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Letter to President George Bush on Shuttle and Space Topics
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I Belong to Satan Hand guesture
Setting up Satans 1 world Order not Space Exploration

 He publicly shows a hand sign which has the meaning of belonging to Satan. Now we can understand why 911 came about for the god of this man and his Father George H.W. Bush is Satan!

We were bushwhacked by these men who call upon evil and tell us they are against “Evil”, "FOOLED US"!


Fool me once shame on you but fool me twice, shame is on us!


Let’s repent and now get ready for the coming of "Yeshua" for his bride or church and Yeshua in English is Jesus, so let’s use his Hebrew name which has Jewish meaning of Salvation! So Abba (Father) sent his son to declare Salvation to the LOST not Condemnation, Amen!


On TV you’re on the “AIR” and with radio you’re also on the “AIR” and Satan is the “Prince of the AIR”. No wonder we are zombies watching his entire lie’s on television that was once the free press. We now have corporate media in charge of television news and are now controlled to speak lies to the mass to achieve Satan’s goal of a “New World Order” that is now becoming clear to those who read the Bible!


911 was not a terrorist attack but rather a theft of 2.3 Trillion dollars from the pentagon part of the US government as stated by Rumsfeld add to that 400 billion from building #7 and it comes to 2.7 Trillion. This money I believe went to help with setting up this “ONE” world government, Religion, cashless world coming soon to planet Earth!


My letter to him was ignored because his commander in chief Satan had his eye on building a government that would allow his “Puppet” to set things up for stealing as many “Souls” from God who sent his son “Yeshua” to save humanity and those who ask Yeshua into their heart to save them!


He put on a mask of telling us he was fighting “Evil” but was himself ruled by the most “Evil” of all, Satan!


New Idea's for Space Shuttle


President of the United States:

George W. Bush




  Mr. President,



    During World War II my mother was a 90-day miracle in that she was taught drafting in just 90 days. I grew up taking drafting in high school and in 1969 was myself drafted into the Military, US56XXXXXX. My Father was a Marine who was a mechanic and worked in the motor pool in Southern California. My mother was born in Canada and so I’m part Canadian and my Father, well he decided to leave before I was born. I grew up with a man I thought was my father until hard time fell upon us. He was really my stepfather who in the beginning made some great decisions and money was no longer a problem until his younger brother came over from Greece and made some poor one’s that took away all his dreams and we lived on welfare for awhile. Drinking was something each did and with the loss of money each fell into depression. Police would come to our house and I remember them only because I was not a person but an object that was owned by these two people. Like a chair or TV set ownership was theirs so I had no say in the matter. That is not what happens today, thank God! Children are people and have feelings that need to be addressed and when I was growing up that just didn’t happen. I write of how I grew up to offer understanding, I will look at something not the same way someone else will look at it. I found the only person I could trust was God and myself. I have kept that arrangement and he has walked with me thru it all. He was there all the time.


The fights got so bad one night that my grandmother took a plastic bag and committed suicide. I had gone in the next morning to tell her how I loved her even if they didn’t. Her lips were blue under the plastic bag and I had touched her and unlike clay found a different coldness I can still feel today. My stepfather started playing a game with him choking me with both hands around my neck until I would hear my Mother start screaming at him. I wonder if I didn’t die at times, because it’s like there is someone else inside me watching the world. Needless to say at the age of 26 I also tried to follow my grandmother with a suicide attempt with sleeping pills. My older brother broke thru the front door of where I was living but I was blacking out and coming back, found I had thrown up most of the pills. Struggling with both life and death is something I have faced during my life here; it has also opened me up to something I’d like to share with you regarding the Space Shuttle.

To Boldly GO
Lets make "Star Trek" real

   King Tut had a treasure that had in it something people didn’t know what to make of it. It looked like a plane but to me it gave me an idea for a new look for the SHUTTLE. The only change was in the cabin section was triangular and the aft had 4 circle’s or rockets. At least that is how I saw it. Back in 1980 I had a vision shown to me by Jesus Christ of a SHUTTLE blowing up on take off. I didn’t have a computer then so I took pencil and paper and wrote to N.a.s.a. and they were friendly but dismissed my fear as unfounded. I persisted when I bought a Commodore Computer and starting writing other department of N.a.s.a. to look into it. Still I was unable to get anyone to respond, today it’s known that engineers inside N.a.s.a. could not get upper management to see a problem that was about to happen.


