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Jesus Christ

 Yeshua or Yashua in Hebrew having an English meaning of Salvation so Abba Father sent not condemnation but rather a way to escape thru his SON of Salvation, Amen!



Jesus is not judging the people who are Catholic but telling them to "COME OUT" , for this Harlot shall be judged for her sins against GOD!, Amen!


 Jesus is not judging the people who are Mormon’s but rather telling them to “COME OUT”, for this False Prophet shall be judged for his sins against GOD, Amen!


 Jesus is not judging the people who are Jehovah’s Witness but rather telling them to “COME OUT”, for this doctrine is False and he has Risen and sit’s as HE went up before the Apostle’s and will come again for his Saints in same manner with his RESURRECTED he took coming out of the tomb, Amen!


 Each of these Religions pose DANGER to those who are walking in DARKNESS to TRUTH hide from them from each one! Only when you come to Christ who takes away the sins of the world can you truly be “BORN AGAIN”, Amen!


 Example’s of how Yeshua does not judge…

Example 1:

 Saul on his way to Damascus is knocked off his horse a term still spoken of today. Saul “KILLED” early Christians who believed in Yeshua and so Yeshua asked Saul why do you persecute “ME” said the Lord!


 So if anyone should be judged it’s Saul but notice Yeshua does not judge him but rather Saul now becomes “PAUL” the Roman who will go to Rome with his testimony of Yeshua!

Example 2:

 A woman was caught in the act of fornication and the mob thru her at Yeshua’s feet saying to the Rabbi the law says to “STONE HER”! What say’s you Rabbi and here I inject what I perceive as Yeshua squatting down and picking up a rock and holding above his head saying to the crowd “Whosoever is without SIN, cast the first STONE”, silence is broken with a “THUMP< THUMP” because the first thump was a rock that they were going to stone the woman with, but the second thump was for the Rabbi if he gave the wrong ANSWER!

Alone with the woman Jesus then say’s to the her where are they who judge you, gone she speaks, so also neither do I but say “TURN” and sin no more.

Example 3:

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Yeshua loved us enough to take away our SINS on a CROSS, and says if you surrender to me I shall write your name in the BOOK of LIFE!

 Sing with this song link:


Latter Day Saint movement

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My views of reading the above statements


Updated Information at End

Jesus Christ 3rd Temptation

Joseph Smith Vision

Both  see a “False” god proclaiming to be god! Yeshua rebuke’s him while Smith is blind to the LIE?(question being asked)

From reading the above statements from Wiki I can now see that LDS could have a demonic connection?(again asking)


  So if someone handed you this 3 dollar bill would you take it? Of course not is FAKE! People who make fake money try and copy the real thing! They would make a $20 dollar bill that looks like the real $20 dollar bill, not something completely false. Satan is no fool and will not make a foolish trap but one cleverly designed to fool people into accepting, but his words are LIE’S?

Is this the method used for those who read the Morman book and accept Yeshua failed to build his Church on him being the “Son” of God? That Joseph Smith was given a vision of the Heavenly Father who may have actually been “Satan” showing himself as god just as he did to Yeshua on the highest mountain asking Yeshua to pay him homage?

Is LDS true meaning = Lucifer Demonic Scripture?

Claiming that the church failed is to say Christ failed in building his church, this “LIE”? would serve Satan and cause a “NEW” religion based on text taken from golden tablets that were created by Satan to “FOOL” Smith into believing he had talked with “GOD”? I myself have taken the stand that “MOSES” could not have stood before God to get the 10 commandments but Satan posing as god could pass himself off as god and I back this up with the 3rd Temptation of Christ on the highest mountain where Satan promised him everything if he would pay him homage, Christ refused! Here then is the other side of the coin where Yeshua (Jesus) is revealing to us that Satan is trying to show himself as god, proclaiming to be god and exhorting himself above GOD as god, a lie Jesus (Yeshua) is revealing to those with ears to hear?


   So Smith is given a promise that he will restore the true “Church of Christ”, and is given “GOLD” tablets with the gold used to imply value as valuable tablets or the contents have great value! Again I see a “LIE” using what we see as valuable being “GOLD” to add a flawed view that because this text is written on “GOLDEN” tablets they have a great value!


   My view is that when the one true GOD threw Humanity out of Heaven and he placed 2 Angels with “FIRE” coming out of their mouth to keep Adam and Eve from coming back into GODS presence, thus his Angels of FIRE also reminded GOD to stay away until his son’s work was finished. Jesus Christ is Adonai Yeshua or Lord Salvation in Hebrew, English Jesus Christ is backward as Christ is Adonai or Lord and Jesus was not in the bible until the King James Bible around 1460? So we are in fact not calling upon the son of God with his Hebrew name of Yeshua!

