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"EVE", was not a Woman

Communicating with a Light Switch


   On a recent trip to New York City, we stayed at our favorite small hotel. We had scheduled meetings with some of our publishers, as well as a breakfast meeting with an old friend who is in the midst of making a documentary about Whitley. This man has always been rather dismissive of me--which is something I resent--even going so far as to tell me to "shut up" one time (something I don't take well to!) Since I am the main "idea person" on the Anne-and-Whitley team, I also find this distressing because I feel I have a lot to contribute and can help make the project more successful.
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  Reading this I had to sit down and write you my thoughts,


As a child I watched my parents fight each other with words and sometimes knifes, I also found out that my father was really a stepdad. Police would come out and even thou I had cuts or bruise’s they couldn’t or would not talk to me. I was the property of my parents, if I had been a dog the s.p.c.a. would have taken me out, but back then as a child I had no rights. I look back and believe the 14th amendment was given to African slaves so they could be looked upon as people rather than property or livestock just as I was the property or child of my mother and this stepfather who would get drunk and beat her and her children. I watched her beaten to the ground and saw my stepdad take his foot and with the “HEEL” kick her in the head, but noticed that he looked up at me just before he started doing it. I saw a new head come out from his next to it on his left side and believe it was a Demon or the Devil himself. Why because Christ with the “HEEL” of his shoe crushed the head of the serpent. I was given a message by Satan himself on what he thinks about “WOMEN” and I had to find out why?


   I believe the Garden of Eden is where the answer starts to be shown, it is spoken that “EVE” a women ate fruit the after eating she gave to Adam and thus the sin of the world. Mary a “WOMEN” would be used by God to bring in salvation to the world. The Devil or Dragon sits ready to eat the child a woman is about to give birth to Christ, this metaphor is about Israel and the tribe of Rachel and Mary who is about to give birth to Jesus but Angels warn Joseph and they flee to Egypt. Harod had all children three years to new born put to the sword, the Dragon wanting to swallow the child or Death and Hell precede Satan, or is his signature of who he is.


Real Meaning of Garden of Eden


   My take on what this metaphor really stands for is not what people are talking about.

Eve to me is not a woman but rather an expression and Adam it not a male but rather a weapon, Atom!

Egypt has in Abydos a Temple with a doorway that the arch has clearly a plane, Helicopter and submarine.


I believe that some 26 thousand years ago we had the mother of all battles as described by India’s Sanskrit and the spears that appear to be missiles hurled at one another and when they went off had the brightness of a thousand Suns.  Treaties made today with non-proliferation make the use of atomic weapons forbidden. The tree being the Internet with “ROOTS” all over the world. Humanity was warned that eating this fruit would lead to sin. I believe this is what happened:

The down fall of humanity came on the “EVE” of fruit being eaten that was forbidden, “ATOM” was weapons that a computer with one “BYTE” would seal the sin of destruction around the world. Pushing that launch key is the same as taking a bite,  humans bite, and computers byte as well yet memory of the “FALL “ of humanity is written down as a metaphor incorrectly blaming “FEMALES” as the reason for the “SIN” in the world. Satan is using this to keep separate man from the woman and make her life “HELL” knowing it would be a woman who would give birth to the son of God. The Devil cast out his demons using “Beelzebub” and I see that as what level of defcon we are at, 5 peace, 1 at war with a Bell and the bulb letting us know the state were in, or Beelzebub. That tree of knowledge was the Internet with fruit on it that if eaten would destroy humanity. We ate that fruit and hide from God not because we were without clothes but had become naked of moral conduct to each other or civil unrest had taken over and people would kill to stay alive, lie, or steal, etc. Naked from casting off Gods law for the law of the fittest to survive with whatever means it took.

  So that day when my stepfather took the “HEEL” of his shoe to crush my mother’s head was a message to me to find the truth and to set free those who live under his lie about “EVE” being a woman was the reason this world fell, the Devil is the reason we live in Hell on this world from Atomic weapons eaten in the past:

As stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9 (New International),

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;

There is nothing new under the sun.”

