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09-11-2005 Frying Chicken with 'Da Yoopers'

Sunday, September 11, I woke up at 5:00 and never could get back to sleep. Around 6:00 I gave up and got up. There were many reminders today of the horrible events of four years ago (can it be that long?) I read yesterday's Illinois edition of the Post-Dispatch and worked some puzzles. Then I boiled my eggs for deviled eggs later. Bob got up and we devoured breakfast. Linda (and Ed, our Central Missouri golfing buddies) called. She got us a tee time for 10:00 a.m. at Redfield tomorrow. They have big news; they're moving to Hernando, Florida! They're building a retirement place down there and will put their home here on the market soon.

I made Dayne's Cherry Jell-O Salad and worked on my journal for a while. A 5th wheel moved in across from us. There is a horse-trainer sign on the side of his Missouri truck. Patti called to say they're going out on the River. The thought of the heat was too much for us after yesterday's tire-changing adventure in the blazing sun. We'll meet them later.

I couldn't fin the men's U.S. Open Tennis finals on TV. We took our boat off The Beast and packed up then hit the road around 3:15. We stopped at the quick shop for a paper and Amber Bock. They were already out of Sunday papers. When we got to the Tappels they were just getting ready to go to Patti's Aunt's funeral. I logged on DSL and got a bunch of 'business' done. Bob went down to their pond and caught some bass on his fly rod. Bernie and Patti returned and got the chicken ready to fry. We broke out Amber Bocks and Smirnoffs. Bernie put on this crazy tape "Da Yoopers." It was a hoot after just being up there surrounded by the real McCoys. We had a nice dinner and a chat on the deck. I couldn't believe how warm it was compared to recent evenings in the UP. We left around 9:30 after a quick watermelon thump test on the melon they bought that afternoon. We shared Yooper insight on how to get a good watermelon every time. Back home we worked a 5-star Sudoku from the Post that Bernie and Patti picked up for us.

It's 11:38 p.m. and 74.0 degrees.