Valeria Vasilevski
Writer and Director

l-r: She Lost Her Voice That's How We Knew, Song of Lawino, The True Last Words of Dutch Schultz, The Watchtower, Exploding Piano and Insekta

Ms. Vasilevski has her roots deep in the theater, dating back to original work with Jerzy Grotowski ('74) and evolving through performance art, dance theater, music theater and "concert theater." For twenty years she has collaborated with numerous new music composers, creating new and unusual texts and extending the relationship between text and music.

Her article on concert theater "Pioneering a New Form or Putting a Dress on a Tree?" (2.6MG) appeared in the Yale Theater Review.

This is the Haiku version of her bio.

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Ms. Vasilevski's final collaboration with the formidable Ruth Maleczech of Mabou Mines helped realize Ruth's dream of recreating Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid in which she portrayed the Invalid, Moliere as well as herself! Then she died. Ms. Vasilevski created original text, lyrics and dramaturgy. Ms. Maleczech's daughter, Clove Galilee, extended this project and in its new transformation will premiere at La Mama In January. Mabou Mimes presents Imagining the Imaginary Invalid opens January 25 - February 7, 2016 (with previews beginning January 21) at the Ellen Stewart Theater in New York. "Your Syphillis song is a hit!" Sharon Fogarty, Mabou Mines.

A recording of the theatrical work She Lost Her Voice, That's How We Knew, with Frances White and Kristin Norderval was released in October 2015 (Ravello Records).

Her recent CD release of Jukebox In The Tavern Of Love (Labor Records/Naxos International distribution) was selected by Gramophone Magazine as one of the best new classical releases of 2014. Valeria wrote the libretto and directed, Eric Salzman composed the score and Western Wind Ensemble commissioned and performed this Madrigal Opera.

Valeria has recently worked with and recorded for the poet and playwright William Considine on his new CD An Early Spring

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