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  My personal insight guided by the Holy Spirit:


At the end of World War 2 Gehlen meet at a pre selected location for his surrender and his offer to pass over intelligence on Russian. I see this taking of these war criminals into the OSS as a result of some powerful people back in the US, namely Prescott Bush and the Rockefellers (and others). Rich people who were completely livid with fear that America would move to a communist type system where “They” the rich would be brought low as what happen with the Russian revolution.  For this reason they sent support to Hitler with backing him financially which brought charges against them for helping the enemy thru the war acts.

This act of bringing in people who gave their soul to Hitler and who with their “LIPS” declare allegiance to the United States of America for work they would provide while spying on Russia was a LIE. Early in the program they were discovered by the Russians who used them to “SPY” on America. When Gehlen surrendered he had planned for months how this would work, like the series on TV “Caprica” they had a plan!

Once inside the American OSS and allowing themselves to be caught by the Russians they started their plan of making “Adversaries” out of Allies. The result was the “Berlin Wall” which in of itself show that they created a “Wall” between Allies that was not there before their plan started. Not double agents but rather triple agents who were still spying for the “Master Race” and Hitler’s dream of world domination.

If we look at what acidic effects occur after operation “Paperclip” we will see that these ruthless criminals who would torture people they picked up off the street are similar to what had been found in the KGB and CIA methods for getting information out of prisoners. Hitler’s building concentration camps are the blue print for the Russian “Gulag” where people were arrested without any proof of doing a crime but taken for one purpose of being “Forced Free Labor”. Inside America the Neo Nazi went about doing more crimes against Humanity with experiments uncovered on the public without any approval from the public. Plum Island where a German scientist created the lime tic and how conveniently it got out in to the world. Russia having lived under a dictatorship rule saw little difference from the czar to the presence on Stalin ordering people into the gulags. In America the criminal activities of the newly created CIA were hidden behind a wall of lies. Looking back we can see how this infection of idea’s has turn a quest to protect(American ideas)  to one of wanting to rule(Nazi) with unlimited power.

Power we gave criminals who were trying to “Kill” us in the war to giving them power to employ covert operations even on US soil, looking for communist and behold we see a time called “McCarthyizm”. The movie “Majestic” with Hollywood under attack as supporting communists, while the real attack was “Neo Nazi Facist”. Understanding this trickster move to point the finger at some imaginary assault from communist has given them even more power. Using mobsters and the drug cartel to finance their “Black budget Programs” they have flown under the radar of the public. Testing of radiation exposure on children back in the 1950’s and using prisoners for clinical test also I believe follow the same disregard for life they had when in power under Hitler.

UFO comes into play with Kenneth Arnold sighting of a formation that appeared to be skipping like a rock across a pond. This “UFO” was actually a Horton Hn9 recovered “Jet” that has no tail section. Americans let alone the world had not seen a plane that had no tail section and so those seeing it would believe it to be not of this world! In 1945 when this aircraft was seized by America its speed was around 650 mph. So when Arnold saw it and clocked it at 1200 mph the speed had doubled. The skipping was clearly to keep control of the plane in that no computers were small enough to be used as “Fly by wire” term we know today. Stalling would be a problem that Northrop found when working on a “Wing” bomber we now know today as the “B2 bomber”. The fighter F-16 could not fly if not for onboard computer doing the work to keep it from over taxing the pilot from just flying it, let alone enter into combat.

1947 and a news release of the Army having captured a “Flying disc” and since the CIA is now filling up with GOOD Neo Nazi a cover story is that a “Weather balloon” was the real deal. The SS of Germany if looked at worked with quote “Need to know basis” for their projects, funny how the CIA also works with a “Need to Know” for access to classified projects. Therefore I suggest that when the “Berlin Wall” came down what went up were departmentalization walls. People inside the same dept were blind to what that agency was doing, thus where do you hide a tree? In the forest or the true meaning in “Plain sight” for all to see without seeing.

The killing of President John F. Kennedy was a result of just how acidic this poisonous plan to use the US to conquer the world for them using American blood. Vietnam was not about helping them but rather making money and setting up protection for getting the drugs into America under military rouge soldiers who could be bought off.

Even better is Desert Storm with American Storm Troopers blitzkrieg to Bagdad dressed in helmets of Nazi Germany. German Storm Trooper did the exact same thing to France and went straight to the museums to ransack them.


