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Jesus real name is "YESHUA"


William Henry,

    I know you search the Gnostics for knowledge; I came across this website talking about the true name of Jesus?


   Reading this I saw that perhaps were calling Frank – BOB which is why Jesus is not giving an answer to our prayers? If I use Yeshua and apply it’s Hebrew meaning then:

The word became flesh and walked among us,

The word being Salvation became flesh and walked among us proclaiming Salvation, that those who heard and believed had life, but those that heard and believed not had not life. Salvation and Lord of Salvation in Hebrew giving him a title the Father Abba gave him, in which he declares this work is not his but God the Father who has sent him to declare Salvation to the lost children of God. Reading his name this way takes on new meaning for those seeking to understand who he is. I also think I may be able to prove a 2 God thought, with only 1 being the real true God.


                                             Temptation #3



OLD TESTAMENT                                                             ^                                                           REVELATION

   Using the above illustration the profile I see taken from watching all those CSI/NCSI shows is one of a murderer. In the Old Testament I see Angels who fell to earth with Satan and taught man how to make weapons. In revelation those weapons are now improved for greater killing power! The Devil comes but to kill and destroy, correct so looking at the stories in the Bible I see one people go up against another and god with a little g sent them. Why because I see death and destruction which is why we are going into tomorrow with the biggest battle Armageddon. Again I see death and destruction. So yesterday, today and tomorrow Satan is a fake god. I tell people to help me with single dollar bills by changing my 3 dollar bill, think now as we don’t make a 3 dollar bill so most would refuse to accept it. Counterfeit people make money look like the real thing, so also Satan will appear as the REAL God to fool people into doing things for him such as death, famine, destruction and yes bloodshed. These works belong to Satan and show us his “Profile” used in crime shows leading to the capture of the person responsible.



Now let’s look at Temptation #3 here the Devil stands on top of the highest mountain proclaiming all this is his and he will give it to Christ if he will pay him homage! The first lie is he is standing as “GOD” on the top of the mountain; second lie is he owns the world, and the third one it’s free but read the fine print you read your “Soul” is required. Now science tells us that a Trillion Billion planets earth like exist but in all those worlds only one “William Henry” exist. So what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose your soul that if you try to buy it back with our planet which is like a Billion others? Yeshua said my Father has many mansions in Heaven which I believe is “Worlds” that if it were possible that this Earth and Heaven were destroyed my word would continue and that to me says there is life out there also. Follow now the thought of weapons in the hands of humanity since the Devil is an equal opportunity employer wanting as much pain and sorrow as possible we look at “Yeshua” who has no weapons in his hands but does have a sword in his mouth. One edge is for the mote in your own eye! The other edge is for your adversaries who you attack with the power of your words. Thus the people didn’t want this meek rabbi but one that would cast out the Roman Empire from the land. Roman soldier says to carry his shield for the mandatory one mile, Yeshua says to carry it for two miles in the first you obey Roman law but in the second you obey Gods law not to kill. If God had any reason to kill then Saul of Tarsus who on his way to Damascus is thrown off his horse, a term we use today. Saul had blood on his hands of early Christians who asked “Salvation into their heart” Yeshua, correct! I really didn’t ask Christ into my heart as much as salvation was being offered by God thru his son to all of us. Yeshua said this work is of your Father in Heaven who would that none shall perish and all enter into the Kingdom of God on Earth. Now Yeshua teaches the Apostle’s how they can do those things he has done. Like fallen angels teaching how to use that weapon in the hand Yeshua teaches how to “Raise the Dead, Heal the Blind, Deaf hear, Lame Walk, and the Sick are healed”. For me looking at what I just wrote and read in the Old Testament I see 2 Gods with only 1 being the real one, which God, the Latter one who sheds no “Blood” but is willing that his is so we also may receive “Salvation” from God being his word in us, we become the “Holy of Holy where the spirit of God seats in our life” living in our HEART. So when Christ said tear down this Temple and I will rebuild it in 3 days, he was talking about rising up out of the grave in a “New Temple” made by God for him that Saul whose name was changed to Paul and we are to fight the good fight with works given to us from God. Paul the Apostle now suffers also for a witness of how “Salvation” (Yeshua) came to him and opened his “Ears” to the truth. If I change each time I say Jesus to salvation then the meaning of his coming also changes to one not of persecution but as stated John 3:16 “That God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son”, key word is “Loved” I don’t’ see it with the Devil but let’s look at another incident. Abraham:

Link to thoughts:

