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Oceans of


Deluge of Earth?


   I look at this picture of Mars and see what appears as the commercial for car insurance with the person running out to see their car has been side swiped and looking for a note finds none.




This scar on Mars is like the scar on the parked car, and notice no “NOTE” LOL.

So did the oceans of Mars become the deluge of the Bible? Is our solar system a Binary with our second sun a failed sun turning it into a brown dwarf? Or did this brown dwarf get pulled into our system some billions of years ago? Would science be able to see if such an event happened in the past with some effects on the rest of our solar planets getting whacked as well?


Is Phobos really a Spaceship?
Lines are parallel not natural?

   So looking at Mars with a huge collision across its face brings up the question what caused it?

Could our solar system been a hostage to a rogue mini solar system that perhaps was caught by our Sun and pulled into a comet like orbit around it? A Russian scientist named Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a book called “Worlds in Collision” that I believe Mars needed to be “Hit” and that scare looks like it was!

 Phobos picture adds to a dream or vision of a once highly advance civilization that realized a mini-solar system was coming into our system, we lived then on perhaps Mars? And let’s say around 3 billion people living on it, we had spaceships and teleportation to getting into space with anti-gravity elevators instead of chemical rockets, add to that we may have had 3d holographic rooms for doctors or rocket scientist could practice without the hazards of real danger, to people or buildings.

 So we see a major disaster heading our way and have a little time to prepare but “How do you save 3 billion lives”? We don’t have enough spaceships to get everyone off the planet? But by using our 3d holographic technology along with our teleportation we use Phobos hollowed out to hold our 3d chamber and programmed all the laws of nature into a artificial world run by a computer to run basic functions, creating a 3d of our actual universe we then had people teleport into this 3d holographic program which represent the real universe, thus we were able to save the lives of 3 billion people. Would this explain people who claim they have lived before? Are we living history our people went thru in the past because our main computer has had a major malfunction? Or have a small group of people taken control to have ultimate power over all the people inside this 3d world? Having said that the artificial ship would then be programmed to go on a voyage out of danger and return back after this mini-solar system past. Could we have unknowingly allowed our minds to control some of this main computer? And like the movie “Forbidden Planet” our ID has created real “monsters” or hidden sins revealed in which people are tempted to “Kill” or sin against one another? Or declare they are “GOD” in the flesh? Creating pain that like the movie “Matrix” is all simulated with those dying actually never dying but rather put on hold to come back into the program and thus keep the image of the person valid so it would not fragment and become garbage to the system? Like a hard drive crash and valuable data is lost, thus recycling people keeps the data on them in good format to be used? Again I was seeing or it was a vision in which when we die do we go to some holding spot in this 3d world and look at what we have learned or did wrong? To then come back and learn how to not make those mistakes again, but what if that was not the way we originally setup the system to work? Should we not be taught how to use anti-gravity elevators to get into space living a life filled without disease? Learning all that was known to us before we stepped into this 3d world? Is the comforter a person on the outside of this computer generated world who is watching over us but may have had an accident and the AI computer now has flaws in its programming in which we are now living a past time that we already went thru and came thru it with higher value’s for life itself?

If this is a 3d holographic world would time slips be seen as a glitch in the program? And Angels people who beam in and out? Why would we still be inside is because of the great number of people living inside this program. Before we could “Beam Out” we would need to have shelter and an infrastructure to give the basic needs as we rebuild or re-colonize our world? Speculation can take us in many directions but the concept is we are living in a computer simulated world? A major disaster forced us into a decision to escape death thru a simulated world using real material from the real world teleported  into this one, like noah’s ark we are living inside an artificial ark to preserve life, and were waiting for the outside work to finish before we can escape back into Actuallity again?