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Reflections of Nature and Man: Art, Writing, Music

this site serves as a portfolio for the work of Michael ("Cole") Kitz

This site will serve as a portfolio for the work of Michael R. Kitz aka Cole.  His talents and degrees have been concentrated on three areas:  visual art, musical composition, writing.

His skills in the area of art began in the area of drawing and sketching, then naturally progressing into work with pen/ink and charcoal.  Painting followed: watercolor, acrylic, air brushing, and finally oil.  His strongest styles are surreallism, realism, impressionism, landscapes and portraits.  His portraits especially have been increasingly popular.  He has had professional experience with photoshop, graphic design and funded murals as well.  He has designed the logos for two different companies and designed several galleries, storefronts, and projected space use (perspective drawings)

His strongest skills in music are mostly in the composition of melodies and the writing of lyrics.  He is a prolific songwriter and entertaining performer who has written and recorded countless songs of the entire spectrum of musical styles.  He usually sticks to rock, folk, alternative, blues, americana, experimental, classic styles.  Amoung his influences he lists cat stevens, john lennon, john prine, led zepplin, ween, beck, billie holiday, jack johnson, billy joel, mississippi john hurt, elton john, brian wilson, ac/dc, dire straits, randy newman, guns n'roses, george harrison, ...

His skills in writing are perhaps his most refined because his bachelors degree focused on creative writing and journalism. His strengths are in story-telling, strong imagery and analogy, theology, dialogue, journalism, screen-writing.  He has much experience in writing of all sorts and has been published in newspapers, journals, magazine, and ghost-written several books two of which are autobiographies.  He also has had experience writing (and rewriting) technical manuals and how-to assembly instructions. His most recent publications have concerned outdoors, travel writing, theology, and sports.  He is currently working on screenplays of a science-fiction twilight zone-esque nature.

Due to the fact Cole was fortunate to be born with three fulfilling and enticing strengths/talents, he does tend to become spread thin where none of the three gets the attention or focus they deserve.  This, and his propensity towards the dynamic life has made the accumulation of wealth impossible thusfar.  If you have a vision, idea, or desire to share that may help tip the balance of this trifector then, by all means, come forth.