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Imbolc - Early Winter 2006 CE

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Religiously, after years of research, Polytheism has become The Personal Path for me to travel this particular lifetime.
I believe there is One Truth but with an Infinite Number Of Paths towards it.

That is, my choice might not be your choice, just as your choice might not be mine.   I do not and will never say that my Path is better than anyone else's, and I expect the same from others (so if you have a problem with my personal choice, get over it, eh?)  


I have no problem with monotheists (and/or Christian polythesists who worship their five Diety "Holy Trinity" [worshipping Mary as the Goddess and worshipping their four main male Deities: Father (God), Son (Jesus), Holy Ghost (uh) and their youngest Deity (as well as apparently being one of their prime favourite Deity): "Satan," created only about 1500 years ago so that those In Power (i.e., The Church) could rule the masses through fear]).

Never Again the Burning Times

This does not, however, mean I take lightly the abrogation of my guaranteed and protected religious rights. My previous "Christian" roommate with whom I had been living (from the beginning of April to late July 2002), was been anything but a Christian in the true sense of the word. At one point (upon learning of my religion), he insisted I depart, based solely on my religious path. Fortunately I found a more sane roommate and a better place to call a domicile, thankfully far away from this narrow-minded religious bigot.

I am aware that there are some polytheists who do have a substantial problem with monotheists
I am not among them.

Most of the Christianized Pagan holidays in which I "still participate" (Christmas and Easter for the Christianized Yule and Ostara, Halloween for Samhain [pronounced SOW-inn], May Day [Beltane/Beltaine], etc.) already correspond with mine own beliefs, such Sabbats having been around for tens of thousands of years prior to Christianity.

The distinction is, I just happen to celebrate such holidays the way they were originally intended to be celebrated by PreChristians, such as Beltaine (also spelled Beltane) on the commonly known May Day (yes, there were people who lived normal, prosperous, even happy lives prior to Jesus, whose wise insightful teachings I do follow, as they are in alignment with PreChristian [read, Pagan] beliefs)

I am a First Level Initiate Witch of the Dragons' Heart Coven (formerly theClan of the Laughing Dragon, the name changed as of February 22, 2005). Covenmate William and I created and he now maintains its official Web Presence. William created and obtained our laughingdragonclan.com domain and with his expertise, will be adding PHP to the site for better navigation.

Our coven did several open circles and rituals at Raven's Flight and together as a coven we (now occasionally) camp at the annual camping events with Pacific Circle and (occasionally) Mountain Magick in a grand campsite off of Route 2 up in the beautiful Angeles Mountains about 45 miles north of La Caada's Foothill Boulevard.


When on the east coast, a metaphysical store I frequented (on at which I found the first steps onto My Religious Path) was Spellbound (regretfully, since closed). Former proprietor Vinnie Gaglione sold the shop (opening another in New Hope, Pennsylvania state, which apprently he is "already" selling, with plans to open yet another store). The original Spellbound used to sponsor local psychic faires. Vinnie was my initial teacher back in 1988 (or so). With and from that learning, I found myself on the Path I now tread.
Unfortunately now for the northern New Jersey state area, Vinnie sold the store and the new owners of the previous Spellbound drove it into the ground in one or two months. Sad, really.

In Memory of the Burning Times

Check your local community theatre and if they EVER do the wonderful heart warming comedy Greetings! by Tom Dudzick, by all means, do see it! My actor brother Alan Scott did it with the Bergen County Players up in Oradell late 1995; I saw four of the performances (even my Cyberfriend Shirls was able to make it to a performance, still a few months before she and I met IRL). The producer of the original production saw it and was equally bowled over by the powerful and talented cast, sending the cast and crew a letter of glowing praise.

For further Information and Research:

  • The Witch's Voice is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting centuries of misinformation [and disinformation] about Witches and Witchcraft.
    Witchcraft - Wicca IS a legally recognized religion in America and it is the mission of The Witch's Voice to protect that guaranteed right through education and awareness.