Abraham didn’t think Sarah could have a baby so he took a midwife and she gave birth to Ishmael and later with Sarah his son Isaac. Its written god with a little g tells Abraham to make him a sacrifice of Isaac to him and thinking he’s talking with God with a capitol G he goes on with it even running the knife over Isaac throat, then an Angel appears to stop him and points to a Ram instead of his son. I had a problem with this as Temptation #2 was you jump off a cliff and Angels will catch you, Answer – Temp not the Lord God. So here is god – little g temping Abraham to sacrifice the covenant. In my mind this is Satan showing himself as he did to Christ on the mountain top claiming to be god. By getting Abraham to make Isaac a sacrifice so that the covenant with YHWH (Yahweh) would be broken so why would God do such a thing, answer – wouldn’t but like Cain killing Abel the Devil would. If Abraham succeeded then Isaac would not bear a son named “Jacob” who God would rename to Israel, where a child would be born called “Salvation” unto all nations. So if Satan had succeeded we would have no Yeshua to call upon being Salvation from God.

Link to a Dream:

What caught my attention are the ten toes – clay mingled with Iron which represents – Rome Empire. Reading St. Malachi vision of 112 Pope’s to the end of time with #111 now on the “Throne”. First I believe Peter is not the rock Christ built his church on but rather Christ being the Son of God is the Rock - thank you Thomas Horn, having said that I see two things wrong with the church. Spanish inquisition where the church is shedding blood just as the Devil does or should I say “Muslims” accept Allah or be killed. And plate #112 whose name is “Peter the Roman” of the Holy Roman Empire, I would then add the book of revelation where the Harlot sitting on the beast (final world government) on 7 hills with 10 (Regoinal Leaders)heads:


Ten - Toes or 10 regions of New World Order

This coin shows 10 regions our “New World Order” is going to look like, the false prophet has two horns of a lamb which represent Christianity but speaks as a Dragon, she is nothing like Peter who entering the temple thru the gate called “Beautiful” came upon a beggar asking for alms and Peter responded with “Gold and Silver I don’t have but in the name of Yeshua rise up and be healed”, something along those words. The man jumped up and down and then fell at Peter’s feet giving him homage; Peter quickly rebuked him and drew him to his feet as he Peter was also just a servant of Yeshua as he was now also. Today looking at the Pope I see people bow before him which Peter rebuked, and second was a monk from a monastery named Francis of Assisi I believe spelling may be off who went to Rome and the Pope joyfully showed the monk all the “Gold and Silver” in the vault. The monk response was but we can no longer say rise up and be healed. Mario Marillo spoke that on TBN and I’ve kept it hidden as a treasure for the time needed, The Church of Rome has chosen to pay homage to the Beast or Devil and is to me that false prophet who stands with the false Christ in the latter days.

My Army 69' uniform
notice the spear? or Pershing missle

   This is my uniform I wore while serving inside the US Army, drafted in Feb.1969, I ended up in Germany and was assigned to watch weapons in a storage facility for Nuclear Warheads. I was part of the 3rd and 84th battalion if memory serves me and would go sit in a tower watching the perimeter for intruders to stop. The patch on my left shoulder (right to viewer) is the symbol of the “Spear Head” so what I say next is no surprise as the “Mahabarata” (spelling) tells of a spear that explodes as if a thousand suns went off, Nuclear weapons do the same thing.

(Added 1-14-2012)

Consider these verses from the ancient Mahabharata:

...(it was) a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendour... was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

...The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognisable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.24

Tomorrow is Yesterday!

As stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9 (New International),


“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;

There is nothing new under the sun.”

I have come to accept this as truth in that we are in a recycle of ups and down for the few who wish to show themselves as Demi-Gods to those left behind.

Sorry another link: Eve was not a woman and if things keep going as I see them going then “Eve” will actually be a man named –Mahmud Ahmadinejad who believes Ishmael who has people of Islam or is that lam blood used in Passover by the Jews while in captivity in Egypt where he came up with turning their back on Abraham 3 times each day to insult his father for giving the second son Isaac the covenant he so much wanted?

