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A site for survivors of child abuse or domestic violence and those that Self Injure
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Custom Leather by WC

Handcrafted Custom Leather by WC

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abuse survivor
Surviving is a Fight each and every day......
Thank you to those that have recognized our struggle
and that have visited this site as well as to those that have
taken time to sign our guestbook with so much Love and support.

A Huge thank you
to those that have graced us
with beautiful awards....

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My Genealogy Website
I am researching my family genealogy.
I am researching the Taylor, Smith, O'Hara, Manter and Ziegler Families,
There are many of my ancestors birthed by
Midwives or Born on Reservations.
Others that the only record I recall was in a
Bible that was lost with the death Hatlie Manter.
I am just beginning my search for my family, and family members.

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