"My work as an actor on location/set
is to have the Producer's and Director's visions
up on the screen...!"

- - Badger

Badger for Tire Kingdom:

After auditioning for a principal role for Tire Kingdom as a Mafia type the week before, my commercial agent Jennifer called to tell me they did want to use… mine eyes

While technically (that is, usually) this could fall under "extra work," I was being afforded "part model" pay (as would a hand model, etc.). I will earn the model session fee plus 10% which would cover the agency commission, as was done for the two Volvo commercials I did.
Having found the company's web site and finding it's based in the southeast, it'll be another regional spot anyway (I guess I'll have to notify mine aunt in Florida to keep open an eye for it…).

The shoot was Thursday 0002.03, the location being in Los Angeles in the warehouse district at Palmetto@Hewitt. My call time was 5:00pm, which I figured was towards the end of the day's shoot and I'd be shot for about thirty minutes and out of there. To my surprise after busing there it was the beginning of a night shoot. There was no actual holding area so I was relegated to the back of the motor home (which the crew refered to as the Mo-Ho) in which was the production offices and hair/make-up.
I wandered over to the warehouse and got a soda at craft services while I was waiting. By about 7:00pm I was bored and thirsty again so I wandered back into the warehouse and got another soda, briefly watching some TV a techie had on.
Around 8:00pm I walked towards the alley in which they were shooting, and while chatting with one of the tech's, learned that we were one of three production shoots going on in the same couple of blocks.
A bit puzzled, I asked, "You mean, that warehouse there isn't our production?"
"Thinking it was ours, I've been over there twice already to their craft services. I've had two sodas, hung out watching TV for a few minutes, and no one even said boo to me about it!"
Later relating this to second AD Adam (at our own craft service table), he found it just as hilarious. "Yeah, I'll be re-telling that story…"

The commercial spot is titled Knock Twice and had nothing to do with the commercial storyline for which I'd auditioned. That storyline was filmed during the day, in Pasadena. I was brought to set officially around 8:30pm or so. I'd been watching them shoot the latter part of the spot in which a tire is thrust through a slot in the lower part of the door.
I was made-up and brought inside to the inner part of the door. They set up the camera right at the eye slot (similar to what they used to use in 1920's speak-easy entrances).
After a couple of run-throughs for the camera, they did about five takes. They set up another angle, did about five takes, a few with different eye movements, etc. One or three with taking the money, a few without taking the money, and two takes of just opening the eye slot and staring straight ahead then closing the door.
And I was wrapped at 9:20pm (according to my watch, set to the telephone lady). I was signed out at 9:15pm, but no need to quibble. As it was Adam set up a taxi to take me home as it was just late enough for me not to make it to my homeward bus after the previous two buses from that rather unsafe seeming neighbourhood.

The taxi company had to be called thrice; eventually the dispatcher began to sound a little patronizing (despite my friendly and apologetic nature), but the cab did eventually arrive a little after 11:00pm (so I'd only been waiting for it for about ninety minutes since we first called for it).

I have never receievd a video copy of this commercial, nor have I ever received information how to obtain one.

It should be noted that, my having notified her to watch for it, that my Florida Aunt Penny did see the spot on TV about two weeks later.

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