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All three gods with a little g represent false teachings which have weapons in the hands of humanity. Yeshua on the other hand (pun intended) has no weapons in his hands but does have a two edge sword coming out of his mouth. One edge is for the mote in our eyes, and the second edge for adversaries.

We are not living under the one true GOD who sent Yeshua (Salvation in Hebrew) into this world not to condemn it but thru his word none should perish and all enter into his kingdom.

Bloodshed, Death, Destruction, Famine are all signs of a false god willing that all should die for him!

Yahweh is I believe Satan who has taken the name of “GOD” as in identity theft who then shows himself also as Allah! Each then attack each other believing they are doing what their "God" wants only it's Satan leading both side into battle to "Kill" and "Destroy" each other.

Yahweh telling Abraham to make Isaac a sacrifice was clearly a deception by Satan showing himself as god to kill Isaac so Jacob would not be born thus no Israel and any Yeshua or salvation coming into this world to save people from judgment.

Yeshua dies for all Humanity so we can stop killing each other, He shall come and then we shall beat the sword into a plow and the spear into a pruning hook! The U.N. has left out he shall come and then.

Understanding this will show people that we are not fighting a “New” threat but one that has been with us since the beginning of time. Evil shows itself as god with a capitol G but quickly we see by his works bloodshed everywhere he sends people to accept him or be put to death!

Japan Emperor stood up and declared himself god in the flesh, Islam or is lam blood used in Passover? Ishmael mother was an Egyptian who came out of the exodus with the Jewish people. He was Abrahams first born son, but did not get the covenant his brother Isaac was promised by GOD? Thus he hated his Father and turned I believe to walk with Satan who helped him create Islam, which mimics the Jewish Tora.

Japan Emperor sounds like the story of Gilgamesh who was 2/3 god? And wished access to the heavenly place with a shem?

Remember that the Devil is an equal opportunity employer and Christians can also be mislead into doing those things which shows Satan’s hand.

Example – Jonestown,


Then we also have the Spanish Inquisition:

There is a Saint Malichi prophecy of 112 pope's and number 111 is now on the throne. Number 112 is "Peter" the Roman of the Holy Roman Empire. That matches the ten toes mingled with "Iron" denoting Rome and the coin of 10 regions or the Harlot sitting on the beast with 10 heads. This is the false prophet described and people need to remember "Peter" is not the rock it’s what Peter said being “Christ” is the son of “GOD”. Christ then says tho art Peter and upon this rock I shall build my church, being that Christ is the “True Son of God”. Peter then told the cripple who fell at his feet not to worship him in that he was also just a servant. This repeats the Jewish priest of the Temple who didn't want to let the power they had over the people and sought to have Christ killed! So likewise in the end time the Roman Catholic church will make an image of the beast and whosoever will not worship the image shall be put to death.



For more Information on how Islam has hide from the believers truth’s then go to this website


Only by seeing for oneself can those who are blinded be set free!

2 God theories:


I believe that the 3rd Temptation of Christ is also showing that Satan shows himself as god when having people go into another land and kill one another. This came to me while going over a concept of crime shows such as CSI/NCIS showing how they work at getting facts and follow up on clues.


Balancing Act of a false god

Using the above illustration to show that the Devil was looked upon as “GOD” but wasn’t.

The understanding comes from a frame of reference being Christ himself as who “GOD” really is! With Yeshua we can see what mood or judgment he declares. In all its pure unconditional “LOVE” and the judgment spoken is stop your sinning and turn to enter the Kingdom of Heaven prepared from the beginning of time.

The OLD testament clearly is a people who believe they are doing what god wants and enter accordingly to kill, destroy the Ungodly of their sins. To go forward to Revelation and the weapon is still in the hands of humanity but the killing power of the weapon in the hand has been improved so people still go into other lands and kill those people still believing its god sending them! Truth is Satan is the real person who has sent them to shed blood, destroy property, plunder, and rape and torture the people for their sins.

Look now at Yeshua:

He teaches the Apostles what? Kill, no, to rape, no, to hurt people, no, for what he teaches is how to “Raise the dead” open the eyes of the blind, deaf hear again, mute are now talking, and the cripple walk or hands are healed with the sick also being healed! That is in direct opposition to the god of the Old Testament! That is what I believe the 3rd temptation is also telling us, a “False” god stands over us telling us things to do that are exactly the opposite of Yeshua. Only when our “Eyes” being our ears see this truth will we then stop killing each other. The sheding of blood is part of his “Profile” or his MO of attacking people using lies to get them to follow him for god declares their sin, LIE!

Woman caught doing adultery was brought before Christ, law said to stone her, and the people wait knowing the law as they will kill! This woman and perhaps this rabbi? His judgment was whosoever is without sin cast the first stone, and you can hear the thump, thump of rocks hitting the ground. And when all the people had left what did  Christ do but ask her where were those who judged her? She replied “gone” so then Christ says to her neither do I judge you but say sin no more and turn into the Kingdom of God. The people having been taught by a false god, were eager to “KILL” this woman and perhaps Christ if he gave the wrong answer.

I take another clue from the man who would not wear clothing and Christ asked this possessed man the demon its name and Legion came out of his mouth. Yeshua then hears the Legion groan its not yet time for judgment, which tells me we are living in the “AGE OF GRACE” and Salvation from God thru his son Yeshua is that word which became flesh and walks among us.

Christ said “Whosoever lives by the weapon in the hand, shall perish by it”. But whosoever hears these words and believes has life, but those who hear and believe not , have no life.

The “Living” and the “Dead” which one are you?

Yeshua - meaning Salvation in Hebrew
Let Gods Salvation into your Heart and save you from sin