My hobby became my business when I realized I could fix them better than I could play them. I do minor repairs to full repads with 223 complete repads/overhauls done (see the list of instruments I've done in the table below) and working on more.  I also do work and repads on clarinets and flutes but saxophones are my specialty. 
  I answer any questions for free and do free consultations if you have a sax you would like me to look at.  Jim Vansant

Click the van to go to my art website with original oil paintings and drawings including sketches from live jazz concerts plus the Greenvan Story.

These pages below give a list of instruments I've worked on.  I started out including all repairs,  but it was taking up too much space, so now I only add the complete overhauls and repads. Click on the small page in the chart to see a full view page with the list of instruments-everything from Conn New Wonders to Selmer Mark VI 's and King Super 20's.   I play all the instruments I work on, and on complete repads this is at least a couple hours, generally much longer.












General repairs $30/hour plus parts.
Complete repads start at $400 for altos and $430 for tenors.  This includes complete diasassembly including finger rollers and flat spring screws, cleaning and polishing, new pads(I use flat metal resonator pads most of the time), most corks(I like to do seating of pads before I cork so usually remove the old cork), rods and keys straightened and cleaned, rust removal and oiling of metal parts, play testing and adjustment .  Some dent work included if necessary, major work costs more.  Usually includes any resoldering or other simple body work.
I have overhauled saxophones and clarinets available for sale listed on the Ann Arbor Craigslist. These generally have all new pads and corks and set up to play really well. I will have more available as I have time to work on them in between jobs that are brought to me. Now in the works: Bundy Chu Berry tenor stencil, Buescher Aristocrat True Tone alto, C. G. Conn Director alto, Bundy II alto.

Instruments now available

Vito Special Alto

Martin Freres French Wooden Clarinet

H&A Selmer Bundy Alto Saxophone

Conn Shooting Star Tenor

Bundy Student Clarinet

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