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12-01-2005 Laundry, Ping-Pong, Cancun Dave's, and Fishing

The Sun is shining in our window all night!Thursday, December 1, we crashed so early last night after our strenuous hike on the golf course that we were both up around 6:00 a.m. This RV Park is lit up by street lamps entwined with white Christmas lights. Now the office has white Twinkie lights all around the porch railing. It is as bright as daytime out there. We're done with breakfast early and I have the laundry sorted by 9:00. It's amazing what you can get accomplished when you get up early. We head to the office and start the laundry. Then we set up the ping-pong table in the adjacent game room. We can still hear the washing machines while we play some ping-pong. I'm rusty after about 20 years (can it be that long since we moved out of Carmel Park and sold our table in the garage sale?) But soon I get the hang of it. Not enough to defeat Bob yet but I did make some respectable showings for several games. It sure beat watching the laundry go round and round. The lady in the front office stuck here head in and said "Well, I thought there were a couple of kids in here!" I said "Hey, there are!" She said an RV Rally is arriving today with 12 rigs. There are two more rallies next week. The game room has poster board collages of past rallies. They must have a lot of them here.

Before we know it the laundry is done and we have to put our paddles down. Back home we stuff it all back in place and then head to Kilgore for lunch. We find Cancun Dave's on Hwy 259. We had seen it in the brochures and had high hopes for it. The parking lot was full, including two police cars! But even though the joint was hopping it was a little too "Tex-Mex" for us. We were hoping for a more 'interior Mexican' flavor with a name like Cancun Dave's. But we managed to get our fair share of carbs with the Fajita Quesadillas. We had to stop at a roadblock on the way back. A gravel truck overturned just past the RV Park going north so we had to tell the guy at the roadblock that we were staying at the RV Park. It was a big hassle for all of their rally arrivals today. Glad we didn't have to fight through it with The Beauty in tow.

We worked the Sudoku and then around 3:00 grabbed our fishing rods and walked across four golf holes to get to the fishing pond on the premises. It is only about 57 degrees and the air is quite chilly with a 10 mph wind. We walked around the perimeter and fished off the dock for a bit. Then we decided to turn over the paddle boat on the bank and paddle out to the stick ups in the center of the pond. We sure are getting our exercise today. Neither one of us caught a thing. I guess it's too cold for the fish too. Bob did find a golf ball near the edge of the water so we got something for our effort.

Back home we read the paper. We can see sever dozen folks from the rally on the upper tier in a big circle in their lawn chairs. The place really filled up this afternoon. I need to spend some time and upgrade my journal site while I have wireless. Bob downloaded the latest security and miscellaneous software updates waiting for us today. It's hard to find a fast enough connection on the road to make that possible.

It's 7:34 p.m. and 46.4 degrees.