I also think the story of Isacc being a sacrifice is proof GOD has stayed away, and the god abram spoke to was again Satan showing himself as god. Asking abram to make Isacc a sacrifice shows the Devils hand in trying to kill the blood line in which Yeshua is born out of JACOB, when Esau sold his birth right for a bowl of beans. What I see is the Angel coming to Abram and telling him not to hurt Isacc is the 2nd temptation where Satan tried to temp Yeshua into jumping off a cliff with rocks at the bottom and that an Angel would catch him before hitting the rocks! Christ rebuked him by saying temp not the Lord thy GOD so an Angel coming to save Isacc is in line with that thought of the true GOD saving his children from “Harm” of death from Satan!

Yeshua is our “High Priest” who goes  before  our Father (Abba) and sits on the Mercy seat making our prayers known to our “Heavenly Father”! When he gets off that seat is because Abba has told his son go get your church (saints) as his Church has not failed as Satan told Joseph Smith. Peter was asked by Yeshua who do you say I’am, Peter replied “You are the Son of GOD” and Yeshua replied that upon those “WORDS” not Peter that the gates of Hades shall not prevail against his “CHURCH”! According to Smith Hades destroyed the early “Church” and thus a “New” restored Church was needed. I see all the markings of the Prince of Darkness in this “LIE” showing himself as god and his false Christ as spoken of in Revelation by John while on his island prison.

   Since the fall of Humanity “GOD” has stayed away and only sent his servants all of which the false god Satan has killed them which Jehovah sent to his chosen people in Israel to be martyrs for GOD!

  So for me the first instance of Moses before god raised question?

Then when Abram was asked to make Isacc a sacrifice for god and see the second temptation come to life!

Thus Joseph Smith was given a 3rd temptation test of standing before Satan and unlike Yeshua he did not rebuke the Devil but rather believed the “LIE” that the “Church of Christ” failed! Smith was appointed to bring back “Christ’s Church” with text plated upon GOLD plates and blinding him to the lie of Satan in “ADDING” burden of “SIN”, following Smith not Christ!

You can’t serve 2 masters is stated by Yeshua and so each must choose who they will follow, Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon or Adonai Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Lord Salvation the Messiah) as we can’t follow both, who will you follow as the Lord says “my sheep know my voice”.

 I put these words together not to mock others but rather to find for myself a truth I believe is being spoken to those willing to hear? I see the one true Holy GOD at the white Throne Judgment who is HOLY and able to judge all life! Not before this does he himself come to humanity but has setup his SON Yeshua as our intercessor to him! God unwilling that any should perish has stayed away allowing his SON to finish his work of calling the LOST back to GOD!

 For myself I can’t see “GOD” coming to earth before his SON has finished building a place for his Saints to live! But I can’t see “GOD” sending people into each others land to KILL and DESTROY as that motto fits SATAN who comes to KILL and DESTROY! Yeshua never took a life but rather offered up his for salvation! Yeshua never spoke profanity, or vulgar words, he knew only compassion and spoke it to those willing to hear! The god of this world is a fallen angel who will be given a chance to show himself as god only he will put to death anyone unwilling to accept his mark, number or image in their right hand or forehead! For me it is day and night with Yeshua being the Prince of LIGHT who will come for his “CHURCH” that the gates of Hades did not prevail against! Yeshua’s Church is not based on the apostle’s but on the “ROCK” he is the SON of GOD! Not Peter as Rome would have many believe but rather upon what Peter said!

 We are to follow no other message as he is the foundation of the Church! His church has not failed but rather has grown in size as many call upon his Holy Name for forgiveness!

 I will not say Joseph Smith is “Wrong” but rather declare my thought is he was given just as Yeshua was given a “test”. Yeshua rebuked Satan and shows us how Satan will try and show himself as god! Smith being only 14 years old and seeking the Lord was also tested and believed he spoke with the Heavenly Father! I see a similar incident with Abram who god(satan) asked him to kill his son Issacc which invoked the 2nd temptation of Abba sending an Angel to stop Abram! So the Prince of Darkness has revealed himself to people wanting them to believe he is god, a lie! His time is running out and using the innocence of a 14 year old boy to do his stealing of souls is a crime I’m sure he will find the true GOD holding his lie against him!

