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I had received a call from Jennifer at Central Casting regarding available of mine for some stand-in work for a filmed TV pilot for a new series titled other people. Even though knowing this meant no on-screen time, I'd accepted and the night before got the phone number to call for information after 6pm. She called back to tell me my calltime was 10:30am, which I loved, thinking I'd get to "sleep in" before busing to set.

Then I called in and found out th'location was in San Pedro...! Not the first time I'd been to San Pedro: my first commercial and the Thora Birch movie Ghost World (for which somehow I never did do a site-page report...), but the first time I had a working car, the second time I shared a ride with an unreliable pesron who made us late as she'd refused to acecpt my suggestion we leave in time to be there on time... Thankfully I got the route off the 'net and decided to take the previous bus to that of the one suggested. It was the same communter bus I used to take when I still worked in Eagle Rock. The tranfer bus from downtown LA to San Pedro was twenty minutes late. I'd not missed it: its scheduled time was 7:24am and I was there at about 6:50am. It arrived at 7:43 or so, but got me there on its schedule time. I was on set at 9:23am. I surprised Allison the AD with whom I checked in. I pointed out to her I'd prefer to be an hour early than a minute late. I was, however, too late for catering still serving breakfast (and I did not know the area enough with which to go and forage).

I met pleasant actor Warren Sweeney for whom I'd be standing in, who was playing the role of Joe Ellis. What surprised me was the cast list on the sides, a copy of which I was given. They were shooting two scenes, one was a street scene (earlier of which they'd been shooting, and the other was a jail scene "we" (Warren and I) were doing with the other people series lead.
I have no idea if that has to do with the Jean-Paul Satre bleak "morale" of his one-act No Exit where the trapped characters realize, "Hell is other people."

Warren was a pleasant fellow and when he learned I'd bused down, he offered that at the end of the shooting day to get me at least back to the Valley from which I could get a bus to home. While the crew was filming a street scene a few blocks away, Warren and I relaxed, and he let me use his trailer changing-room in which not only to store my stuff, but in which to relax. I used the time to read the novel (not the movie novelization of) Hannibal. After lunch we still had a lot of time to kill; we were shuttled to the set around 2:30pm: the local court-house.

The seventh floor used to be a holding cell area of sorts. A small ante-room area between the elevator hallway was made into an interview area with a single table and a pointing-down single light strung high up in the ceiling. I was looking forward to seeing the series lead. My former roommate Angel was a major fan of her USA Network series.
The Denmark born female stand-in Ilisse Gonzales (her mother was Danish and her father was Spanish) and I mostly stared at each other while cameras were focused, lights were set, etc., and eventually got comfortable enough to talking quietly with each other while we waitied for the crew to be ready for First Team (the principal performers: Warren as Joe and the series lead as Dr. Harriet Stone).

Eventually they were changing cameras enough that Elisse and I were hopping up and down. At one point Elisse vacated her seat as the series lead at one point wanted to sit down on her own while going over her lines, while I was still at the table. She looked at me in mock surprise.
"How you've changed!" she exclaimed, as I was not Warren.
"Yeah well, a little off the top and that'll happen," I replied pleasantly.
"What's your name?" she asked with that fabulous voice, extending her hand.
"Geoffrey," I told her, shaking her hand (as immediately Cold Hands Warm Heart went through my mind).
"Pete," she introduced herself, as though I wouldn't know Peta Wilson...
I felt bad that it's bad form to ask for a photo or for my former roommate (and for this page), I'd have gotten one (with the camera I had with me).

The scene is very brief but it explains the (entire?) series premise: lovely (albeit skinny ) Dr. Harriet Stone explains to jailed prisoner Joe Ellis (Warren Sweeney) that she's a criminologist hired by lawyers when a [presumably nonviolent-crime] defendant is about to be sentenced. Essentially her job is: to the judge she puts a name and character to the otherwise faceless Case Number (focusing towards leniency such as community service, etc.).

Peta Wilson

We finally finished at 7pm; with all the camera moves and angles should make for a dynamic li'l scene. Towards and into the last hour Peta and the director, Michael Watkins, began to get way punchy. A few times humourous Michael Watkins decided to poke fun at me a few times, at one point jokingly accusing me of Making Too Much Noise (when waiting to be needed, I'd be standing silently), and later my "...[being] a f--king problem from the get go...!"
He burst into laughter when it took me a second to play along.

7:30pm was our official wrap time as we had to go back to the production base. The ride home was better than we expected, considering there was a major snag on the highway (the radio traffic report told us after we got stuck). Fortunately local streets weren't clogged and we got up to the 101 without much trouble at all. Warren dropped me at Ventura and Vineland. I thanked him and gave him the materials on the USANA nutritionals through which to resarch, even a sensť skin care sample packet to give to his wife. The #150 bus got me to Van Nuys where I had time to check my rental box before catching the #233 north to Sherman Way where, to my surprise, the normally reliable-to-be-unreliable #163 arrived but a mere few minutes later to get me to home.

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