Badger's new theatrical headshot Geoffrey Gould
S.A.G. / A.F.T.R.A.
SAG #00555262 / AFTRA #24711
member SAG

Commercial Agent: Height: 5' 7"
Jennifer Lee Garland Weight: 140
433 N. Camden Drive, Suite 400 Eyes: Hazel
Beverly Hills, California state
Postal Code [90210-9999]

Calling Service: Booked Talent 818-501-9800
Personal contact information:
c/o 4570 Van Nuys Boulevard #123
Sherman Oaks, California state
Postal Code [91403-9999]
united states of America


2005 Garfield 2 Stablehand 20th Century Fox
Tim Hill, dir.
2005 Accepted Parent Universal Pictures
Steve Pink, dir.
2005 Wide Awake Mr. Whitney
(Day Player)
Alexander Christopher Falk
[USC Indie: SAG Ultra Low Budget]

Chris Falk, dir.
2005 The Achievers Drunk #2
(Under 5)
Tornado Productions
Abraham Lim, dir.
2005 Jump Shot Casino Craps Gambler
Jumpshot Productions
Mark Rydell, dir.
2005 Fun With Dick & Jane Costume Shop Owner
Columbia Pictures
Dean Parisot, dir.
2004 Careful What You Wish For Husband (David)
Amazon Theatre short for
RSA Films, Henrik Sundgren, dir.
2004 Collateral Cab Driver DreamWorks SKG
Michael Mann, dir.
2003 Garfield Milkman
20th Century Fox
Mark Vergo, 2nd unit dir.
Peter Hewitt, dir.
2003 Along Came Polly "Pontius Pilate"
(sequence omitted)
Universal Pictures
John Hamburg , dir.
2002 Matchstick Men Laundry Man #1
Warner Bros.
Ridley Scott, dir.
2002 Red Dragon Chromolux worker
(sequence omitted)
Brett Ratner
2001 Stealing Harvard Mr. Leon
(booked as featured;
sequence omitted)
Revolution Studios
Bruce McCulloch, dir.
2001 Pearl Harbor Dental Patient
also Peter Firth stand-in
Touchstone Pictures
Michael Bay, dir.
2001 The Animal Mob'ster
(sequence omitted)
Revolution Studios
Luke Greenfield, dir.
2000 The Man Who Wasn't There Alpine Ropetoss man
(own deleted scene on DVD)
Paramount Pictures
Joel Coen, dir.
2000 Dude, Where's My Car? New Age Cult Member
and Driver
20th Century Fox
Danny Leiner, dir.
2000 Little Nicky Basketball fan Paramount Pictures
Steve Brill, dir.
2000 Stanley's Gig Pedestrian Left Hook Productions &
Lampedusa Films
Marc Lazard, writer/dir.
2000 Ghost World Coffee house patron
United Artists
Terry Zwigoff, dir.
2000 Shriek If You Know
What I Did Last Friday the 13th
Teacher Lions Gate Films
John Blanchard, dir.
1999 G-Men From Hell Seedy Neighbor
(sequence omitted)
Government Action LLS
Christopher Coppola, dir.
1999 Almost Famous Cleveland Concert Attendee DreamWorks SKG
Cameron Crowe, dir.
1999 O Brother, Where Art Thou? Head of Mob Buena Vista Pictures
Joel Coen, dir.
1997 Extreme Adventures of Super Dave Event Photographer Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1997 Celebrity Boxing Enthusiast Sweetheart Productions
Woody Allen, writer/dir.
1997 Illuminata Theatre Patron Greenestreet Films
John Turturro, dir.
1997 Almost Freezing Worried Patient Cooler Productions; independent
1997 Deep Impact Times Square background Paramount Pictures
1997 Some Fish Can Fly Pub Patron Zopap Entertainment
Robert Kane Pappas, writer/dir.
1997 The Tic Code Jazz Club Patron Gun for Hire Films, Jazz Films, Inc.
Gary Winick, dir.
1997 A Price Above Rubies First of Four Mourners Miramax
Boaz Yakin, dir.
1996 In & Out Center Band Parent Paramount Pictures
Frank Oz, dir.
1995 I'm Not Rappaport 1907 Strike Voter Polygram Pictures / Gramercy Pictures
Herb Gardner, writer/dir.
1984 Zelig Gawker Orion Pictures
Woody Allen, writer/dir.