 You can not follow any other person than Yeshua! Jim Jones and David Koresh lead followers to their deaths! False teaching shall lead many to walk in darkness! Look to the Lord of Salvation – Yeshua who is the Prince of “LIGHT”! by his light we shall be set free, amen!

Updated 11-3-2014

Murder of Osiris and Isis birth of Horus:


The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt Auset(Isis) supported her husband in every way. Both  Ausar(Osiris) and Auset(Isis) were adored by their people. But their evil brother Set(Seth) hated Ausar(Osiris) and was jealous of his popularity. Set(Seth) managed to pick a fight with Ausar(Osiris), murder him, and cut his body into fourteen pieces, which he scattered all over Egypt. Ausar(Osiris)’s faithful wife Auset(Isis) found every part of her husband’s body, except the phallus, which had been swallowed by a fish. She assembled his body, making the first Egyptian mummy. At the time of his death, Ausar(Osiris) and Auset(Isis) had no children, but by mystical means, Ausar(Osiris) was resurrected for one night and slept with Auset(Isis). As a result, Auset(Isis) conceived a son. He was called Heru(Horus) and was raised secretly in the marshes of the Nile Delta, to protect him from his evil uncle Set(Seth).


Today we can read what was on the Papyri and find it stands for the Book of the Dead and Horus son of Osiris/Isis. Joseph Smith bought Egyptian Papyri from a man and declared it to be the Book of Abraham. Was really, Horus and  Hade’s(Hell). So Yeshua asking Peter who do you say I am and his answer of “Rabbi you are the Son of GOD”, was asked at the south base of Mt Herman where the “Gates of Hades” sits next to the Greek shepherd god “PAM” and Nimrod fortress up to the right. 

This helps understand how Mormon’s can’t see the evil of claiming that the early church failed and thus Smith was made a Prophet to restore the church. Yeshua said after what Peter declared that the “Gates of Hades” shall not prevail against it and I believe the LORD! Mormons have taken the book of the Dead and Horus into their teaching and have failed the LORD’s  warning!

Link to Wiki:

Information on what was written on the Papyri is explained and GOD is saying “COME OUT” as this is the teachings of Satan, thru Joseph Smith.


UPDATE: 11-1-2014

Former Mormon Bishop tells why he is no longer with church link:

He himself started out with a simple question asked of him that lead him to see things which are contrary to what is taught? See for yourself as I myself was spoken to by the Spirit something was wrong with this message and find we are to be careful that if an Angel came preaching anything except the GOSPEL we are to turn away from this FALSE doctrine.

Watch and let his testimony speak for itself.

Sandra Tanner speaking about what she now knows as truth link:

Former Mormon who died and came back:

Lynn Wilder testimony BYU Professor:

Additional video of former Mormons speaking out, link:

More information from former Mormons and a great site to help understand what they see and what was taught them, link: I pray you have the courage to look and investigate for yourself if the claims in the video’s are true or false.


Updated 11-10-2014

Mormon Church Admits Founder Had Up to 40 Wives

Newser) – The Mormon church's big revelations didn't stop with its sacred undergarments: In an online essay titled "Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo," the church for the first time declares that founder Joseph Smith was a polygamist, with a footnote stating that "careful estimates" put his tally of wives at between 30 and 40. The essay explains that Smith was ordered to take multiple wives by an angel who visited him three times between 1834 and 1842; in the last instance, the angel was armed with a sword and threatened a reluctant Smith. The leader, then married to first wife Emma, took his first plural wife, Fanny Alger, in Kirtland, Ohio. Smith and Alger ultimately separated, and the church relocated to Nauvoo, Ill., where he married many more women.

The oldest was 56, and the youngest was 14-year-old Helen Mar Kimball; some were already married, a revelation the New York Times describes as the "biggest bombshell for some." The essay explains that a number of marriages, including that with Kimball, were sealed "for eternity alone," suggesting sexual relations weren't involved (the ones that did involve sex were "for time and eternity"). What did Emma think of all this? Per the essay, she was none too pleased, though at one time she did accept four of Smith's wives into their home. And what was the reasoning behind what the essay describes as the "wrenching trial" of polygamy? Kimball said Smith told her that "the practice of this principle would be the hardest trial the Saints would ever have to test their faith." Two more essays discuss plural marriage in the church's later years; they're part of an effort the church is making to share "reliable, faith-promoting" info about its past, the church's historian tells the Times.

Link to article above:

Updated 11-7-2014

Statement from site link:

Here the Church again states of Smith seeing Father and Son in the first vision. Which as stated above by ex-mormon is not true as he states only Christ came to him.