   Why was I trying so hard to get someone to look at this? Military sent me to (should have been Vietnam) Germany and a Pershing missile outfit back in 1970. I rose to the rank of acting jack (sergeant E-5) quickly by doing what was asked, back then we had some protestors who ended up going to the stockade. I started out in the towers over the bunkers until I was now posting the men in the towers. One day we got reports of bullets passing overhead. Master Sergeant and myself went to investigate. Sure enough we could hear a bullet whizzing overhead. We went to see where they were coming from and had climb up a hill next to our storage area and had stop to listen. Looking at each other when a pair of “ HANDS “ grabbed my head with thumb’s above my ears and yanked my head back just as a bullet passed in front of me. Only 2 people standing yet a 3rd set of hands pulled me out of deaths path. German police had already been called and caught the man claiming he had too much to drink, I knew him from getting into a fight with him as he wanted to beat up a women at a guest house(Bar/food in US). (As a child I would try and defend my mother from my stepfather so I reacted without thinking) My guardian that day woke me up, Grandfather, Grandmother or Christ reaching out to protect me I don’t know. But I did know that I had the lives of a SHUTTLE in my Hands and I was trying to yank them to safety, as was I on that hill. Mr. Regan was President and I sent him all I had done (sending him a model from one built on Revel and Monogram parts) on a new design, I also sent him my Dog Tags feeling I failed to defend that crew. I had been given a second vision showing what was a “ Power Seal “ I took it as (SEAL of POWER”  the seal of the President of the United States, wrong. It was the seal of the S.R.B. that failed and the rupture took seven lives. “ It’s a Wonderful Life “ with Jimmy Stewart showed what would happen if just one life, George Bailey didn’t happen, we had lost seven lives and I felt badly.

   Today I feel the need to bring to your attention the possibility of making a better, faster, cheaper way to get into Space and in building a SPACE STATION out or our E.T. or external tanks. Again I have something asking me to speak and let you judge if what you hear is worth listening too.


1.      Refitting of Space Shuttle Enterprise into a new design, cutting off the current cabin and then stretching out 8 to 10 feet to make a new section holding the flight deck for the robotic arm station and airlock. Adding landing gear to this section so that it would look as the B-2 standing alone, all wings. Creation of a new C.C. (I live in Culver City so I’m injecting 1 CC of thought) or Command Center in which the crew would use as an escape pod on lift off or for emergency in orbit that require separation of the center from the main body. With this design comes the added benefit of upgrades to current computers used on the Shuttle. Only the C.C would be required to be grounded while the main body could still service request. Also the Aft section was to be just as removable so that as in the Indy 500 competition and during qualifications and an engine is blown a replacement is quickly put into place giving us the chance to compete or stay on track.

2.      Command Center to have an airlock, which will go thru the Nose of the Ship, for God, breathed life into Man thru his nose. This is where on take off parachutes would be kept until orbit has been reached.

3.      Current airlock into the Shuttle payload is thru a tight fitting airlock space, enlargement with extending current design would allow those going out or in a freedom not able to attain with current design. Experiment with door design to the payload with a “Star Trek” type.

4.      Make the robotic arm removable for placement where needed. Creation of a work pallet to accept the arm put where needed for advancement of building the Space Station.

5.      Placing a turbine engine in the aft section or putting 2 turbines with one in each wing like the B-2 bomber. Then an EXPENSIVE 747 is not needed to transport the Shuttle back to homeport. This would also help on landing with reducing fatigue on brakes and associated parts. In my new vision the “Entire” aft section is removeable and a conventional aft section attached to get the shuttle “Home”.

6.      Command Center Simulators would in fact be workable Centers that should be used rather than present design, which can’t. A cost in building components that never go into space is expensive. Lets build upon a C.C design that will cut that cost out completely. Using a version of the X-37B would fit nicely here.

7.      Design of workstations layout, (such as the robotic arm station) here being a Star Trekker I see a simpler design than is currently being used. Too many toggles making it possible to trip one by accident. Watch the Astronauts as they search for where they can grab during interviews or their feet in close proximity to tripping a toggle. A multi task display is what I’m talking about. Touch control (called Touch screens today) to a function and turn it on or off. Simpler design giving a place to put hand rails for people to grab without hesitation.

