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Stop Volunteering Money to the IRS!

"Taxpayer" vs. "Non Taxpayer"

The Free Exercise of the Constitutionally guaranteed right to lawfully acquire property (earnings and other compensation) by lawfully contracting one's own Labour to engage in lawful, innocent and harmless activities for lawful compensation cannot be (and therefore has not been) taxed for Revenue Purposes, and therefore, an individual who is only engaged in lawful, innocent any harmless activities is NOT subject to any "Income Tax" or any other Revenue Tax, and therefore is NOT a "taxpayer" as defined by law, and can therefore be properly and accurately described as a Non Taxpayer!

United States courts have ruled that:

"The revenue laws are a code or system in regulation of tax assessment and collections. They relate to taxpayers and NOT to nontaxpayers. The latter are without their scope.
No procedure is prescribed for nontaxpayers,
and no attempt is made to annul any of their Rights and remedies in due course of law. With them [nontaxpayers] Congress does not assume to deal, and they [nontaxpayers] are neither of the subject nor of the object of the revenue laws."

Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238 (1922).
Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585, at 589 (1972).
(Emphasis added.)



Vultures In Eagles' Clothing


Brand New 4th Edition

By Lynne Meredith

More Pages - Brand New Chapters!

Explosive New Info! Bigger and Hotter than Ever!
Brand New Victory Letters and Success Stories

IRS "agrees you are NOT LEGALLY required to file a 1040!"

I am not a tax protester!
I do not disagree with, nor do I protest the law.
The Law, the Income Tax Regulations and the supreme Court all concur:
"Compensation for labor, earned by an American Citizen, in any of the 50 states
in a lawful occupation is not taxable!

We agree with the supreme Court, so there's nothing to protest!

Order directly from the publisher (note updated mailing location)

address used without prejudice to rights
c/o 17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 900
Huntington Beach, California state Republic
Non-Domestic Postal Code [92647-9999]

Phone order: 714 375-6631
FAX: 714 375-6699

Are you a "Taxpayer"? (a quiz…)
you must go to the "Code of Federal Regulations" ("CFR"):
The Constitution for the united states of America
Annotated Constitution for the united states of America
The "lost" (that is, hidden but still in effect)
Original 13th Amendment
The Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence

The IRS wants YOU... to give them your un-owed money The United States Government is a
Foreign Corporation in Respect to the 50 states

Internal Revenue Code

Statue of Liberty as viewed by the IRS and the United States government

Redemption in LawTheory and Practice "Cracking the Code"
by Jordan Maxwell (specifically the Uniform Commercial Code)

Uniform Commercial Code

Title 26 (IRS Code) § 7214
Offenses by officers and employees of the United States

This one is my personal favourite IRS Code it lists the crimes IRS officers (usually) commit and their punishments for their going after you when you owe No Taxes and/or attempt to collect from you taxes you (know you) Do Not Owe.

According to
US Code Title 18 § 1901
Collecting or disbursing officer trading in public property
Crimes and Criminal Procedure: Public Officers and Employees, such IRS officers committing such acts (taking one's personal property), etc., "shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and shall be removed from office, and be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

A shame Willie Nelson didn't know about this one, eh…?

So what about all those "people" who are imprisoned for "tax evasion"?
What if even tax "evaders" are not subject to taxation "laws"?

Title 26 § 7201
Attempt to evade or defeat tax

Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.

So what, pray tell, does the IRS mean when it uses the term "person"?

Well, here are the two codes on the same word (as above, emphasis added):

Title 26 § 5690
Definition of term "person"

The term "person" as used in this subchapter includes an officer or employee of a corporation, or a member or employee of a partnership, who as such officer, employee, or member is under a duty to perform the act in respect of which the violation occurs.

as well as
(so precise they define it twice):

Title 26 § 7343
Definition of term "person"
The term "person" as used in this chapter includes an officer or employee of a corporation, or a member or employee of a partnership, who as such officer, employee, or member is under a duty to perform the act in respect of which the violation occurs.

Remember, the term includes is restrictive, not expansive.
Anyone not in that li'l list there is not included.

Click here to verify the relevant text here one of my favourite US Codes…

Title 42 § 408(a)(8)
Title 42 § 408
In general
Whoever -
(8) discloses, uses, or compels the disclosure of the social security number of any person in violation of the laws of the United States; shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both.

The site (to which this link goes) promises to pay $10,000.00 to anyone who can disprove that American nationals living and working within the American states are not subject to the filing of an IRS Form 1040 and are not liable for the payment of a tax on domestic "income"!

Words of Art

"Word of Art" is a linguistic trick used by lawyers and "legislators" within invalid "laws" in which a word that normally means One Thing can be completely altered "within the meaning of the chapter." These tricks can be found all over the IRS Codes (aka "Title 26") and USCodes. For instance, a law can suddenly say within its Definitions that "for the purposes of this chapter, blue means scarlet." Unless you challenge and/or refute it, stating and entering into the record that "blue means blue," the court will let it stand that regarding the "law" and any charges against you, blue will mean scarlet.