Treaties today have been signed making use of Nuclear Weapons “Forbidden” yet also there is talk of “Limited” use of these weapons, wrong concepts to fall into. My personal thoughts since I stood over Nuclear Weapons are found in today’s news of nuclear waste found in German mineshaft. I now believe the Gestapo used u-232 weapons grade as a bargain chip which allowed Reinhard Gehlen to come into the OSS later renamed CIA. Once inside they quickly setup shop and started spying on Russia and willingly I believe got caught, now working for both sides supposedly. I believe they never stopped being loyal Nazi to Hitler and had a plan, which worked by taking allies and turning them into adversaries with a “Berlin Wall” that had a cold war follow that. With the wall taken down a new enemy was needed so Osama Bin Laden thru the US hits Russia in Afghanistan, who is then turned around to attack America in Twin tower or 911 attack, secretary of defense on 910 speaks about 2.3 trillion dollars missing and bang were attacked, and pentagon where the “Accounting dept is” really don’t think a plane hit as he himself let his tongue slip it was a missile, add to that $400 billion in building #7 and 2.7 went missing. Sounds more like a movie “Sting” Redford and Newman played in. Desert Storm in 1991 and American Storm Troopers blitzed to Bagdad just as World War II German Storm Trooper did to France but the museums in France were looted, Bush Sr. messed up and son had to go back and get those tablets talking about Aliens in our past, which he did. The patriot act now replaces our constitution until revoked, were being mind control thru main stream media slowly as I notice at times more than one network talking about stories with what sounds like the same words on different stations? Something is not right and I believe it is leading to a “New World Order” one that is Totalitarian with a new world religion and perhaps a new world currency, cashless? A micro chip with your entire bank, medical, drivers’ license, etc on this chip. Children can be found they will tell us, no more missing persons, right? Are abductees’ those who are really getting chipped as test subjects for how the system will work? Like the Bible states in the forehead or right hand a number or name to buy or sell will be planted. Inside the nose and then pushed up into the nasal cavity and there to attach itself for power to work like the movie “Matrix”?

UFO’s and Don Schmidt link to my web site: here either Kenneth Arnold is telling the truth of what he saw or he’s crazy and I’m convinced he’s truthful. Let’s look at each drawing together with the Horton flying wing jet fighter; both have a pointed tail with no rudder or stabilizer which reduces drag. Captured the speed was said to be 645 mph, yet he clocked it at 1200 mph, so work on compression to the jet engine went on under cover. The aircraft on display are put there the way magic is done to draw attention away from the actually events leading up to Arnolds sighting. And that brings up Roswell, so many people have spoken thoughts on and with that I will only say this. Gehlen Gestapo were operating inside the US that person who beat a night stick against his hand and made threats sounds more like a SS agent now working for us. In the war he would have no hesitation to kill us so making threats sounds about right but I believe they may have led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Mob was being rubbed out by Robert Kennedy, we had Nixon with his op 40 political murderers, LBJ wanted to be president and then there is what I call SS-CIA and SS-KGB not wanting the US and Russia to join forces in going to the Moon or the secret of working both sides might be revealed. Did we even go to the MOON? I have a video showing the crew talking about the camera up to the window which is a lie. The first attempt you can see the window lip with light on it, moved camera to a more right angle and sure enough it looks like a shot of Earth far out in space, then a crewman turns on the cabin light and there still in orbit! This is where Von Braun came in with being late on first man in space, first everything to get more money which we gladly gave. Now 65 years later we have nothing to show and the ISS is slated after just being assembled to fall out of orbit in 2014? Doesn’t’ make sense unless you connect the dots, were being lied to by non-American concepts which will leave us dismayed at failures we again are facing but with a President who sounds more “Muslim” and the only way to see his lie is to close your eyes and see with your ears what your eyes aren’t seeing. Has the intelligence of our Nation fully taken over, TV, newspapers, etc. with a corporate take over? Are idea’s being tested on the public example: “Casey Marie Anthony” case where people seem to go insane with this trial? Are we being tested on as was the case of children with radiation exposure or Americans of African background? Obama himself divides this Nation each time he opens his mouth saying he is an African-American when he should say he is an American-of African heritage. Not who I was but rather who I’m becoming, not where I’m from but where “We the people” are going. Our constitution needs only one amendment to it “All men are created equal” to “All Humanity are created equal”. Thus a father who migrates from Kenya to America and applies for citizenship and achieves it can then have a child who now is given as Abraham was a covenant of that child being able to become the President of this country.

If space brothers come to help us will they be blonde blue eyes which are what Hitler was looking for? Are people being taken by our own intelligence who now serves the Fourth Reich? DNA taken that will help create that perfect Aryan (spelling sorry). I see World War III being fought because of lies planted on all sides thru intelligence agents who are not working for that agency they work out of. Would going into a hot war with say Russia or China lead to a total release of weapons? If the north pole where Admiral Byrd retreated from has NEO NAZI still flying disc shape craft. Then if America, Russia, China, England, France don’t see this New Swastika still working and attack each other thru planted lies, New Swastika then has no destruction and all their people safe, while the major nations of the world try to get thru the fallout from all the destruction they caused like the movie “I am Legend” and we did this to ourselves.

I believe the face on Mars was put there by us, a reminder that we got the technology back to see the past which leads to tomorrow, we need to face who it is that has us killing each other.

Tower of Babel to me is the same as the F-117 stealth fighter going in and target what was the; “Communication building” so likewise I believe the story of Babel is about us losing our communication with each other. In other words we were under attack and our satellite system was down, or our systems were being jammed so we could not speak to each other.

