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The Redwolfn'Racer Acres is a nine acre non-traditional rescue located in the woods of Flagler County, Florida. Working together with other non-traditional rescues to find forever homes for companion animals.


After spending several years breading, it became painfully apparent that we were only adding to a population that was already extremely overpopulated. We retired our last stud, a beautiful Chow, Max (Waide’s Pride of Maximillien) and shifted our focus to fostering dogs who needed a forever home. That was in 1991, since that time we have continued our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and educate. Our first official “adoption” was a very loving Greyhound, Goodness Gracious. Gracie came to us through Greyhound Pets of America. Gracie, after spending over 10 years with us, passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13. She will live in our hearts forever as our little 40 mile an hour couch potato.

The new farm is dedicated to her and her memory.


Our goal is to help others find that forever home and live out their life happy, healthy, and safe.


What's New at the Farm

Krahe and Vahlla are growing like weeds! Stay tuned for pictures and updates


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