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Greetings, m'lady!

Did you find yourself passing New Years and the December holidays without a significant other, or even a date?
Did Valentines' Day pass you by like an annual slap in the face?
They did for me.

Understandably, I'd prefer to have spent such holidays as wondrous, romantic and intimate evenings with a loving partner, hence this page (an extension and expansion on personal ads I have listed online).

If you are and/or prefer to be alone, please be happy.

If you like making new friends, are open to New Possibilities and are open to having fun, then please feel free to stay here for a minute or two and read on.

Are you open to a man of substance (truthful, loyal, faithful, friendly): open to a man with whom you actually enjoy spending time?

If you are superficial/shallow; if for you the man you seek must be "packaged" like some simply well-marketed, mass-produced product on a shelf, then just click here to move on or hit "ALT F4" and thanks for stopping by.

  • Now, I am well aware I have somewhat comical, nerdy, "character" looks "at first glance" (and beyond), so the "handsome" part is out.

  • I do work for a living (clerical mostly: word processing and data entry), as well as doing acting work (when I can get it) for movies, commercials and television, so while I can always pay my rent and bills, the "fabulously wealthy" part is right out as well (I would expect nothing [nor ask anything] from you anyway other than friendship [and possibly eventual romance...).

  • I have no personal problem being "only" 5' 7 " (though I have to wonder why in online personal ads, so many ads from ladies around 4' 9" to 5' 4" in height "always" seem to seek men who are over 6' tall.... ).

  • To me attraction invariably is below the surface.

Badger as 'Garfield' Milkman

Yours Truly as the Milkman on the set of the June 2004 live-action Garfield movie

  • I seem to be what women often "say" they want in a man, yet go and date guys who treat'em like dirt.

As for myself, I am
  • playful
  • fun
  • young at heart
  • witty; humourous
    (Gemini rising, giving me something of a "dangerous" razor wit, sometimes similar to "MST3K" and "BlackAdder" [so knowledge of goofy pop-culture is a plus]...)

  • creative
  • reliable; resourceful ("That's Why You Have a Badger," my friends say...)
  • punctual
  • generous
  • giving
  • vulnerable
  • open hearted
  • A good listener
    (I can be a talker but I do love listening; it seems to surprise people. Often with large groups I prefer to listen and startle people later that I was actually paying attention....)
  • monogomous (preferably )
  • Smoke free
    (Generally I hate the stench of tobacco; Native American religious use is tolerable.)

  • alcohol free
    (I've just never liked the taste [I can politely sip mead, ale, wine, et al, but I won't drink much (I much prefer soda); when I sip champagne at weddings and such it makes me feel like my nose is about to shoot across the room]...)

  • drug free
    (I've never seen the logic in body and brain damage)
  • STD free
    (I will gladly be tested, if you wish)

Somewhat mischievous in nature (not in a "practical joke" sort of way), this caring, confident confidant and somewhat hopeless romantic is loyal, affectionate [sun, moon and Venus all in Taurus] and anti-abusive.

I am a tactile and physically affectionate person;
extremely sensualistic,
hand-holding, hugs,
hours of snuggling, cuddling,
gentle kisses, etc.,
giving massages when requested (okay, I enjoy getting'em too.... ).

    I love ....
  • movies
    • comedy
    • fantasy
    • science fiction
    • horror
    • drama
  • reading (Harry Potter book-fans are a plus )
  • virtually all animals
  • the beach
  • Theme parks
    • roller coasters
    • water parks
      • Knotts Berry Farm
      • Universal Studios and Universal Citywalk
      • Magic Mountain
      • Disneyland, et al
  • Ren Faires...! (yes, in garb)
  • Museums

    • planetarium(s)
    • The Getty and such types of art museums
    • Natural history and science museums
  • Malls ("windowshopping"... as well as Actual Shopping)

  • occasional bowling (or even lots of bowling....)
  • traveling (it's been a while but I love it)
  • mountains, valleys, nature
  • hiking and climbing (such as Vasquez Rocks, Stoney Point, Runyan Canyon, the ridge up in Brand Park in Glendale, et al)

  • Picnicking now and then (such as Bette Davis Park, Griffith Park, etc.)

  • occasional weekend camping (Angeles Crest Mountains, etc.)
  • cave exploring (more than "official spelunking"), etc.
  • snuggling, cuddling, hand-holding

More details on me can be found here, my FAQ page within my web site.

Currently I am NOT a subscribed member to any Singles Sites on which I have Free Listings, so I cannot receive emails and such (nor can I reply) from within those environments.

Congratulations, btw, for have the deductive reasoning powers to do the easy search for (and thereby FIND) this page, from the clue(s) in my Free Listings at varied singles' sites (should that be how you came across this page).

