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11-13-2005 Are the Old Folks Alive in There?

Sunday, November 13, it is already 58 degrees when we get up. Right after breakfast our neighbors in the Class A who came in at midnight the night before last, packed up and started to pull out. Suddenly they stopped and the young gal (mid-thirties) jumped out and knocked on our door. She looked kind of sheepish when she saw me and said "We were just checking to see if you were alright in there. We hadn't seen you come out in 24 hours!" I assured her we were fine and wished her safe traveling. When I shut the door I told Bob "We need to get out more. The neighbors think we're dead inside here!" Well I got to laughing so hard thinking of the look on that gal's face when I opened the door. I'm sure she was convinced we were an older couple who might have had a serious health issue or something and she just didn't feel right about pulling out of here without seeing if we needed medical assistance.

After that I was determined to go outside so I put on old clothes, got a bucket of soapy water and went out and washed the windows. Between the cooler night temperatures that leave dew on the RV and the howling winds that are blowing dry Oklahoma dust everywhere, we can hardly enjoy this magnificent view out of our dusty windows. I'm pretty sure the young girls in the pop-up saw me out there so at least they know we're alive and well:-) They packed up and left around 12:30 leaving us alone again at the Park.

We had showers and were pleased that our holding tanks are still holding out. We can go over a week if we are conservative. Around 1:30 we left for Eufaula. J.M.'s was closed on Sunday so we went to Gator's near the marina. Hundreds of bass boats (Lawter's and Assoc. Last Bass Tournament) were amassing around the boat ramp to get off the water. They left in droves while we ate.

I had Corn Chowder and Grilled Shrimp with Green Chili Cheese Grits on the side. Bob had grilled chicken and portabellas. Mine was the best corn Chowder I've ever had. According to the menu notes "The chef has been hugged for this dish!". I didn't, but it was a very rich and filling chowder that I certainly enjoyed. There is a nice view of Lake Eufaula as Gator's Restaurant hangs on stilts over the lake. We got a Tulsa World 'Big Paper' and headed back home to lounge with the paper and watch the end of the Franklin Templeton Shootout Golf Tournament that John Houston and Kenny Perry won.

Bob went fishing around 4:00. I stayed on the couch with the crossword. I had a nice chat on the phone with Megan (or should I say the new Mrs. Frankenberg?). Later I called Carla (her and Michael just returned from Caba San Lucas) and we caught up on news. We have good phone service here. I'm looking forward to seeing Mike and Linda and Megan and Casey at Lake Texoma next weekend.

It's 7:15 p.m. and 61.4 degrees. We are alone again.