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(Original 1951)


In the movie Klaatu tells the young boy about a “Train” that works without “Tracks”.

I had a vision of a freight elevator to orbit that runs on “Cables” made of “Light”.


So what I see are laser(s) or “Cables” made of light, used to give power to Anti-gravity ring “Elevator” which will transport all that we need into orbit without throwing a single piece of “Hardware” away! Weight would not be a problem as the Anti-Gravity ring would counter it with weightlessness. The concept comes from UFO’s and how they are able to move around at high speed, making right angle turns! We would center our focus on one direction for access to space. Creating an elevator to go up and down using Anti-gravity propulsion would reduce the cost to getting into space affordable!

UFO propulsion shows us we don’t see conventional “Jet” exhaust or “Helicopter” blades swirling the air around them. What we do see is a propulsion system that is “Quiet” and can move in all directions without exhorting any gravitational forces on the occupants themselves. Could this craft have an interior anti-gravity to counter the effects of sharp 90 degree turns we see on video? Could the craft use a “Nikola Tesla” concept of getting “Power” from the air? Thus needing a power source on board would not be needed only a converter to bring the power into the craft? Which then asks are there 2 types of craft one that is as stated above not needing onboard power and one for off world where such power would be needed? Making one a planetary only with an interplanetary for exploration of other worlds, using perhaps some type of “Wormhole” technology to get there and back thru them?

A basic ring shape with a flat platform used to transport cargo or components for a station or ship to orbit will sit on top of what could be called a UFO propulsion drive, this elevator using anti-gravity reduces the cost of access to space and if we were to use say a perpetual motion generator for power then we use free energy to operate our elevator!

Ancient “Aliens” is misinformation to lead us away from the truth Ancient “Type 1 Civilization” which would explain why our history of the past has been hidden or destroyed! The burning of the Library at Alexandria destroyed our history that is now lost forever thus giving “Power” to a group or single individual with so much power corruption has set in!

History is salted with stories of civilizations that had advance technologies but went to War and were destroyed! We today are heading in the same direction of total destruction using “Thermal Nuclear Weapons” as the main tools to wipe out all knowledge and technologies off the face of this planet! I see in my dreams a world that had overcome the indifference of color or gender and had focused on the internal “Spiritual” side of humanity giving us the chance to grow in wisdom and exploration of our surrounding planets. We had a planet which could be called “Paradise” machines doing our planting and harvesting of food, no hunger, disease all but wiped out because of eating good healthy food. Our education was home schooled thru connected fiber optics communication giving every child and adult a chance to learn more and raise the value of “LIFE” around the planet.

Instead we feed poison to people with food sprayed with chemicals to kill! Who is running this planet is not “WE the People” but rather “They” who have turned us into “Morons” or illiterate people unable to understand without them telling us what to do? Has our technologies been taken from us and is now being used against us to as Alex Jones states a “Prison Planet” enslave us? From all my dreams we had space travel then and as stated in As stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9 (New International) we are living in an actual “Groundhog Day” repeat of history? Is Gold the reason for this dumb down intelligence we operate under to hide how another species has invaded our world and occupies this world in plain sight? Until we break the chains of restriction put upon us by this group or person we will be forced to repeat history for their enjoyment of laughing at how stupid we are to “Kill” each other in the name of false gods! Only the one true GOD has us healing and teaching one another without regard for color or gender! When we start to live by that law we once lived by can we even think about setting ourselves “Free”.

Egypt has an item labeled “Bird” from King Tut’s tomb but its tail feather is however vertical, all birds that I looked at have tail feathers that are horizontal! What is missing on this so called bird is the missing piece on the top of the vertical tail fin, a horizontal stabilizer. In fact this bird looks almost like a C-17 military cargo plane? This model represents engineering concepts for a “Heavy” lift aircraft! Also notice we call planes “Birds” like a vintage B-17 is a warbird. So two concepts are being passed forward to those able to see the hidden truths. The Bagdad battries are another technology that was rediscovered, electricity is not new but that which was, will be again per Ecclesiastes. We therefore are being forced to use energy which by product produces toxic environmental hazards to people and the planet, why? Everything we eat or watch on television is poisonous to our health, why? Who is it that is intent of killing as many humans as possible so their “Souls” can then be harvested? Is this similar to “Monster, Inc.” movie with Fear being collected for them to feed on, Archons? A being from another dimension that has come into ours and is feeding off our energy or soul? Why do we dismiss stories about such things as Myth’s or legends? Perhaps there is more truth to who we are if we looked at these stories in a different attitude being history or fact from the past informing the future population what to be on the lookout for? Until that day we can only dream.


Basic concept of "Ring" Elevator
Blender 3D Software