About You, for whom I'm looking:

  • Non-smoker
    • Twice I have gone out with "occasional" smokers (they were very considerate of others' health). That is borderline tolerable as the connection we'd had was strong enough. However, I cannot handle constant, second-hand inflicting, chimney-type chain smokers...

  • Non-drinker, or relatively, a social drinker
  • Drug free (non-negotiable)
  • STD free (non-negotiable)
  • Not Zeusaphobic (negotiable: I love [and do not see a need or reason to fear] Deity...)
  • Pleasant
  • Affable
  • Understanding
  • Loyal
  • Dedicated
  • Truthful
  • Sincere
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
    • Word breakers, liars (and even gamophobics [fear of commitment]...) can skip this listing.
      I've had enough of that for one lifetime thankyouverymuch.
  • You're attractive on the inside as well as the outside
    (that is, while I don't mind most body art [many of my friends sport a tasteful tattoo or two], there are some body piercings [mostly the facial ones, and tongues] that are a bit too much for me).

Now I don't mean you have to be a "model"-type or anything.

Please have a sense of humour, who can banter and/or "at least" understand and/or appreciate my rather painful puns and (sometimes esoteric) wordplays.

Hopefully you have a "working knowledge" of pop culture.

Please be one who loves movies certainly; and definitely be an animal lover (I am).

With me, openness and honesty in communication a must (or certainly preferred).

  • TRUST is a big issue with me: I take people At Their Word (you are only as Good as your Word).

  • I do not mind if you have children, either living with you or already out on their own.
    (Being "too late" in this lifetime, I do not plan on siring offspring myself....)

My idea of a "First Date:"

For one thing (even if we are very local to each other), most likely it will not be "immediate."

Once we are in email contact, we should volly back and forth numerous times over the course of a few to several days at least, to see just what sort of possible or probable compatibility we share, etc.

Then once we are comfortable "talking" with each other (over email), perhaps a live Yahoo! Messenger chat, and/or moving on to speaking on the phone several times.

After several such calls, and you've learned you can pretty much Say Anything to me (and you've taught me your own boundries about which I should know), we can arrange a time and date to meet in/at a Very Public Place....

  • Restaurant,
  • coffee shop,
  • Movie theatre,
  • bookstore, etc.
Safety first....

Generally looks can be unimportant to me compared to intelligence and the ability to think, specifically, open mindedness and a willingness to Learn New Things, even open to the possiblity of replacing some "obsolete" knowledge/"conventional" wisdom with newly acquired facts.

Also, please be a bit (or very) open minded regarding esoteric subjects (astrology, metaphysics, ghosts and other such "arcane" subjects [oh, and just as I'm interested in and study many aspects of it, I'm not totally goofy on all of them ]...).

while slim and slender can be nice, my eyes do tend to prefer a "little meat on the bones:" a woman that does not have to stand in the same place twice to throw a shadow (on a physical level I enjoy curves and textures).

(Be warned: ironically I tend to find most physically attractive in a woman the main aspect she personally tends to find least attractive about herself....)

I am also open to Just Being Friends: Fun Activity Partners.

I seek someone who can and/or will appreciate (or at least substantially tolerate) my little (and not so little) quirks, eccentricities and idiosyncrasies.
I also look forward to learning about your own....

You "must" also enjoy (or at least tolerate) pleasant communiqu emails with frequent overuse of ellipses and Important Sounding Cap-Worded Phrases.....

My perception of an ideal relationship:

  • Give and accept (it's still tough for me to "take"): being a partnership.
  • When one is down, the other supports emotionally; we can lean on each other.
  • Trust and honesty; uncaring about What "They" Think.
  • Misinterpreted mistakes should not negate an entire relationship.

  • We each have our own lives, friends, et al, currently and from before we met, and neither or us must surrender such.

What I've learned from my past relationships:

  • To be there, to listen, to be supportive.
  • I tend to trust "too much" (okay, some mistakes I tend to repeat.... )
  • To be there for you.

I am aware this could possibly all be TMI, but the woman who is not scared off will (or could) be the compatible elite, who would be well Worth The Wait....



More Photos Here

A few Badger stats:

Birth name: Geoffrey

Height: 5' 7 "

Weight: 140 (slender)

Hair: light brown, thinning

Eye colour: hazel

Eye glasses: yes

Orientation: Heterosexual

Career: Film/TV Actor

Day-job Work: Clerical

Domicile: Hollywood, California

Transporation: MTA

Fairest Warning of All:

    "My god, you talk just like your letters....!"

    A quote from my Chicago friend Bob, made upon shortly after first meeting me in real life after years of snail mail correspondance....

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