   Remember political assassinations were something the SS was trained to do. Our country is being lead into a “New World Order” one that will bring in a “New World Currency” along with a “New World Religion”. This rise of the 4th Reich will chop this world up into 10 regions with a single world leader and 10 regional governors who will report to the “Dictator” of this coming New World Order. A totalitarian system that I see will do away with money you can touch to one of electronic (RFID Chips) giving people “Credit” into a system that will be based purely on the value of the Dictator whim what people should be given. Having a cashless society will allow the banks to track where the money comes and goes. No more hiding it from Uncle Sam or is that Father Hitler. Think about what type of world we would live in today if “Hitler” was alive and the world we are heading for is exactly what I see coming. Our value as a Nation is as the song by Charlie Daniels with the Devil jumping up on a log with a violin of “GOLD”. Songs that are called rap use “Vulgar Language” meaning in the TV series “Dragnet” of just the facts – facts are rap sheets were about criminals who break the law. Today rap artists using vulgar words get away with it because it’s “Music” to the Devils ears and those who turn away from Christ. Women are looked at as “GAGA” dressed the part – MEAT to the eyes of men. Police after the Rodney King beating are no longer listened too. A breakdown of respect for the law has taken over; don’t get me wrong as it was wrong for the police to use that amount of force. Who looked at PTSD for that office that chases a man driving at “HIGH” speed thru a school where children could have been hit? If he had struck a child the entire outcome from rage would have been against King and not the officers. Roseanne Bar doing a comic act of singing the national anthem was attacked with rage from the fans at the stadium. Look at the beginnings words; Oh say can you see and now reverse it to “see what you can say” by not letting anger rule but rather doing that which is hard to do but one we chose to do, asking not what the Police can do for us but rather what can we do for the police.

Why is simple for not helping the police we now live where instead of prison lockdowns we now live with Neighborhood lockdowns to keep the criminal out of our homes and were going to call for help! Not giving those who put on a uniform to protect us 24/7 respect will cause them to fail in their effort to be effective in doing that hazardous job of putting their “LIFE” on the line for those who in an instant will turn their back on them as spoken of in the movie “Spiderman”.

The balance which is supposed to be journalist has been turned into paparazzi news with people either being a liberal or conservative – Republican or Democrat. Reporters are not to take sides only report the truth yet we today have mainstream media taken over by large corporate companies – Roller ball movie with James Caan. BP Gulf oil spill and the use of a dispersant was NOT the government RIGHT but rather corporate decisions are made by corporate executives! News mocking “Tea Party” member would have never happened in a true journalistic world. Freedom of the “Press” is to look without prejudice and state the facts. Those of the Tea party are people who want change not mentally challenged or on drugs as spoken of thru this new type of FREE press. Blasphemy laws now on the books to protect “ISLAM” threaten the entire world. Giving Islam the right to attack people who use “Free” speech and to force a New World Order of Religion bringing together all religions into one. This new Religion would be its leader (The Redeemer) as with Hitler this coming Anti-Christ will setup his rule by using peace to gain footing to get into power but like all dictators will then use force to keep it under his feet by walking on basic human rights. We see these actions of those Dictators now in the Middle East under attack from those they have literally walked over for decades. Unless they keep a watch on what replaces these fallen dictators a more violent one could emerge seeking to fore fill the Koran and unite against the Jews. Israel comes from Abraham who had to sons, one born of a midwife and the other of his wife Sarah. Ishmael turned to jealousy against his brother Isaac as did Cain against his brother Abel. A roman emperor changed the name of Israel into first Syria Palestine as in 63ad Romans conquered Syria and then in 70ad Israel fell to the Romans and the city Jerusalem rename as well.

Twilight zone was a TV show and one episode was called “To Serve Man”. Is the Bible that book and instead of Aliens eating humans as shown in the show it turns out that “WE” humans know the recipes for serving up all kinds of dishes on torture and death to help devour our hunger for “POWER”.

In Egypt at Abydos is a door with an arch showing flying machines. If we went to war some 26,000yrs ago and this brought about the story of the “Fall of Humanity” then we are about to fall again with the same machines that destroyed us then we have again built. Atom not Adam is what fell and Eve is an expression of when sorrow began or the Woe’s of humanity turned into WOMAN as the cause, a lie born of the Devil. We are coming to a place in time to choose to live by the sword in the hand or to live by every word out of the mouth of GOD. That double edge sword coming out of Christ mouth will make us take that mote out of our own eyes and not cast judgment but rather seek solutions to the problem facing us.

