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08-28-2005 Our Laundry and Katrina Tumble

Sunday, August 28, after breakfast I went to the office with two loads of laundry. Vickie was just finishing with her stuff in the dryer. I got $10.00 worth of quarters from Lisa, Penny's daughter. I had a nice chat with Penny as my laundry was going. She said Hwy 2 was closed just one time she could remember with blowing snow. The plows couldn't keep it off fast enough. And once there was a hurricane-like storm, 10 years to the day after the Edmund Fitzgerald storm. There was an eye that developed across Lake Michigan with 56 mph winds.

She showed me pictures of an albino deer that comes around here every year. She had a photo of a 500 pound bear that Ed (Michelle, our waitress at Jack's, husband) who was a hunting guide got last year. We watched the TV in the office give reports of Hurricane Katrina bearing down on the LA and MS coast. Landfall will be tomorrow morning. Vickie and Dayne are very nervous about their home just southwest of New Orleans in Des Allemonds. It must be hard to be so far away with a Category 5 hurricane heading for your home. It makes me glad we sold our house. Austin doesn't get direct hurricane hits but central Texas got 15" of rain after a hurricane a few years ago that caused a 500 year flood in San Marcos.

My laundry was done by 3:00. Bob and I went to Jack's for their Sunday dinner special. Bob had the Whitefish and I had roast pork. We got a paper at Vaiu's Market. Back home we spent the evening browsing the paper and working the puzzles while keeping an eye on the hurricane.

I called my niece, Megan, but missed her. I'm anxious to hear about wedding plans now that the time is getting close. I talked to my folks and all is well there.

The high today was 76 degrees.