"Laws" (USCodes) in which Word of Art definitions
actually redefine "United States" and "State"

(Note: some of these codes are rather lengthy; once loaded, do a word search for United States and/or State, and see that when they refer to "United States" and/or "State" they are only referring to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Gaum, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, etc. Their use of the word "including" is a restriction, not an enlargement. If the 50 states are not included, they are not included and therefore outside the "statute.")

Title 28 § 3002(15):
"United States" defined as…
(A) a Federal Corporation
(B) an agency, department, commission, board or other entity of the United States
[already defined as a Federal Corporation]
(C) an instrumentality of the United States
[already defined as a Federal Corporation].

This above statute pretends to "include" the several states Title 28 § 3002 (14),
but negates them as actually being the several states
by referring to such with a capital "S"

Title 26 § 3121(e)(2), Definitions: "United States"

Title 26 § 7701, Definitions: "United States" [(a)(9)] and "State" [(a)(10)].

Title 26 § 3121(e)(1), Definitions: "State"

Title 42 § 405 (regarding "Social Security" numbers): when printed out, page 6 defines "State."

U.S. House of Representatives - Home Page

The Department of the Treasury: Internal Revenue Service
(not to be confused with the Treasury Department…)

Code of Federal Regulations

The U.S. House of Representatives - Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Supreme Court Briefs

Supreme Court Decisions

Virtual Law Library

Federal Judicial Center

Federal Courts Locator

State Court Locator

The following sites have some astounding information and reference materials.

Brief Explanation of the Victory Tax

The Victory Tax of which was repealed

More background on Income Tax being a fraud

More on the "other" United States

Creation of (Second Class) Federal Citizens

14th Amendment never properly ratified either

Law Says W-4 forms Are OPTIONAL

Would that each I.R.S. Commissioner in succession would do the same

According to Jack Warren Wade Jr., former IRS officer in charge of the IRS' nationwide Revenue Officer training program, "The Tax Code represents the genius of legal fiction."

"Humour:" Top Ten List - - "Get Even with the IRS"

The Missing 13th Amendment
Amazing True Fact(s) by Alfred Adask
of the informative Anti-Shyster

26 CFR Sec. 31.3402(p)-1
Voluntary withholding agreements

Admiralty Courts in Colorado?

Safeguarding Liberty

Public Land and Other Matters Related Thereto

Land Patents:
(Allodial Title aka True Land Ownership information from

Tax Freedom - A Personal Odyssey
Brad Barnhill learned the road to freedom is sometimes treacherous,
but armed with knowledge, and the will to survive,
he has learned the Citizen can pursue Happiness in his own way.
Some excellent information and links at this site!

For a SUPER easy read (and not much "screaming"), read Irwin Schiff's informative and comprehensive How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes; still in print and available on-line and via phone order.

Patriotism aka Politics
Mine own thoughts on the subject (and several great links)

Do you disagree with such thoughts and ideas?
Do you despise the concept(s) of being the free individual described in the Constitution for the united states of America?
Would you prefer to be the Happy Slave the US Government wants?
Well, don't be vague about it!
something about it!
Take action!
Print out and fill out and then send to the US Government your binding Social Contract, with which you can be an Official Happy Slave.

Media Bypass
To educate Americans with regard to their unalienable rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
To investigate and publish the relevant news that is withheld by the mainstream media.
To expose and raise public awareness of disinformation and injustices perpetrated by government.
To advance alternatives and support those working to preserve and restore traditional American values.

Free Citizen Online

Free Citizen™ State Rights Discussion Board

Free Citizen™ State Rights Postings

Government Incontrol

Perfect Tax Avoidance For Citizens

Reclaim Your Power:
Secret(s) to reclaiming your power through Freedom and Sovereign Technology

Tax Protester Hall of Fame
A badly titled page: we are not Tax Protesters,
although the IRS falsely calls us "Illegal Tax Protesters."
"Illegal Tax Protesters" may be accurate only in that we do protest illegal taxes
It should be noted that this a site reporting "lost cases"
in which the an individual of the public loses
as the judge in each case ignores his oath of office
and/or chooses to interpret the Constitution capriciously
and/or the person being screwed over probably screwed up something on their own with their paperwork

Tax "Protesters" and "Avoiders"

Common Law Courts: a highly biased report
(demonstrating unbalanced media coverage on "the militia movement"
as though positive laws were fictional),
but the page which does contain a few very good links.

IRS Under Attack
IRS Under Attack book


Legally and Permanently.

I was referred to a book written by an extremely intelligent woman who has been studying and researching tax laws and the Internal Revenue Service for more than 7 years. Her countless thousands of research hours led her to create a book specifically designed to teach the common American Citizen living and working in any one of the 50 States how LAWFULLY not to have to pay the graduated income tax that many millions of us have been unwittingly paying for years. She exposes the fallacy that American Citizens are obligated to pay income taxes but does so in a respectful and dignified manner by presenting all the recent and not so recent court cases involving individuals who for some reason or another stopped paying income taxes; and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. This is information that the IRS prefers to keep hidden from the common American Citizen and makes it extremely difficult for an individual to obtain such information. In some cases requesting an order to seal the transcripts of the proceedings. Well it's all out in the open now.