8.      Monkey around (pun intended) with the design of space suits, meaning as Monkeys can use hands and Feet we need to adapt with shoes that can clamp onto objects just as a Monkey can grab with it’s feet. Current designs are for walking and were still crawling along in space. Change to a tile based space suite and use a HUD or Head Up Display used on fighter aircraft so the astronaut won’t be distracted. Add a 3” color display inside the helmet for feedback to the Astronaut. This could be where simulation on his current task is given to help get it done right and where he/she is on it. A visual tool to help organize the task at hand. Note that having shoes or perhaps Knee’s that can grab, will give the Freedom to use both hands to get the task done. Watch and see how many times, an astronaut must stop what they are doing to reposition themselves for the task at hand using only 1 hand as the other is used to hold on. Grasping the opportunity with our feet is a stand to improve the quality of workmanship by using both hands. Digital display thru HUD on suite status. Rather then current scuba diver readouts on suite status, lets think of tomorrow and live it today. Doesn’t anyone Dream over at N.a.s.a anymore.

9.      Addition to the above Suite came to me in a dream, “Tomb Raider” was a movie I had just seen and the large multi-arm statue came to life in one scene and so did a thought on adding robotic arms to the suite. Then inside of having ski type clamps to help hold the astronaut we could use a remote user to grab railing for the astronaut or help hold objects for them. One person with many arms like the statue.

10.  Stop using current contractors; this is a BIG problem I see. Like Detroit with making cars to the point of Congress having to pass “ Lemon Laws “ we have contractors who bid on projects and simply ask for more money when wanted. Example  “ ISS “ costing 14 Billion $$ dollars from fraudulent mismanagement. Bradley APC cost 14 Billion from the same thing, poor management of funds or corruption from within. N.a.s.a will not stop using Douglas – Boeing even if caught lying about cost over runs or Fraud such as the C-5 on it’s being found a human error in the back bone of the wing to fuselage was wrong, and when discovered allowed to continue building the plane with wanting more money to fix what they messed up. A cost higher than it should be because they did not stop production and fix the error. We are therefore buying Lies from these contractors who get away with it. Which in the end takes away the defense of our Nation with aircraft that will not hold up in battlefield conditions.

11.  Creation of a NEW SPACE AGENCY this will force N.a.s.a to sharpen its skills and accounting of where the money is going and for what if it wishes to get funding. Currently there is no other agency within the Unites States Government to compete against it. Let’s think were entering a Nascar race and having 2 cars out on the track will increase the chance to take home the trophy. It will also make managing a budget a priority that currently N.a.s.a is backsliding on.

12.  Naming this agency “ STARFLEET “ would invoke the dreams of many who see a future built not on weapons but upon the Heart and Soul of all. To live by what we say and say what we are, “Word” of God is what I’m talking about. To care enough for each other to not be lead into a false way of living by the sword, instead to live by every word out of the mouth of GOD. We should also make this an “International” agency with asking other Nations to join. Sharing what we learn will also open up a relationship with these other Nations leading into a “Joint” venture say to the “Moon” or “Mars” thus the COST for this exploration is shared across the board of all NATIONS. Just like “Star Trek”.

13.  Creating this new agency means building a Space Station worthy of its name. E.T. or External Tanks taken into orbit from the West Coast launch site. Building on a design of a “ WHEEL “ (Taken from Ezekiel) just as used by covered wagons going into the Promised Land. God has promised us to be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Unmanned launches with cylinder style tanks to be used for what we choose to make them for, can speed up this building process and assure completion on time. This would be used to carry up supplies needed to stay in orbit along with parts needed to repair damaged satellites. I found a visionary site called “Space Island” where they also see using the ET for a space station! I found N.a.s.a. also had engineers who voiced their desire to build one this way also.

14.  Naming the Station as SB-1 or Star Base 1, to bring still more imagination into living tomorrow today. Star Trek followers can easily associate with the naming and inspire our youth to finish school so they also can seek to work one day up on the station. Telling our youth to get high on education so they can get the needed smarts to apply for work on the station itself.

15.  A.G. or artificial gravity from a spinning module connected upon the upper tank section on the center module only and would be a temporary unit until the station begins it’s own rotation. But upon completion could be sent to the “ MOON “ for building of the 2nd space station SB-2 or Star Base 2. Inflatable modules are already being designed at N.a.s.a. could attach to a spoke like hexagon shape hub with tubes to connect these modules (Tubes hidden inside the lower tank of the ET’s). Type of connection is taken from Star Trek the Motion Picture with a connection used by Kirk as he docked with the shuttle to Enterprise in space dock. A round connection that can clamp onto the tube and the inflatable can clamp onto as well. Two to start out with and grow to 8, until dismantling and shipping off to the Moon, then perhaps to Mars with robotics to assemble it and be ready for the Mission to begin exploring Mars when astronaut arrive?

