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What does a US Fish and Wildlife mean to me?

The Interstate Commerce (US Endangered Species Act)

What Activities are Permitted? Without a permit, it is unlawful to import or export; deliver, receive, carry, transport, or ship in interstate or foreign commerce in the course of a commercial activity; sell or offer for sale in interstate or foreign commerce. See definitions to get clear on what or folks in Washington or Virginia are talking about.

Commerce is defined as any activity that is intended for profit or gain.

Exchange is defined in our case as Siskin for Siskin only or future Siskin offspring.

Captive-Bred Wildlife: permits may be issued to a person registered with the Service to buy and sell within the US live, non-native endangered or threatened animals which were captive born in the US for enhancement of species propagation, provided the other person is registered for the same species.

A separate permit is needed to import or export such species.

Pets: Permits are not issued to keep or breed endangered or threaten animals as pets. Using protected species as pets is not consistent with the purposes of the Act, which is aimed at conservation of the species and recovery of wild populations.

Loans & Gifts: Lawfully taken and held endangered and threatened species may be shipped interstate as a bona fide gift or loan if there is no barter, credit, or other form of compensation, or intent to profit or gain.

A standard breeding loan, where no money or other consideration changes hands but some offspring are returned to the lender of the breeding animal, is not considered a commercial activity and, thus, is not prohibited by the Act and does not require a permit. NOTE: Documentation of such activity should accompany shipment.

Hybrids. Hybrids are offspring of animals or plants where each parent is from a different species/subspecies and where at least one parent is listed under the Act. It is recommended that breeding records be maintained to show parentage and hybrid status. Other laws such as the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) and CITES consider hybrids protected.

We hope this clears up misconceptions, rumors or misinformation you have heard or read.

RSP Breeders are required to apply for a permit - Captive Bred Wildlife Permit- when entering the Program. The Project encourages private breeders to apply for the same. The Project knows you will want to sell your share of the offspring. One person can hold only so many birds from the same line. The Project wants you to be in compliance with federal regulation.

For further information Contact: Office of Management Authority, US Fish and Wildlife Service, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Room 700, Arlington, VA 22203. Or phone: 703-358-2104 or 1-800-348-2104. Website: . Permit:Captive Breeding Permit

The project is presently searching for unrelated bloodlines for next years offspring . Those who have Red Siskins are asked to contact the Project. Only pure lines please.

AFA Office, P.O. Box 7312
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
(816) 421 - BIRD
Red Siskin Project Chair, Paula Hansen
(503) 581-8208, E-Mail:

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