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I have attempted to place a fair sampling of my prior poetry available for view to those that wish. I have had a few published in small quantities, but mainly my philosophy is to wait until I have passed on, then someone else can deal with all that. As for me, I will just continue to write, and occaisionally compile sets for several close friends.


Poems noted with an asterisk (*) are known NOT to have been restored yet from the prior site moves. They are a small minority, and the rest should work. A note on 4-9-09 - the prior ones that had not been restored have been commented out as of this date, and a slew of others added in, including the possible Era 10. A few newer ones have been linked in, some of which presently reside on the buried planet site. These are demarked by the (On BP) following the date designation.

Time availability is not as kind as it once was, which partially explains the dearth of new material.

All Poetry 1992-2012 by Robert G McKeever, II.

Hayfield Era: Jan-June 1992

Some of the roots of my poetry are found here...
Love is a Sickness - 2.7.92-1
How does it start or The Prom - 2.7.92-4
My friend is sad and demented - 2.14.92-1 (On BP)
As the Music Fades Away - 5.13.92-3
What is your Advice - 5.16.92-2
Earnestly I Yearn - 5.18.92-1
Niagara - 5.25.92-3
Life is life - 5.26.92-1 (On BP)
Grad - 5.27.92-1
Life Strikes - 5.29.92-1

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Brenda Era: Fall 1992-January 1993

These were written mostly to/about Brenda Read.
Currently, there are no typed works from this era. Many, though, appeared in some of the prior self-published compilation annotations of life.

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Dreamer Era: Spring/Summer 1993

This was an in-between era, Dreaming, hanging with the Dreamers. Various subjects written about...
A Valentines' Lament - 2.14.93-1
Stained - 3.25.93-2
To Dance - 4.3.93-1
To C.J. - 7.10.93-2 (On BP)

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English 213 Era: Fall 1993

These are but a few of the poems written while taking English 213 (Poetry Writing) at Penn State.
The Key - 7.26.93-2
Words - 7.26.93-3 (On BP)
Pickett - 9.12.93-1
Ode to the Capital Cities Route - 10.5.93-1

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(Era Five) Jen Era: December 1993-Spring 1995

A fair share in this timeframe were written to/about Jen Camara, a friend from the Chicago area.
As this day winds to a close - 5.4.94-1 (On BP)
Love Resembles - 8.12.94-1 (On BP)
Thousand Mile Journey - 9.11.94-2
Most Memorable Image - 12.22.94-1
Where is Jen Today - 12.20.94-6

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Era 7: Untitled: Summer 1995 - Summer 1996

Massive myriad of thoughts here. (And many signs of foolishness)
The Soliloquy - 7.27.95-2
To Jack and Kathy (or Wedding Bells) - 7.27.95-3
Dances - 7.30.95-1
Since it seems - 7.31.95-1
Here/at long reach - 8.2.95-1
Sonnet #3 - 8.6.95-1
Time Marches - 9.12.95-1
Sonnet #4 - 10.7.95-1
Overlookings - 11.7.95-1
The Demonstration - 11.7.95-2
Waltz of Everlasting Love - 11.15.95-2
The Misspelled, Misdirected and Unanswered Questions - 1.27.96-1
Excessive Metaphorce (Soliloquy #440) - 1.31.96-1
On Publication (Soliloquy #445) - 2.7.96-1
Four Years (Soliloquy #446) - 2.7.96-2
Summations -- 3.25.96-1
Era 7 had at one time a draft subtitle "Findings"

A Deep Shade of Red -- 7.10.96-1 Untyped
To Brenda on 25 -- 8.2.96-2
Hereos or Skeletons in the Closet (Soliloquy #466) -- 8.13.96-2 (On BP - 5/10/10)

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The Barb era is really two distinct poetic eras at this time, Eight and Nine. Era Ten, if it has begun, would also be part of it.

Era Eight covers the time from just before I met Barb, until just after our engagement.

August 1996 - February 1998

Nantucket -- 9.20.96-1
Sonnet #11 -- 9.25.96-1
Desire -- 10.1.96-4
Wavelength -- 10.7.96-5
Temptations (Soliloquy #487) -- 10.8.96-1
Common Dreams -- 10.9.96-1
The Cure-All -- 10.14.96-2
Today is Grand -- 10.16.96-5
The Name Game (Soliloquy #497) -- 10.17.96-1
Sonnet #12 -- 10.21.96-3
Findings -- 10.24.96-3
To the Rink -- 10.28.96-3 No Universal Access
Experiments (Sonnet #13) -- 10.28.96-4 No Universal Access
Serenity -- 10.29.96-2
Showers -- 11.4.96-2
In Seclusion -- 11.6.96-3 No Universal Access
And the Winner Is... -- 11.8.96-1 Untyped
The Dishroom -- 11.10.96-1 No Universal Access
The Wake-Up Call -- 11.11.96-2 No Universal Access
Inspiration -- 7.23.97-1
The Event (Or, As it will be) -- 1.15.98-2
The Celebration -- 2.14.98-2

Last Soliloquy in 9-96 to 12-96 notebook is 524; Last sonnet is #14

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Era 9, presently untitled, can roughly be defined as Summer 1998 to some time during 2004.

The timeframe covers my return to northern Virginia, our wedding, and life since that time. There has been some lean time, with an undetermined number of written works from late 1998 until early 2002, with none from that time presently typed. It is possible that Era 8/9 boundary is later than Summer 1998.

Era 10 is amorphous, and it cannot be determined if it has yet begun. As of now, there is a time gap with nothing in 2005, leading to a conclusion that it is a natural era break.

If you should have any rhyme or reason to read any of the numerous soliloquys, you'll just have to read manuscript, if I can find them. Email me at the address below to arrange.

Any comments/critics, please email me at the below address... Thanks :-)
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1992-2012, Robert G. McKeever, II