So I ask the question as Eric Von Daniken does in his books:

Example: today news of a mother of 2 children giving birth is a miracle but her husband a marine was “Killed” three years earlier.

Question: Is this birth similar to the Birth of Christ and could his birth be a plan to help humanity get back on its feet from that “FALL” where all of us were “NAKED” or is that a metaphor of living in a “POST” nuclear war and all civil laws were non-existent.

Does the Neo Nazi believe they will become the “Master Race” of this planet going along with a plan that in the end will take them as well out of the picture? Could we be getting help from those who got thru that WAR of the past but that also there is those who brought about the fall still wanting the “POWER” and unwilling to let it go.

Now if not the above could a being not of this world but in a “THIRD HEAVON” come into our world and by use of his power take an egg of a woman and put his spirit into it. Thus Christ was not born of the flesh but of the Spirit of his Father?

In one we would rapture into space and the other we would rapture into that 3rd Heaven where no thieves can enter. I ask these questions because of this:

 I meet you on the street and ask you to give me single for a $3 dollar bill as I need only a dollar. Without hesitation you would leave me knowing that there is no $3 dollar bill. Christ said the Devil will come showing himself as “Christ”. What will give us the clue when one appears telling us he is the “Christ”. I read the Bible and it states that “MANY” shall come saying I ‘am the Christ! But is this what is really being said? Could the meaning be – many shall come saying I ‘am the “WORD” of God. Does this fit with Jim Jones who thought he or David Karish in Texas was Jesus? Could the Bible be telling us false witness shall come in “MY NAME” saying I’m the truth when it is really a lie?

My impression is that I see two version of truth, one of a fallen world that came to be thru ruthless rulers who used weapons of mass destruction and the other of a “Higher” dimension of life that is ruled with pure “LOVE”. In the Old Testament people are told by God to take a sword and go here or there and to KILL because of sin. A signature or profile with all the CSI shows of how the “Devil” does his killings. The book of revelation shows him coming in on a white horse, peaceably followed by war, then sickness and last death.

So from the first books to the last book being revelation I see a false God who sends out people to Kill, destroy, rape and plunder other people because that God made it right!

Jesus Christ is also the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He comes with a double edge sword out of his mouth. Raises the dead, heals the sick, opens the eyes of the blind, the deaf hear and the lame walk. He then teaches his disciples that those things he has done they also are to do in his name. Demons are cast out, people are healed, blind see, deaf hear and the lame walk.

From this I again ask as taught by the master Von Daniken how many Muslims are recorded with this same act as stated above? Is Islam close to Zionism because Abraham is the patriarch of both? Or is there a breaking away with as the false Christ teaching of how to kill your fellow human being for not accepting his God? In Star Trek movies an emotional Vulcan leads them to “GOD” and it’s Kirk who asks the question: “Why does God need a Starship”. So I ask also “Why does God need me to kill another person when God could simply turn that person to dust from which he was born?”

Mars and that “Face” but wait it’s a Human face looking up at us, did we create this monument much the same way we tie string around our fingers as reminders. What are we suppose to remember looking at this Human face, or is it we now face the technologies which will lead us into tomorrow without killing one another or shall we “dance” as spoken of in the old west and shoot it out with weapons of mass destruction. Mad or Mutually Assured Destruction from eating forbidden fruit we have sweated over to protect us into a false reality in that actuality they will destroy us and paradise we have created with all these fancy toys we can’t live without. That crown of Humanity wears like the Library in Alexandria will be lost and with it our understanding of where we are in actuality. Are we taking steps to the light of enlightenment or are we headed toward the pit of darkness and the age of enslavement to dead ideas that lead to wholesale slaughter of humanity.

I see only 2 types of people in the world:

1.       The Living who you know because they help one another

2.       The Dead and it’s stated let the dead bury the dead

So which one are you, do you help yourself to what belongs to others or do you take the shirt off of your own back to help. Do you pass by those in need of help or do you walk on them claiming to help them while you pocket the profit from speaking about how the person was a victim but can’t see how that person was victimized all over by you.

Last Question:

Hitchhiker guide to the Universe: What is the meaning of LIFE?

Answer: the meaning to life is what we choose it to be?

I ‘am S.P.O.C. and it’s a metaphor for Single Point Of Contact

Yes I use l.o.g.i.c. metaphor : Love Of God In Christ

Live long and prosper,