The book is called "Vultures In Eagle's Clothing." It is extremely well written by Lynne Meredith and is a publication of We The People: an organization dedicated to the enlightenment of the American Public about the truth regarding their rights as Citizens of one of the 50 States as it concerns the payment of Income Taxes and other infringements of their rights guaranteed under The Constitution and Supreme Court Rulings such as Flora vs. U.S., 362 U.S. 145 which states: "Our tax system is based upon voluntary assessment and payment and not upon distraint." In addition to the above Court ruling there are hundreds of others cited in her book.

I was already aware of much of the information in this book, but upon reading it, I am astounded at how much more detailed is her information. Lynne Meredith's book cites court case rulings with their citations, not just naming vague court decision case titles without a way to verify it as with other publications I've read. While worded strongly, it pleasantly lacks the screaming over-zealousness of other Freedom Based information publications.

If you are interested in a obtaining a copy of this book along with a money back guarantee from Lynne Meredith and We The People, (as well you should), don't bother looking for it at your local bookstore (as I first did when I learned of it): YOU WON'T FIND IT! The book is only sold by authorized representatives of Lynne Meredith.

However, once you've ordered, you will be issued an ID number so that you may recommend and/or distribute the book in any way you like and spread the word, but only after you have obtained your ID number. If you would like a copy sent to you right away, please send a check or money order in the amount of $39.95 plus current Priority Air Mail costs.

Attn: Vulture In Eagles' Clothing
We the People
address used without prejudice to rights
c/o Post Office Box 370
Sunset Beach, California state Republic
Non-Domestic Postal Code [90742-9999]
these united states of America

Phone: 562-592-9077
FAX 562-592-4917

NEW! You can order the book(s) online!

Remember, when ordering, to ask about/order their new companion book:

"How to Cook A Vulture" ($49.95, newly revised and expanded)…!

"Vultures In Eagle's Clothing"

Tied for Public Enemy Number One…

Mark W. Everson, current head of the most successful criminal organization in the world

Janet Reno, kidnapper and mass murderer still at large, extremely and unpredictably dangerous:
Do Not Approach
New (46th) IRS Commissioner:
Mark W. Everson,
current head of the most successful criminal organization in the world
The happy face of mass murderess and kidnapper Janet Reno
Still at large, extremely and unpredictably dangerous:
Do Not Approach

As the 46th Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Mark W. Everson is now head of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which falsely pretends to support operations of the Federal Government and pertrates the annual theft of $1.5 trillion in unlawful tribute.

Credit where credit is due: the following information (which has been corrected below) is taken from otherwise slightly inaccurate information at

Mass Murderer and former Attorney General Janet Reno (Easter Sunday 2000 CE adding kidnapping to her list of crimes) became Attorney General of the corporation known as the United States on March 12, 1993. As the largest "law" firm in the nation, the Department of "Justice" (DOJ) is supposed to serve as counsel for its citizens. It fails, however, to represent them in enforcing positive law in the public interest.
Through its thousands of lawyers, investigators, and agents, the DOJ pretends to play the role of protecting Americans against criminals and subversion (while always excluding themselves when they commit the same crimes), in ensuring healthy competition of business in our free enterprise system (such as Microsoft - oh wait…), in safeguarding the consumer, and in enforcing drug laws (to eliminate competition for the CIA).
The DOJ conducts all suits in the Supreme Court in which the corporation known as the United States is concerned. The DOJ represents "Government" in "legal" matters generally, rendering their own version of legal advice and opinions to the President and to the heads of the executive departments. The Attorney General supervises and directs these activities, as well being personally responsible and culpable as those of the U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals in the various judicial districts around the country.
Janet Reno's early days in office were marred by the deadly standoff near Waco, Texas, between Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and the hapless members of the Branch Davidian religious group. This was due to the group defending itself when the ATF attacked without warning, without a warrant, without cause, and without identifying themselves: just showing up in unmarked trucks (and using helicopters from which to fire down on them) and opening fire on the building, wounding many within.
The standoff ended after the FBI agents attacked the group with gas, set off incinderary devices and setting fire to the entire structure, successfully murdering nearly every member of the religious group (including but not limited to numerous helpless children).
With edged irony, while as State Attorney for the corporation known as the State of Florida (not to be confused with Florida state), the female crime boss focused attention on alleged prevention programs that were supposed to enable children to grow in a safe, constructive environment.
The murderous decisions regarding Waco prompted her to pretending to offer her resignation, an offer that, unfortunately for the nation (and the Elian Gonzalez family Easter weekend in the year 2000), was rejected (if the resignation offer was even legitimate).
In December of 1997 Janet Reno was somehow awarded the Women's International Center Living Legacy Award in honor of her many contributions.
No sane individual really knows how or why.

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