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Common Names of Tortoises and Turtles 
Pictured on This Site
Scientific Name
Common Name
Acanthochelys spixii
Spiny Neck Turtle
Aldabrachelys gigantea
Aldabra Tortoise
Carettochelys insculpta
Fly River Turtle
Chelus fimbriatus
Mata Mata
Chelodina novaeguineae
New Guinea Snake-neck Turtle
Chelodina siebenrocki
Siebenrock's Snake-neck Turtle
Chelydra serpentina
Common Snapping Turtle
Chersine angulata
Bowsprit Tortoise
Chinemys reevesi
Reeves Turtle
Chitra indica
Narrow Headed Soft Shell Turtle
Chrysemys picta
Painted Turtle
Chrysemys picta dorsalis
Southern Painted Turtle
Clemmys guttata
Spotted Turtle
Clemmys insculpta
 North American Wood Turtle
Clemmys marmorata
Western Pond Turtle
Cuora amboinenis
Malayan Box Turtle
Cuora flavomarginata
Chinese Box Turtle
Cuora galbinifrons
Flowerback Box Turtle
Cuora mccordi
McCord's Box Turtle
Cuora trifasciata
Three Striped Box Turtle
Elseya branderhorsti
Emydura subglobosa
Red-bellied Short-Necked turtle
Furculachelys nabeulensis
Geochelone carbonaria
Red-foot Tortoise
Geochelone denticulata
Yellowfoot Tortoise
Geochelone elegans
Star Tortoise
Geochelone pardalis babcocki
Leopard Tortoise
Geochelone pardalis pardalis
South African Leopard Tortoise
Geochelone sulcata
African Spurred Tortoise
Graptemys geographica
Mississippi Map Turtle
Gopherus agassizii
Desert Tortoise
Gopherus polyphemus
Gopher Tortoise
Homopus aerolatus
Padloper - Parrot-beak Tortoise
Indotestudo elongata
Yellow Tortoise or Elongated Tortoise
Kinixys belliana
Bell's Hingeback Tortoise
Kinosternon bauri
Florida Three Stripe Mud Turtle
Malacochersus tornieri
Pancake Tortoise
Macroclemys temmincki
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Mauremys mutica
Asian Pond Turtle
Pelusios subniger
West African Black Forest Turtle
Podocnemis unifilis
Amazon River Turtle - Teracay
Pseudemys nelsoni
Florida Redbelly Turtle
Pyxidea mouhoutii
Keeled Box Turtle
Pyxis arachnoides
Malagasy Spider Tortoise
Sacalia quadriocellata
Four-eyed Turtle
Siebenrockiella crassicollis
Borneo Black Leaf Turtle
Sternotherus carinatus
Razor-backed Musk Turtle
Sternotherus odoratus
Stinkpot Musk Turtle
Terrapene carolina bauri
Florida Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina carolina
Eastern Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina triunguis
Three Toed Box Turtle
Terrapene ornata
Ornate Box Turtle
Testudo graeca
Moorish or North-African (commonly misnamed "Greek")
Testudo graeca - Libyan complex
Libyan Testudo graeca
Testudo hermanni boettgeri
Eastern Herman's Tortoise
Testudo hermanni hermanni
Western Herman's Tortoise
Testudo ibera
Turkish or Greek Tortoise 
Testudo kleinmanni
Egyptian Tortoise
Testudo marginata
Marginated Tortoise
Trionyx sinensis tuberculatus
Chinese Soft Shell

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