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Take NASA and reasign to Meteor watch - Create New StarFleet agency


    NASA was organized by a German named Werner Von Braun who was a Nazi SS Officer under Hitler. That was back in 1945 and here today in 2011 NASA plans for a new system are to go back to Apollo but on steroids.

(Just use drugs is the Message being sent by Nasa on Steroids - Wrong)


   I feel we need to scrap NASA into National Aeronautical Security Agency and assign it the task of watching for near earth objects and move the manned missions and robotics over to a new agency called “Starfleet”. This new agency must allow public dialog to be part of the makeup of this quest to “BOLDLY” go into space. Seeing the ISS as a merry go round with them trying to grab that brass ring or budget for NASA. Rather promote new ideas and new concepts for exploration taken from Science Fiction and attempt them in real life.


Main body basic Shape-Shuttle is Modular
Blender 3D Software

Design is Modular for ease of replacements

This type Aft section will take Shuttle
Back to Home Base in Florida

This Should replace the Forward Section
Now Nasa has a Life Pod to fight Death

Let the Wing's Swing us into a New Tomorrow
SuperSonic to Convential to help get Home

As the B-1A show wings that swing we should have built the shuttle to allow for this also. Making it a supersonic and conventional design to help with getting back to "Home" base when landing elsewhere. Having a T vertical fin with the Horizontal fins on top allowing again a conventional desigh to get back home. Remember the aft section as shown above is swapped out for a conventional one should the shuttle not land at its home base. 

 Here is a design for a shuttle that is modular and thereby allows each section to be repaired or upgraded without stopping the launch times as is now the case when each shuttle had computer upgrades. The aft section would also allow for a conventional design type engine such as a 747 engine on both sides along with another smaller engine under the vertical fin. This would allow the shuttle to fly back home (No modified 747 needed) if it landed not at its home location. Land in California and switch out the aft section and install fuel tanks in the cargo bay, then fly with a much lower cost of fuel back to Florida.

Add a work deck to where the flight deck was and then make a “LIFE” pod say designed after the X-37b for getting out in emergency use. Our current design has no escape plan other than the “SHAFT” or telescopic pole NASA calls it for the crews. Let’s move forward not backward in time to the “Glory” days of Apollo. Let’s create new moments of achievements and challenge ourselves to even greater tasks.

NASA is in a rut, or it feels like I’m watching a movie “9 to 5 with Dolly Parton” no new concepts coming out of NASA because they are clocking in and out like nothing new needs to be designed. Most of NASA is getting ready to retire so they are worn out and we need new ideas, concepts that go beyond today into tomorrow.  

   I contacted President Regan with this design as I saw the explosion of Challenger and tried to warn NASA but was told they would land if something went wrong. I replied that the shuttle would be in pieces from the explosion I saw and never heard from them again. Regan created a commission to investigate the cause and found no escape was possible and one should be created, thus the telescopic pole to shaft the crew in my view was made. A real working method similar to what Apollo had with a rocket that could pull the crew to safety, is what NASA was known to do. The model I sent President Regan had the front section separate with rockets to propel it to safety. A shuttle sitting on the ground and starting to rise has no protection for the crew and NASA of OLD would have designed something that would protect them but didn’t. All human flight done had to have a way to protect the crew, and cost cuts for saving some money was paid with the lives of each crew lost. Even Columbia could have escaped death if such a “LIFE” pod design was used. This suggests to me NASA is intentionally being sabotage from inside the agency itself. Braun was an “ARDENT” Nazi who seen standing on US soil is giving a salute to Hitler under a German Swastika Flag. Allowing the Russians to get first into space, first satellite, and first walk in space only made our government give more money to NASA to beat Russia.

We need to scrape NASA and rebuild it American style, then reassign it to security against meteor hitting Earth. After that start a new transparent program that allows the public access to it and is able to voice ideas without blockage. Concepts posted on public website would eliminate threat against being sued for theft of concept which has the agency stymied today.

Going to the Moon and leaving part of it on the surface is again bad business(cost), lets build a system that puts up L.O.S.S. or Lunar Orbital Supply Station where we stop just like we do on vacation at gas stations lets build a orbiting station out of a external tank and place it in lunar orbit. Transform it into a supply station for long term expeditions to the Moon.

That means we need a permanent Earth Station that should be in space and not below space itself  and a stationary orbit that keeps it from falling back to Earth!

Nasa is throwing away money like the movie “ROBOCOP” where the executive is urinating how he had a 20 year parts plan to keep the other idea working or not but one that would bring in MONEY. Building a lunar lander that leaves part of itself on the Moon means we will need to “SPEND” more money to replace that piece of the craft, I say no! Lets design one that is similar to the shuttle concept as being reusable.

Build a Transport vehical (Space 1999 type but without landing gear)that can transport from SB1(Star base 1) to LS1(Lunar Station 1) and once there to tranfer to a Lunar Lander designed to all come back up to the Station leaving nothing behind on the surface of the Moon. Nothing is thrown away and everything resused just as the shuttle was designed to be. Once we have this setup we could then start sending robotics to build a habitat on the surface of the Moon in preparation for building one on Mars. Learning how to build on the Moon a settlement will pave the way of getting to Mars and beyond.

So a cargo vessel needs to be designed for cargo to LS1 from SB1.


Lunar lander design should have steps that resemble a draw bridge  with steps that are attached to the section that sits on top of the bottom rocket motor section and can spin seperate from this (bottom) feet section to find the right spot to step down. That lower section (motor section) is modular so it like the shuttle can be worked on without stopping usage of the upper section. I see something round with 3 levels to it, bottom airlock section, second section personal stations for sleeping and top section for flight control instruments.