2005 Cold Case Bar patron Warner Bros Television
2005 Medium Bookstore patron NBC Television
2005 Sons and Daughters Coffee Shop Patron
ABC Television
Fred Goss, dir.
2005 Curb Your Enthusiasm Ginger cat pet-owner Curb Your Enthusiasm Productions
Bryan Gordon, dir.
2005 Jimmy Kimmel Live
Sketch pre-taped April 18, 2005
for April 19, 2005 edition [Monday evening
Tuesday morning
Accountant Gone Crazy
(Under 5)
sketch viewable online here
12:30am Productions
Wayne McClammy, dir.
2005 Jimmy Kimmel Live
Sketch pre-taped February 09, 2005
for February 11, 2005 edition
AA peeing passenger
(Under 5)
12:30am Productions
Wayne McClammy, dir.
2005 Blind Justice
episode 109: In Your Face
Chess Player Bochko Media
John Badham, dir.
2004 Just For Kicks
(formerly Just For Kicks)
episode 103:
The Right Size
Mr. Plotkin Brookwell McNamara Entertainment
Sean McNamara, dir.
2003 The Practice
episode 8PO2: The Chosen
Comb-Over Juror
(Day Player)
ABC Television
Leslie Libman, dir.
2002 Three Sisters Baseball Card
Auction Enthusiast
Blackie and Blondie Productions;
NBC; (Jay Sandrich, dir.)
2001 other people (pilot) Joseph Ellis stand-in
(for actor Warren Sweeney)
Warner Bros. Television
(Michael Watkins, dir.)
2001 Statue of Liberty:
Building a Colossus

The Learning Channel documentary
(for which promised copy was never provided)
Edouard-Ren de Laboulaye
(Principal / Lead)
Morningstar Entertainment
(Len Talan, dir.)
2000 Sabrina the Teenage Witch
episode 5.07: Welcome Traveler
Jim Thom Cult Member
Paramount Pictures
(Brian Roberts, dir.)
1999 Inherit the Wind Mayor's Aide
(Dan Petrie Sr., dir.)
1999 St. Michael's Crossing
(unsold pilot)
Detective CBS Productions
(Robert Butler, dir.)
1998 The X-Files
episode 607: Rain King
Cute Couple Ten Thirteen Productions
(Kim Manners, dir.)

2005 Chase : "Hospital"
(Director Reel spec-commercial)
RSA Films
Adam Goldstein, dir.
2004 Capitol One : "Trainee"
(Capitol One)
Clerical Worker Anonymous Content
David Kellogg, dir.
2004 Capitol One : "Winter Break"
(Capitol One)
Clerical Worker Anonymous Content
David Kellogg, dir.
2003 Game Time
(Halls / Fruit Breezers)
(co-star principal)
Cadbury Adams / J. Walter Thompson
Jeffrey Gorman, dir.
2003 NXT-ivore
(Titleist NXT)
Greenhouse Worker Anonymous Content
David Kellogg, dir.
2001 Race Car
Race Car Pit-Crew
of crashing red racecar
Anonymous Content / Young & Rubicam
David Kellogg, dir.
2000 Knock Twice
(Tire Kingdom)
Door Slot Eyes
DeVito/Verdi NYC
2000 "Botulism...!"
(Cable network promo spot)
(Spot ran for over two years...)
SAG; Gameshow Network
Roman Coppola, dir.
Viewable online
1999 Line-Up
(Ameritech Cellular)
Suspect #2
:60 second version
SAG ("Must Join;" Joined);
O2Ideas, Inc.
1999 Star Wars I: Phantom Menace
and Frito-Lays
Annoyed Movie Goer
SAG (Taft-Hartley'd); Frito-Lays
1999 NHL Beta Test
(Fox NHL Championship 2000
game for PlayStation
Head Scientist
principal lead
pre-SAG; Villains;
Fox Interactive; Wongdoody
1999 NBA Beta Test
(Fox NBA Basketball 2000
game for PlayStation
Head Scientist
principal lead
pre-SAG; Villains;
Fox Interactive; Wongdoody
1999 Stray Dog
(Volvo V70)
Sanitation Worker
pre-SAG; Traktor; Forsman & Bodenfors
Ulf Johansson, dir.
Sweden airing only; Bronze Lion Winner
at the 1999 Cannes Lions Awards)
1998 Heaven/Hell
(Cardinal Beer)
pre-SAG; Europe airing only
1998 Camera Car
Road Worker
pre-SAG; Europe airing only

