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11-14-2005 Final Round of Golf at Arrowhead

Monday, November 14, it is warm and slightly overcast this morning. As I was doing the breakfast dishes, two older model RVs pulled up and scoped out the sites on our curbside. The 5th wheel actually backed in two slots over from us. But the ladies of the group had walked down by the lake and soon convinced their guys to move to the pull-through sites along the road where the pop-up guys had just vacated. Both couples are 15 years or so older than us and seem to be local Oklahomans. As I watched their comings-and-goings, Lyle Lovett accompanied me as I did the breakfast dishes. (That's Right You're Not From Texas!)

By 10:20 we were on the golf course here at the Park. The weather was perfect at 67 degrees, slightly overcast and only a mild breeze (well, for Oklahoma anyway!) The Pro said August 17 was the last rain here. You know you're in the southwest when people can name the last date it rained! We were done by 2:00. We played fast with no groups in front of us. We both had mediocre rounds; nothing really great and nothing really bad. Although I did have one birdie, which is still kind of an occasion for me.

Afterwards we drove to Eufaula and ate at J.M.'s. It was booming for 2:15 in the afternoon. We had to wait for a table to clear. I had grilled yellow fin tuna with an excellent tartar sauce that was kind of like a think Thousand Island with a jalapeno kick to it. My sides included a great seasoned hominy and English peas with new potatoes. Bob had the same chopped steak he liked so much the last time we were here. The cashier pointed us to the Post Office around the corner so I could mail my journal pages to Mom and Dad.

We got gas and cleaned the windshield at the Citgo on the way out of town in preparation for moving on down the road to Lake Texoma tomorrow. We were home by 3:30 and changed shoes to go fishing. Bob says as near as he can tell the RV lifestyle is all about shoes--fishing shoes, hiking shoes, golfing shoes--no matter what we do it involves a shoe change. The shore was muddy so we were glad we did change shoes! I caught one eight-inch bass and six pounds of mud on my shoes. Bob fared better with three fish and five pounds of mud on his shoes.

We were home by dark. The Ranger knocked to collect our fees. He said we were out fishing the first time he came by. He had a most charming British accent. We told him we owed him for last night too since we never saw the other Ranger come by last night. He charged us $10.00 per night (the Mon-Thurs rates according to him--Who knew?) We had showers, read the paper and had a snack. I can't believe we leave our great view tomorrow. We're heading south to Lake Texoma State Park. The weather forecast is for a huge cold front with high winds so our plans may have to change. Tonight there is a tornado watch in this area until 1:00 a.m.

It's 7:25 p.m. and 67.1 degrees.