Valeria Vasilevski
Writer and Director

l-r: She Lost Her Voice That's How We Knew, Song of Lawino, The True Last Words of Dutch Schultz, The Watchtower, Exploding Piano and Insekta

Ms. Vasilevski has her roots deep in the theater, dating back to original work with Jerzy Grotowski ('74) and evolving through performance art, dance theater, music theater and "concert theater." For twenty years she has collaborated with numerous new music composers, creating new and unusual texts and extending the relationship between text and music. Her article on concert theater "Pioneering a New Form or Putting a Dress on a Tree?" (2.6MG) appeared in the Yale Theater Review.

Ms. Vasilevski recently directed and wrote the libretto for Jukebox In The Tavern Of Love, collaborating with composer Eric Salzman. Jukebox was commissioned and premiered by The Western Wind Ensemble at The Flea Theater and performed most recently at Bargemusic. Ms. Vasilevski's performance with Nick Didkovsky's band Dr. Nerve in the unnerving audio spectacle The Monkey Farm is now available at iTunes. (Watch a video except.)

Her voice can be heard, along with Ruth Maleczech, as the Android Sisters for ZBS productions. The Android Sisters also have a new Japanese CD, The Best of the Androids that comes with a 48 page booklet! Her latest film narration is for the DVD Karmapa in America. Her new piece for ZBS is A Steampunk State Of Mind.

Valeria narrated the poems for Quimetta Perle's Poem Teller: a beaded and sequined oracle speaks poems from a painting. 2013, 34″x 52″, beads, sequins, acrylic, iPod/video. Poem Teller (6 minute excerpt).

Valeria recently recorded the narration for As night falls. This work, with music by Frances White and text by James Pritchett, was written for violinist Michael Jinsoo Lim and violist Melia Watras. It was premiered in Seattle, Washington, on January 14, 2014. She also read the text to From a Fairy Tale with music by Frances White and text by James Pritchett in the premiere performance by Parthenia on November 8, 2013 in New York, NY.

In performance she is currently collaborating on the Mabou Mines piece called Imagining The Imaginary Invalid.

Jukebox In The Tavern Of Love (Vasilevski and Salzman) was selected as one of the top recordings
of the year by Gramophone Magazine. Fanfare review.

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