Student Films / Independents / Industrials:
2004 "The Box:" Homocide Unit Holton
USC Student 3-camera video project
Dave Ciszewski, dir.
2005 Red Line Paranoid Man
USC student film
Noah Fischer, writer/dir.
2005 Torn Lecherous Man
USC student film
Alexis Quinones, writer/dir.
2005 Wide Awake Mr. Whitney
USC student film
Chris Falk, writer/dir.
2005 Subtle Collisions Priest
USC student film
Andrei Zubok, writer/dir.
2005 Chicxulub Theatre Patron
USC student film
Malona Voigt, writer/dir.
2005 Falling Stars Strip Club Patron
LA Film School student thesis film
Kevin Merz, writer/dir.
2005 100PERCENT Box Office Employee
LA Film School student thesis film
Teresa Paoli, writer/dir.
2005 The Ghettopreneurs Financial Councelor
Chapman University student film
Mildred Lewis, writer/dir.
2005 Greenwald's Amazing Garden Tonic Lawn Inspector
USC student film
Yale Kozinski, writer/dir.
2005 Trails Airline passenger
AFI student film
Gavin Heffernan, writer/dir.
2005 The Clown Stage Manager
USC student film
Sean-Michael Smith, writer/dir.
2005 Impressions at 24fps Myself
LA Film School student film documentary
Simone Bartesaghi, writer/dir.
2005 The Immigrants Jasper Cuthbert
LA Film School student film
Glenn Thomas, writer/dir.
2004 Business Trip
Subaru spec-commercial
Competition Winner
USC Student Grad film
Dave Ciszewski, writer/dir.
2004 Clocks Michael
NY Film Academy
Csare Mercado, writer/dir.
2004 To Steel A Kiss Julie's Father
USC Student Grad film
Jonathon Rothell, writer/dir.
2004 Behind the Curtain Salerno
LA Film School student film
Alvaro Ron, writer/dir.
Seariders Entertainment
2004 A Darker Time Dr. Burrows
USC student film
Tate Gardner, dir.
2004 Tango Groom's Father
sequence omitted
USC student film
Patrick Day, dir.
2004 The Father Father
UCLA Student Grad Film
Martin Kisselov, writer/dir.
2004 Pelha Naach Janitor
USC Student Grad Film
Melanie Blair, dir.
2003 Pathos Alcoholic Clown
UCLA Student Thesis Film
Gina Nelson, writer/dir.
2003 Solo Roy
UCLA Grad Student Film
J. S. Lerner, writer/dir.
2003 Valentine Man BBQ Party Goer Independent short subject
Karen Eachus, dir.
1998 Graham Cracker Cream Pie Psychiatrist
Independent short subject
Huck Botko, dir.
1998 Pasadena Judge Training Film
(for which promised copy was never provided)
Justis Freeman
Judge Mary House, writer/dir.

Music Videos:
2004 Tsunami Roy
Group we should run. (music video)
2000 Yo Team O Depressed Man Singer Chayanne (music video)
1999 The Dolphins Cry Alley Flood Escapee Group Live (music video)

Theatre / Musicals:
The Tempest Trinculo (co-lead comic) Glen Ridge Cultural Committee Outdoor Theatre
Midsummer Night's Dream Egeus (supporting) West Orange Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS)
Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry (lead comic) Glen Ridge Cultural Committee Outdoor Theatre
Ten Little Indians Judge Wargrave (lead) Livingston Community Players (LCP)
Witness for the Prosecution Carter & Court Clerk (supp.) Seton Hall University Theatre-In-The-Round
Once Upon A Mattress Wizard (supp.) Livingston Community Players
Murder In Mind Peter (co-lead) Seton Hall University Theatre-In-The-Round
Romeo & Juliet Friar John and Chief Watch Glen Ridge Cultural Committee Outdoor Theatre
Babes In Toyland Barnaby (lead) Livingston Community Players
You Can't Take It With You Wilbur Henderson (supp.) Livingston Community Players
Arsenic & Old Lace Hoskins and Spenalzo (supp.) Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair
The Unexpected Guest Jan Warwick (supp.) Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair
The Petrified Forest Ruby (supp.) Ramapo College, Mahwah
Good Man, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown (co-lead) Ramapo College
Sweet Charity Chorus (various characters) Ramapo College
The Threepenny Opera Crookfinger Jake (supp.) Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair
Good Man, Charlie Brown Snoopy (co-lead) Hoboken Clam Broth House Dinner Theatre
Play It Again, Sam Allen Felix (lead) Hoboken Clam Broth House Dinner Theatre
Play It Again, Sam Allen Felix (lead) Tri-County Players, Totowa
An Enemy of the People Fisherman (supp.) Studio Playhouse

