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10-03-2005 Cart Golf at Railwood

Monday, October 3, we lunged and worked puzzles until noon. It was muggy so we flipped the A/C on. Bob phoned Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton but they have a tournament today and tomorrow so we went to Railwood on Hwy 94. We took a cart since it's so gosh-darn hot. It is cloudy and hazy but a breeze kept if from being unbearable. I played much better than the last time we played here. I parred hole #17 that I picked up on last time. We were done by 5:00. We got a paper (only Kansas City Stars were left--no Posts since last night the last regular season game in the old Busch Stadium.) and gas on the way home.

We ate La Bamba Fajitas Vallarta leftovers. Then we watched last week's taped Prison Break and this week's real-time episode back to back. We also watched CSI: Miami. I talked to Patti. She's dropping us off tomorrow at Tavern Creek and picking us up after our big float trip.

It's 10:04 p.m. and 74.3 degrees.