SWELL(ing) Relatives
SWELL(ing) Relatives is a brief excursion into the world of one man who, in his obsessive search for a still life, stumbles into a mad Alice-in-Wonderland world of relativity, a shifting, bloating, floating world that catapults him to the brink of madness. Written and directed by Valeria Vasilevski, with costume by Frank Kresz, 1001 paper mache potatos by Hapi Phace, and featuring Lawrence Goldhuber.

La MaMa
Lawrence Goldhuber in SWELL(ing) Relatives, La MaMa, NYC. Photo by James Schriebl.

Production History:
November 3-12, 2006 at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club (New York, NY). Photos by James Schriebl.

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