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As a cooperative effort of the following web sites / organizations,  you may perform a 'focused" search for specific information. Every page on these sites has been fully indexed. For help in  making your search more effective, take a moment to read the advice below the search box.  Please be aware that no two organizations agree on every matter or issue. "Focused" searches include the following web sites which may also be accessed directly by clicking on the links below:

World Chelonian Trust

Asian Turtle Crises - hosted by the NYTTS
Chris Tabaka, DVM
Cuc Phuong Conservation Project - Vietnam - hosted by the NYTTS
CTTC - California Turtle and Tortoise Club's World Wide Web Site
Desert Tortoise Council 
Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
Dr. David T. Kirkpatrick -- Molecular Geneticist and Turtle-Fancier
Hatchling Haven
Mary Hopson's Turtle Puddle and Exotic Turtles
New York Turtle and Tortoise Society
Tess Cook's Box Turtle Care and Conservation Web Site
Tortoise Trust

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Effectively Using the Multi-site Search Engine - Please Read!

An old acronym pertaining to data in the scientific community is “ GIGO “ meaning “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. This acronym has found new life when performing internet searches.   This search tool is set up to search multiple turtle and tortoise husbandry and information sites.  There is a huge amount of data that can be accessed but this search tool is only as good as the search criteria you input.  If you type in “turtle” you will get well over 100 hits - and you will have a lot of reading ahead of you to find what you want. (Please note: quotation marks "" are not needed in the search box)

There are two basic ways of looking for data . The first is to start broad and work your way down to the details you want using the “refine” option. Try to be specific.  An actual example of a refined search would be as follows.

If you wanted to find what substrate is suggested for Indotestudo elongata the first word searched could be “Indotestudo” this yields 46 hits.

The search option is then changed to “refine” and you type in “elongata”  the hits are now 40  - not much help.

Again further refining the search you type in “substrate” and get the addresses for the five web pages that meet all your criteria.

You can also do this by initially typing in all your words “Indotestudo elongata substrate” to get the same results. If using this method,  be careful not to make the request too specific or it might yield zero hits.   Adding the word “bark” to the previous search returns this message ”No pages found that include all search words. Found 121 pages with one or more search words” and you are back where you started.

After visiting a link yielded by your search criteria,  use the "back" button of your browser will return you to the Search Results page to access the other links from your search.

Performing effective searches is not a difficult thing to do - it just takes practice and a desire to avoid both garbage “in” and garbage “out”.

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