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I am now taking classes with WC (from Leather By WC ) He does great custom leatherwork!!
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leather mousepad
Leather mousepad with a drawing of how
I percieve a child holding onto
her own angel of hope.

leather clock
Leather clock

A leather birthday card made in 2002 for a friend's 48th birthday.
leather birthday card

pepe cartoon wallet, leather cartoon wallet, leather pepe wallet
This leather Wallet
was made for a Pepe fan...

Cartoon Wallet, Leather cartoon wallet
This leather wallet was made for a good friend of mine
"Showcase Johnny"
Christmas '98

floral leather checkbook
This leather Checkbook was made for my sister
as a birthday present 1/99.
It matches her purse that I made for her.

Leather Cigarette Casescigarette case, pair of cigarette cases,
These leather Cigarette cases were made for two friends on an IRC chat channel #Abuse&Healing
Christmas 1998.
Something similiar for the two of them, yet they can tell them apart.

Key Caddy
This leather Key Caddy
was made for my brother
for his birthday 2/99.

Filigree belt buckle, belt buckle with photo

This leather Belt Buckle is not a carving it is a simple stamping
and cut out for my sister & brother-in-laws picture.
It was given to my brother-in-law
for his birthday 2/99.

leather baseball cap
This leather baseball cap was made for my brother Randy - AKA -
Wolf Morgan.

crystal rivet pink dog collar
A crystal riveted dog collar made for a friend with a new westie puppy.
leather bible cover
Leather bible cover for the daughter of a minister

leather inlayed box
Leather inlayed box - the angel represents how I believe there are people in our lives that are angels among us.
leather cigarette case
Leather Cigarette Case.
leather calendar holder
Leather calendar holder - A reminder that time is precious and is the greatest gift you can give another person.
leather cardholder
Leather business card holder
leather checkbooks
3 Leather checkbooks made as Christmas gifts for friends.
leather checkbooksleather checkbook
Leather checkbook made for a friend for her birthday.
leather checkbookleather checkbook
Front and Back views of leather checkbooks made for a friends 2 daughters.
leather dayplannerleather dayplannerleather dayplanner
Leather day planners made as Christmas gifts. Each dayplanner has a clutch purse within it to make it a useful tool
leather key box     leather key boxleather key box
Leather key boxes holds keys inside and out
leather luggage tags
Leather luggage tags for camera bags, suitcases and more.
leather pencil holder
Leather pencil and pen holder
leather purseleather purseleather purse
Leather "Marketplace" purse, patterned after a leather kit called the Marketplace
but made from scratch with the help of WC from Leather by WC.
WC did all of the double loop lacing on this purse
KKGO Go Country 105.1 Leather BucklesKKGO Go Country 105.1 Leather Buckles
KKGO 540/1260AM Country Radio Belt Buckles
I made this belt buckles for some of the DJ's at KKGO.
The leather buckles were created using the 2-shews technique, taught to me by Wayne Christensen of Leather by WC.
I started the buckles on February 22nd, On February 23rd the station announced they were flipping to FM radio.
I thought about not finishing the buckles, but felt that the Radio Personalities I had made them for would appreciate them none the less because of the significance of country music even being on the air in Southern California  held.
Country Music was taken off the air on August 17th 2006...
Just hours after KZLA went off the air, a battle was waged by country fans
who came together on a country message board, 
The fans fight for country music consisted of press releases,
letter writing, phone calls, placing advertisements in Los Angeles and Nashville markets and MUCH MORE!
In October 2006, Saul Levine Flipped 540AM to Country music,
Because many of the country music fans could not hear this station
more work was done through letters, phone calls and e-mails...
In December of 2006 Saul Levine gave the country music fans in Los Angeles and Orange County 1260AM,
January 8th Shawn Parr was brought in to do the morning show with Robin Banks from 6-10AM...
There were still listeners that could not hear KKGO 540 or 1260AM, more letters, more phone calls and e-mails.... Friday February 23rd the announcement is made...
Country Music is BACK the FM dial in Los Angeles and Orange County!!!
On Monday February 26th 2007 at 12AM 105.1 FM began playing the country music you love so much!
I unfortunately have tuned away from KKGO because of the Nashville Pop sound, but if
you liked the sounds of KZLA and want to hear current country music the station now plays it.

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