  • Willow's Crystal Cauldron (360 S. Thomas Street, Pomona, California)

  • Thiasos Aphrodite fledgling website dedicated to the re-emerging worship of the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty: providing online and offline resources for devotees of Aphrodite and to promote a general awareness of Her role as a Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual ecstasy.

  • Katina's Never Again - For All Those Who Died Memorial Page

  • Religious Order of Mystical Wisdom - Lousiana-based, American Witchcraft coven (New Orleans area) - open Esbats, classes, Handfastings, House Blessings, Wiccanings, et al

  • Moon Muses - Brooklyn based web site "for the Modern Pagan, weaving an ancient magic (sic)" with online shopping, pagan resources, online BOS, also at which you can calculate Planetary Hours instantly [free] etc.

  • The site (group?) even sells items on eBay

  • Sun Dragon - Wiccan site of Maeve gives some good Beginner Information.

  • Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch? a MiSTing [July, 1999] in which learned author David J Rust takes the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 cast and scripts them into MSTie'ing USEnet postings. As David Rust puts it: "Recently, there has been an uproar in the extreme religious reich because someone noticed that actual Wiccans (read: Witches) were serving in the United States Army. Well, it seems that this is unacceptable to some people who have organized a massive boycott against their sons and daughters enlisting until the Wiccans are drummed out and ostracized by the Armed forces. I guess freedom of religion just is too frightening to these people"

  • Witch Hunting for Fun and Prophet another excellent David Rust MSTie'ing. As David Rust puts it with this one: "Representative Bob Barr of Georgia definitely falls into the latter category. Apparently, he's miffed that some Wiccan soldiers are actually practicing their faith on army grounds. Not only that, he's managed to spawn dozens of hyper-right-wing calls for Wiccans to be drummed out of the corps and driven back into the broomclosets where they apparently belong. The main course of today's experiment is just one such piece of drivel."

  • Being a big Harry Potter Fan myself, I loved:

  • Harry Pothead (at the bottom of that page; item 2 under 2001): - email spam David Rust received in late May, 2000
    "THE DANGER OF HARRY POTTER" and "Harry Potter Takes Drugs" - Original Titles
    This particular MST3K experiment deals with that lovely bug-a-boo, "defending our children" and proposes the ultimate of punishments: censorship.
    "So, sit back, relax and read on" David accurately assures us. "Or just save yourself the pain and read a "Harry Potter" book instead."

  • And of course, the dreaded dangers of Pokemon addiction

  • Dark Dungeons - Another MST3K fan, page by page riffing on one of the Chick Tract nightmarish religiously intolerant "comic books," not only inaccurately equating witchcraft with Satanism, but falsely "stating as fact" that playing the harmless FRP game Dungeons and Dragons directly leads to [Chick's hilariously false concept of] witchcraft

  • Wickedly Funny Satire - Test Those "True" Christians

  • Pagan Contacts in the north American states

  • For those in the mid-west (specifically, Minnesota) - Pagan Pride Twin Cities

  • Resource Pages/Links for Young and Teen Pagans

  • Resource Pages for Parents of Young and Teen Pagans

  • Home page of the Northern California Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess

  • For those into Goth, Vampires, etc., Dark Side of the Net may be for you (as well might be Wicked Talent which deals with "movie extras and models of a 'darker nature'")

    I Support the Dragon Lovers
    I support fellow Dragon Lovers

Credit where credit is due:

The Legendary Spinning Gold Pentacle: The spinning gold pentacle (copyright 1996) just above was created by Marc Shannon and emailed to Wren Walker & Fritz Jung of Witch's Voice as a gift back in late '96. They loved it and have used it on the Witch's Voice ever since. Marc created this animated image FOR the Pagan online community. As I have credited it here, if you choose to copy and use it on your site, kindly credit Marc Shannon.
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