Aztec or were they really

As tech’s from silicone Valley? What we remember as from Atlantis – the song America says a land tis thee I sing of thee – is the message for us today that America is really – Atlantis and like Omaha beach with wave after wave of assault have sunken us into a fallen state? Are we saying the words correctly as in the case of Yeshua? Is Lucifer really - Loose a fear - being thermal nuclear warheads? Is the Devil similar to doers of Evil where the d is added to evil giving us Devil? Are we being suppressed by those who from Heaven to Earth came – Annunaki?

Hope I’m not dragging too much on you and leave with this thought, David Carradine played a priest. Are the symbols of a “Lion” and “Dragon” on his forearms giving meaning to the “Lion of Judea” Yeshua and the “Dragon” or Satan who comes to destroy? Could the destroyer be say a brown dwarf which is causing a cycle of events that every so often massive destruction happens upon the world from the planetary effects of this event? What I do see is someone knows what is going to happen and is hiding the truth from the public.

Today is November 9, 2011 and I went to your website and heard your v blog. Question is do you think all those star gates were actually say beam technologies or Beam me up Scotty? I can easily see a world where we were once a high technology world that has fallen either by war or by disaster such as a brown star being pulled into our system some 500 million years ago. JPL along with Sitchin look as if both were asking the same question, was our solar system disrupted by capturing another planet? Mars to me looks like a car that has been side swiped and like the commercial no note who did it. Is that where the deluge came from having the oceans of Mars being dumped on Earth?

Science now attacks religion just as religion did science so that both loose at winning until both stop attacking which seems to help those in charge keep chaos going!  Library in Alexandria burned just as the movie “Killing Fields” where all those with education are taken out and shot. Hitler as with other world dictators do the same thing. Keep the people simple minded and control is easier, let them get smarter and soon they want “Liberty”. I see no lines drawn on this planet except those drawn by those wanting “power”. If I came to this world and laid out a map showing the people in the Old Testament days of this shows your world, then word would go around that the “World” was “Flat”. Ignorance works to keep those in power who wish to never give it up, Harod had his army kill all new born to the age of 3 wanting to kill, Yeshua from taking his power. Today there are unseen players working to remove billions of people off this planet because they feel they have a right too. Abortion doctors are killed by people who think they are doing God’s work, Muslim kill believing they also are doing God’s work.

Only Yeshua is doing what God wants which is healing each other, everything else is a lie.

I have seen what I call demons in my life; my stepdad was up until he started drinking a very giving person. He bought a bar back then as a lot of people drank then as much as today even, but it was paid off. His baby brother comes from Greece and starts a business that fails. He sells the bar? And sure enough his brother is soon heading home leaving him with all this debt.

Like the movie “Ghost” he was doing his usual abuse of beating up my mother, he had knocked her to the ground and was waiting for me to look up at him. His foot hung over her head with the heel pointed at it, then we locked eyes and it happened, a shadow of a figure poked out next to his own face. After we looked at each other he started with kicking her in the head with the heel of his shoe. Only much later did I realize Yeshua in the garden take his scandal and crush the head of the snake or serpent! What I saw was real! And it has been attacking me all my life, since Yeshua has the key to death and Hell I will continue walk with him. Yeshua has been beside be protecting me all my life, once a dog ran around the corner of a house and I knew I was in trouble, the dog jumped for my throat only to be pushed away by a arm in a white robe which has a bell shape to it. That dog put its tail between its leg and whimper back to the house. I was in uniform and got a call shots were heard coming over the storage area, went out with the master sergeant and sure enough we could hear the whiz of a bullet now and then flying overhead. Farmland next to the compound we went up the hill partially and stopped to listen. Looking at each other and only 2 people standing there a pair of hands grabbed my head with me feeling thumbs between my ears and head – yank it back just as a bullet passed in front of my head. I would have been shot in the head had my Angel not acted with Yeshua or Salvation was what saved me that day! God wants people to know who he really is, and most think he is an angry Father who gets mad. He’s not what most people see him as; even Satan has a chance to turn to him for forgiveness.

As I said earlier Casey Marie Anthony has people who wish her harm, yet look again at Saul who Yeshua turned into Paul the Apostle who himself had blood on his hands. If he who hung on the cross and was a murderer asked Yeshua into his heart and Christ said to him this day you shall enter paradise, why do you wish her harm except you do those things which are taught by fallen Angel to shed blood, destruction of property, famine, and finally death of someone in God’s name that did not send you but he who wishes as much destruction as possible has.

   “We the PEOPLE”, must make a choice to live by the weapons in the hand or to live by every word out of the mouth of Yeshua being “Salvation” from the Father to those who will accept his word as a rock to build a world on.