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09-09-2005 Defrosting in a Heat Wave

Friday, September 9, we have thoughts of playing golf today until I took the trash out at 8:30 and it was 80 degrees and muggy already. A blast of hot air hit me and I thought I was in Texas again! We canceled golf and stayed home to do a few chores. We had an RV housecleaning and while Bob took the faucet in the bedroom apart to clean it I defrosted the freezer. I guess it was a good day to do it when it was so hot outside. The cows didn't seem to mind they moved from one field down to the other on their same daily schedule.

We worked a few Sudoku puzzles that I had downloaded off the wireless in Rapid River. Then we went to the office to pay for another day. The owners were out on the porch. He just had a knee replacement and was in shock about how hard it is to recover from. His sun had built a contraption on the deck where he pulled on a ring and it lifted his leg so he could keep his knee limber. They asked us if it was quiet back there where we're camped (we're the only ones back there still.) He said there would be a few folks come in for the weekend probably. We paid them for one more night and headed to Atlanta to Country Aire Restaurant. I had Broasted Catfish and Bob had grilled Cod. We tried to get a paper at the gas station next door but they only had the local small paper.

So we went back home and tried to 'prove' the Sudoku we worked this morning. Around 7:00 the sun was down enough to go outside and get ready for tomorrow's move. We put the DeLorean on top of The Beast, checked the air and fluids and flushed the holding tanks. Some people pulled in next to us in a Class C Tioga. And there are a bunch of tenters across the way. I can't imagine spending the weekend in a tent in this heat.

It's 8:04 p.m. and 78.5 degrees.