What has been done is the Battle of Armageddon, what will be again is the Battle of Armageddon. The devil lives by the sword put into the hands of humanity, Christ put into the mouth his sword which is the word of God. Whosoever lives by the sword shall perish by it, but whosoever drinks of these words of God shall have life everlasting.


This is the real Atom that fell in the past and is set to fall again upon a world. I was drafted into the military in 1969 and ended up in Germany with a Pershing missile outfit, or nukes to protect Europe and America from Russian attack.  We are being fooled into believing nukes will secure our safety from destruction but are actually our executioner.

Today we are on the “EVE” of humanity falling again, female did not eat fruit but rather military men of woe to them who attack us as “MAD” or mutually assured destruction with our computers launching our weapons even if we are dead they will launch themselves. MAD is the Devil for a female shall give birth to salvation in a virgin! So just as Christ was received so shall also the female who decides to walk with God, how was Jesus received. The church leaders had him crucified, so as a female understand this is what Satan has prepared for you. Know then whosoever slaps your cheek to turn to them the other, don’t become the Devil but rather proclaim the Love of God that is Christ in you which is the word of the Father.

Don’t tell him to go to HELL but rather to turn and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as it is in Heaven. I believe Christ is saying let him be the “ASS” who carries the Devil around on his back. You be the “LIGHT” which is the word within being not of yourself but of the Father that those around you will see not you but rather the voice of Faith.

  People brought before Christ a woman caught in the act of fornication, and his response is still the same, “Let whosoever is without sin cast the first stone”, today it would be WORD not stone. I myself have no works which I can be saved by except by that blood which Christ shed for the world. Therefore I believe Jesus wants man to stand with the female and proclaim each lives not by lies but the grace of God has again put back together what the Devil separated – Man from his Woman.  To stand on the words Jesus Christ spoke to heal us not hurt us, to give light not darkness, hope not hopelessness, joy not sadness. His word is the Father in him by which we can ourselves hear a Father call to his child with “LOVE” to not just live but rather to live abundantly.

The crowd that brought the woman caught in the act of fornication left and Jesus said to the woman “where are they that accuse you” gone, he did not condemn but rather gave her advice to change her ways that did not degrade her as a woman. Christ knew the Devil turned her toward fornication as a way to live and he was telling her she indeed could turn away and find another way to live.

I know Christ as the sword is in his mouth, the Devil comes to kill and destroy, destroying the lives of woman by making man believe it was a woman and thus the Middle East has such a low regard for women’s right. Once the eyes of man is opened to see how the fall of this world occurred will woman then be able to come out from under their burkes’ and hide no more.

Also God is colored blind not seeing, red, black, brown, yellow, etc as God only see’s the living and the Dead. The living care one for another, let the Dead bury the Dead says God. There is no American, no Russian, no Chinese, etc only the living and the Dead. The living care for this World let the Dead bury the Dead in those underground bunkers. Shall we live in Fear as the Bible tell us Christ has the “KEYS” to death and hell and set free those who were imprisoned. Let’s BOLDLY face our fears and move into the promise of living by faith in his word.

The Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

As you read you see that this country is based upon a “MALE” dominates power and that matches with the Devil not willing to share his power either,

Here is my take:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Humanity are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Changing the “all men” to “all Humanity” I have allowed for immigrants being female and children to dream of being able to become the “President” of this great Nation of ours, which in of itself is a gift. I chose to sing the National Anthem as oh say can you see in reverse as “see what you can say” ask not what God can do for you but rather what can you say for him.

Wide is the path that leads to destruction, I can only declare what Christ himself said to the woman. Rise up and declare the glory of grace, men may judge you but God had opened a DOOR to enter into his presence – Jesus Christ.

Hopefully I did not confuse you and the point is no one has the virtue to degrade another person because of a false teaching.