Valeria Vasilevski

Director for BOOMTOWN

Valeria Vasilevski has directed one film, the animation BOOMTOWN, animated by Bill Plympton, written by Jules Feiffer and sung by the Android Sisters. This film explores the economic benefits of perpetuating the threat of nuclear war. BOOMTOWN was featured in the New York Film Festival and many international animation festivals. It won a CINE Golden Eagle for Excellence.

an animation produced by Reduta Deux 1984

Opened at New York Film Festival 1985
Received CINE Golden Eagle

Selected for:
American Film and Video Festival
Aukland Film Festival (Australia)
Asola Animation Festival (Denmark)
Annecy International Animation Festival (France)
Brooklyn Museum (Permanent Collection)
Le Semaine Du Dessin Anime (Belgium)
Cambridge Animation Festival (England)
Cinema Giovanni (Italy)
Denmark Radio Presentation (Denmark)
Festival Do Rio (Brazil) First Prize
Hiroshima International Film and Video Festival
Hirshhorn Collection, Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.)
INPUT International Public Television Conference 1986 (Montreal)v London Film Festival (England) Director's Award
Los Angeles International Animation Festival
Lucca 20th Anniversary (Italy) Award for Best International Short
Media Project, Portland, Oregon (USA)
Melbourne Film Festival (Australia)
Miami Film Festival
National Film Board of Cananda Archives
Oberhausen (West Germany)
Portland Art Museum First Prize
Sydney Film Society (Australia)
Tampere Film Festival (Finland)
Uppsala Film festival (Sweden)
Vanguard Directors/Black Maria Film Festival (USA)
Wellington Film Festival (New Zealand)
Women Make Movies IV (Kennedy Center, USA)

INPUT (International Public TV)
PBS (Independent Focus)
WNYC (Film Archives)

CINE Golden Eagle, USA
Director's Award, London Film Festival
First Prize, Festival do Rio, Brazil
First Prize, Northwest Film Festival
Best International Short Film, Lucca Festival

New York Run
New York Shakespeare Festival, Public Theater (3 months)

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