for the Best Man,
eying his words,
hanging on every breath
detailing the story
of how this day
was made possible,
of highlights along the way
and funny accounts,
jokes and mockery, if you will,
of the time we've known

The first dance
is an attraction
none want to miss --
some are even taking bets
on what song it will be
The dance,
a dance, where a lifetime
spans three minutes,
all eyes are on us,
on the wooden floor
There we are,
the happiest on all the earth
for it is our day
Right now,
The world is drowned out,
and it is just us,
awash in our moment,
gazing in the other's eyes--
We are one.

2.14.98-1 glenn

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