16.  A temporary S.B.C.C. (Star Base Command Center) for the SB-1 attached to the spinning A.G module with ports for connections to incoming Shuttles or L.T. This would be where energy from solar panels would gather power until a more permanent power source is setup for the Station. Communication along with Gyros to keep the Station stable. During my dreams of building the Station I was always using Fiber optics for communication and using large old style record 12-inch diameter but in new CD format for running the programs onboard. Reason is seen with current problems with the new Canadian arm2, hard drive failure from exposure to space. A double sided cd player but the size of an old record not a 45 record but the large one’s, which is holding the programs to run the Station, A CD- RW would enhance the stability with making changes on a LIGHT reading device. Hard drives can be wiped from exposure to an electro magnetic field, like static build up or orbiting around the earth’s poles? I saw movement toward things of LIGHT. Christ said “ I am the LIGHT’ and maybe it’s true what he is saying, by using a hard coded CD with a CD-RW to hold changes but the ability to go back quickly upon failure.

17.  Creation of what I call AUTOCAD L.T. or Lunar Transport designed with of course AutoCAD LT. This design is based loosely upon a bullet design or as the E.T looks but in a smaller version. This shape would have a docking port on the nose and could be as long as the shuttle, and could go up unmanned into orbit. It would have an upper command center, a middle living-storage section, and a bottom airlock. This design would give the L.T. the chance to use a drawbridge design for lowering people to the surface of the Moon, Mars? It could like a castle bridge lean out and unfold a ladder within a ladder going being lowered onto the ground with hand railing and a width greater than expected. Having this L.T. makes it easier to take the larger ET to the Moon for building a LB-1 (yep you know what it means) Lunar Base 1. We could also send the E.T. to another planet say MB-1 or MARS BASE 1 the same thing having learned from LB 1 what we need to know. Using our A.G for getting there and back along with say a little magic. I had the thought of using what witch doctors used in Haiti, a white powder that slows the person heart down, and breathing to what we could use as space hibernation for long trips. Having electrical muscle pads attached to help tone muscle’s during the sleep and thus keeping the muscle tone of the crew in shape. Arriving and coming out of hibernation with the muscle still strong. Mars could be that close and you could be the President in office when it happens.



   As you can see from what I’ve written that I’ve had and continue to have dreams about building the New Shuttle, Station, Lunar Transport vehicle and settling on Mars itself. I wish I had an artist who could help draw out visions for you so that in a way the dream could speak for itself. God I should be dead (German WWII  soldier shooting at me) yet the LOVE of one keeps me going. I rejoiced on hearing you salute the Marine upon exit from your helicopter, Respect to the Marine was a message to all in uniform. That Marine saluted and then turned and is waiting for your order with respect to you. Starfleet would be made up of all military, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines to create this new agency, but it would fall upon the Marine’s to take security for our future.


   As a child I saw a movie with William Bendix called “ A Bell for Adamo”. Bells Rang when Kings were crowned or weddings took place. We have a Bell that is sitting “ SILENT “ Perhaps this is the reason so many people have a hard time giving to one another the “ LIBERTY “ we read about. This silence is the same silence spoken of by all the people of the land. A Bell makes a sound and that sound is a “ TONE “ the tone of a Nation is Silent Mr. President. Those who went before me such as my Grandfather fought for a Liberty, which comes with a FREQUENCY, as the tone, suggest. What frequency do we hear the liberty, sadly to say we don’t. Liberty is silent, and cracked. A broken bell sits on its rim without ringing in the liberty for which it’s frequency is heard around the world.  Bell’s RING and the marriage of Christ is at hand; a RING is needed as a token between both. I ask you to consider melting our Bell down and creating a Bell that works, one that is not divided as the land or cracked from curing incorrectly. But one that will set the tone for a people to hear and to pass onto their children, children.  John F. Kennedy said we chose to do those things, which are hard, and because Martin Luther King said I have a Dream. Therefore I Dream that which is hard to some but one we chose to take, knowing that the outcome will make us a better people. Lets break the silence with the RINGING of a working LIBERTY BELL.