Rick Ross: "Fireflies in the Rain"
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Rainy Day.............. Dan Peek Mobile-Texas Line...... Rick Ross
Trouble in Mind......... Richard Jones Therapy.................. Rick Ross
Mole's Moan............ Geoff Muldaur Desolation Dreams...... Bob Gotta
Ella Speed.............. Traditional Orphan's Blues......... Washboard Sam
Fireflies in the Rain... Rick Ross Secret Love.............. Rick Ross
Another Fine Mess.... Deane Lewis Sinkin' Creek............ Douglas Dillard
On a Dime............... Rick Ross The Little Beggarman... Traditional


River Valley Reader, Spring Valley, MN:

Rick Ross is the type of musician that makes you wonder what happened to all the male singer-songwriters lately. In a landscape of acoustic musicians that has been dominated by women the last decade or so (and believe me, there's nothing wrong with that), Ross is a nice breeze across your face that hums in your ears.

Ross' "Fireflies in the Rain" is a blend of old standards and originals. Ross...adds new dimensions to blues tunes such as "Ella Speed" and "Mobile-Texas Line".

His originals also portray Ross' blues roots, with notable songs such as the title track and "On a Dime." ...If you like James Taylor or Jim Croce, Rick Ross is a guy for you.

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Cover tunes? Surely, you jest. Nope -- but wait...before you run and hide, read this... Rick Ross CAN write songs. He really can -- and does it well. It's just that he seems to prefer a mix of his own combined with his interpretation of other people's songs on his latest release -- well, four of 14 are his, anyway.

It gets better. (Much like the CD.) After he starts out with a Dan Peek tune (remember the band America?) called "Rainy Day" (from their very first record -- yeah, record!), Rick shows his true colors as an instrumentalist on a healthy dose of blues, country-blues and bluegrass. Keep listening. This gets good -- real good!

His treatment of Geoff Muldaur's folksy/blues (sorta) "Mole's Moan" (totally instrumental) is just drop-dead beautiful -- crisp, clear, string squeaks and all! More blues tunes on which his guitar shines are "Mobile-Texas Line" (accompanied by great blues harp from Ted Paulsen) and Washboard Sam's "Orphan Blues."

Rick also shows his versatility with his finger-flyin' flat-pickin' style on "Ella Speed" (traditional country-blues) and Doug Dillard's "Sinkin' Creek." At some juncture, it becomes a moot point WHO wrote the tunes -- they sound so good.

Perhaps it's now appropriate to insert a note about Deane Lewis, who even wrote a tune ("Another Fine Mess," -- bluegrass). Lewis is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist who simply dazzles with his skill on the banjo, mandolin and bass.

Now for a word on Rick's own tunes. They are generally gentle, country-folk type slice-of-life ballads that seem somehow autobiographical and so very real. He penned the title track, "On a Dime" (an easy, bluegrass/blues tune), "Secret Love" and "Therapy," which could sum up what Rick Ross is all about: "Now Dave and Paul play basketball, that's how they deal with stress... ..Collette paints her pictures using many shades and hues but I get mine just drinkin' wine and pickin' the country blues."

" ...Now Robbie has a hobby, you know he builds stuff out of wood... ...but when I look at all them tools, machines and nails and screws, well, it makes me wanna grab my ax and pick the country blues... ...some might call it therapy, some might call it dues but I'll stand here, play my guitar and call it country blues Yeah, I'll stand here, play my guitar and pick the country blues..."

and while he'll be a-pickin, you'll be a-grinnin!