"My work as an actor on location/set
is to have the Producer's and Director's visions
up on the screen...!"

- - Badger

Badger Commercial Work for Volvo:

Geoffrey Gould headshot

The first two commercials I ever did were for Volvo, the first of which was filmed two days in late May 1998 up in the Mojave. The second taped at Universal Studios backlot in August 1998. Although both commercials were non-union commercials (which is surprising for Volvo) in which I received a "mere" one-time $250 per day for my time ($200 for the second shoot), it is the "ice breaker" at least; my First Commercial(s). Being non-union they are only airing in England and/or Europe.
I never received video copies of either spot.

The first one shot for two days - and was so far a drive north-east drive that I was almost late for my first day's call. I expected it to take So Much Time to drive and it ended up being farther than I'd anticipated. Also, the desert was freezing cold, an aspect I didn't expect from a desert.

The entire first day,, dressed as a road repair crew (in t-shirts) we were absolutely freezing, the wind easily cutting like knives through what little clothing we were wearing. At the end of the day one of the four guys went completely unprofessional and announced his refusal to come the next day. Most of the morning of the second day (before we of the road crew were needed) were shots taken by helicopter. Replacing the unprofessional fourth guy that next day (which thankfully was nice and toasty most of the day) was the commercial's producer, a super pleasant and friendly fellow who donned the jumpsuit and hung out with Paul Pruett and I the entire day. When an overly cool breeze would come through, we'd hustly into "the road crew" truck. We also brought to the "set" our jackets to have on between takes.


Months later, Jennifer called me to say they Just Wanted Me to come be in their latest Volvo commercial, shooting at Universal Studios. It was way cool to be working the New York street set on the Universal Studios backlot, and having the tour trams taking photos of us.

Pleasant Frank Herbert fan Paul Pruett and I were the only two of the previous Volvo spot that were doing the latest one. We waved at the Universal Studios Tour Trams as the tourists took photos of us, Paul pointing out to them that we were, "Yes: actors, in our natural habitat!"
Lunch was directly across from the famous Clock Tower/Town Square seen in countless movies.

The affable actor Paul Pruett

As it turned out, the second Volvo spot was a Bronze Lion Winner at the 1999 Cannes Lions Awards! I found out about that from a call from Melbourne, Australia from a woman inquiring about it. Apparently she was representing an Aussie TV show that wanted to air such winners or such. Nothing ever did seem to come of that (and she'd mentioned an "appearance fee" for the talent). Several months later (around the time I began to suspect it was not going to be used) I did receive payment for the usage.

Badger with Paul Pruette as New York sanitation engineers for the award-winning 'Stray Dog' European Volvo spot, filmed on the Universal back lot New York street set

Overdue Update:
I forgot to update this page: some time later (and long before the update date below) I did receiev a session fee check for the spot being used in Australia. I wonder if my friends in Canberra (the Flanagans) and in Sydney (the Keatings) ever came across it (although possibly not, if it only aired in Melbourne).

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