Children's Theatre
Kaleidescope Prime Minister Albert Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair
Santa Claus Calling The North Pole Nöel Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair
The Remarkable Puss In Boots King Studio Playhouse
House At Pooh Corner Owl Studio Playhouse
Peter & the Pirates (1977 and 1995) Captain Blackhead Studio Playhouse
Sherlock Saves Santa's Sign Foosh Studio Playhouse
Christmas Made To Order Nöel Studio Playhouse
Winnie-The-Pooh Eeyore Studio Playhouse
The Brementown Musicians Donkey Studio Playhouse
The Emporer's New Clothes Han Studio Playhouse
The Magic Bottle (1990 and 1978) Genii Studio Playhouse
Inspector Raccoon of Scotland Yard Lord Dexter Studio Playhouse
The Wayward Clocks Herr Aüerbonger Studio Playhouse
The Unwicked Witch Grandfather Studio Playhouse
Rabbit Magic Cocoa Studio Playhouse
The Wizard of Oz Wizard Bergen Mall Players, Paramus
Leroy & the Ark Rupert Frog Studio Playhouse
The Clown That Ran Away Ugly Studio Playhouse
The Christmas Closet Holly Studio Playhouse
Inspector Raccoon of Scotland Yard Bulldog O'Brian Studio Playhouse
Go Jump in the Lake Ferdinand Pequannock Township Little Theatre (PTLT)
Three Ho's for the Santaperson Nöel Studio Playhouse
The Christmas Parade Candy Studio Playhouse
The Clown That Ran Away Mr. Frumpkins Pequannock Township Little Theatre
Knave of Hearts King Pequannock Township Little Theatre
Emporer's Nightingale Death Pequannock Township Little Theatre
Alice in Wonderland Ace of Spades William Paterson College theatre workshop
Tom Sawyer Sid Sawyer William Paterson College theatre workshop

Play Sound Designs:

(mostly with Studio Playhouse, Upper Montclair):
Who Can Fix the Dragon's Wagon?; Mystery of Edwin Drood (LCP); The Christmas Parade; You Can't Take It With You (LCP); Inspector Raccoon of Scotland Yard; The Unwicked Witch; Having A Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her; Haunting of Hill House; The Unexpected Guest; Play It Again, Sam; Company; Arsenic & Old Lace; Enchanted Journey; Night Watch; Importance of Being Earnest; Rabbit Magic; Peter & the Pirates; Leroy & the Ark; The Magic Bottle; Prospero's Magic Cape; The Clown That Ran Away, Kaleidescope; Santa Claus Calling The North Pole; The Remarkable Puss In Boots; House At Pooh Corner; Peter and the Pirates (1995 and 1977); Sherlock Saves Santa's Sign; Winnie-The-Pooh; Christmas Made To Order; The Brementown Musicians; The Emporer's New Clothes; The Magic Bottle (1990 and 1978); Inspector Raccoon of Scotland Yard; The Wayward Clocks; The Unwicked Witch; Rabbit Magic; Leroy and the Ark; The Clown That Ran Away; The Christmas Closet; Go Jump In The Lake (PTLT); Three Ho's For The Santaperson; The Christmas Parade; The Emporer's Nightingale

Other Technical:
1997 to 1998 Lights/Sound Dutchman, Sweet Eros,
All Men Are Whores, Augie's Ring
Producer's Club, New York city Beau Decker, technical director
1993 to 1997 Video Camera "Countless" various community theatre productions, weddings, etc. AMS Video,
Verona, New Jersey
(now on Long Island)
Alan Scott, Director

Skills / Abilities / Interests, Etc.:

Punctuality and reliability; Various dialects; Horseback Riding (English); All animals (no allergies); Medieval Festivals; Spelunking; Hiking; Word Processing (WORD 98; 59-61+ wpm); Bowling; Swimming; Snow Skiing; Esoteric Subject Researches; glasses (nonreflective lenses); fast growing beard (full from within twenty days from clean shaven) and with goate, bears striking resemblance to late British actor Roger Delgado.

Wardrobe / Costumes, Etc.:

Doctor / Scientist / Lab coat (with stethoscope); groundskeeper type clothing; camouflage jacket / pants; paratrooper boots; homeless-type clothing; costume party type (Arabian Nights) genii outfit; "Trekkie" shirt (Star Trek: TNG [mustard] "Ops" uniform); "Trekkie" sci-fi convention type t-shirt(s); mobster type black suit; management and/or middle-class business suit; blue collar worker cover-alls; old fashioned style railroad engineer over-alls; casual wear; polo shirts; 1970's/1980's shirt.

Geoffrey Lawrence: Gould (

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