Badger "on" Patriotism:

(Skip this selection if you are easily offended by alternative points of view):

PATRIOT: (noun) A person (sic) who loves, supports, and defends his or her country.
Random House Dictionary: 1980 Concise Edition.

A good friend of mine reported to me that "private" chats are being monitored by some Orwellian system on AOL that threatens to report individuals "to the Proper Authorities" for Adult Type Chatting. In chats that were supposed to be private! Not surprisingly, and as I would have done (if I could still access it), my friend cancelled his account.

Shredded and inverted 'United States' corporate flag

Real life people know me as Geoffrey Lawrence: Gould, a Patriotic Soul with a burning passion for the Lost and/or Usurped Guaranteed Freedoms promised to all American Nationals by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution for the united states.

While I am no longer a member of any "real political party," my personal ideals regarding life, liberty and freedom are in alignment with conceptual ideals of the Libertarian Party. Would that the Constitution be recognized again as the Supreme Law of the Land (see its Article 6, Section 2: read it… surprise!), that those "in power" realize that Less Government Is More.

Click here to verify the relevant text here one of my favourite laws…
Title 42 § 408(a)(8)
Title 42 § 408
In general
Whoever -
(8) discloses, uses, or compels the disclosure of the social security number of any person in violation of the laws of the United States; shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both.

emphasis added

That's the the sort of stuff I love learning.
When I do read "Patriot" literature, I agree about 70% of it gets extremely Over Zealous. A cyberfriend of mine went to a Liberatian meeting and was horrified at how they were more interested in discussing their personal gun caches. When reading informative Patriot literature I skim past the "screaming" and get to the confirmable facts. While I will tell anyone interested about the Truth That Is Really Out There, I try to restrain such zealousness myself, especially should I discover I am speaking with someone so Well Trained as to No Longer Be Open to New Thoughts and Ideas or Possibilities....

The distinction becomes that most people allow the government its unlawful and UnConstitutional actions until such actions infringe on them personally. How long before you they do select and choose to infringe upon you?

Do you disagree with such thoughts? Do you despise the concept(s) of being the free individual described in the Constitution for the united states? Would you prefer to be the Happy Slave the US Government wants? Well, don't be vague about it! DO something about it! Take action! Fill out and send to the US Government your Social Contract for people who enjoy having their local and national government standing on their necks and who want to be or to remain Happy Slaves to the State.

If you're of a more freedom (and open) minded sort, and you're tired of curbside bullying, you might prefer to employ the "Bureaucracy Encounter Form," created by Charles Curley, and yours to use to your heart's content.

"Criminal prosecutions are not the arena in which to test for the first time novel propositions of law. Due process mandates that criminal laws be certain, clear and comprehensible to the man on the street, and they cannot be vague, uncertain and unknown; see Kolender v. Lawson, 461 U.S. 352, 103 S.Ct. 1855 (1983). This is even more important when a criminal case is commenced where the critical issue is a premise that the defendant violated a known legal duty. Here, the legal duty to file federal income tax returns is uncertain, due to the split in relevant decisional authority regarding whether this tax is a direct tax or an excise. As a consequence, judgment must be granted in favor of the defendants."

Regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center:
"Fire reaches 800 [degrees] C - hot enough to melt steel floor supports."
Apparently a few years ago, back in the 20th Century, steel melted at 1538 degrees Celsius (2800 F, see, but now, in the 21st Century, steel melts at only 800 degrees C (1472 F)

RJ Tavel also warned me about the BrainWave Project which is comprised of Electric Minds at, Feed at, Salon at and The Site at, meeting on-line on a regular basis to allegedly "tackle a major issue of concern" from multiple angles -- and to bring "the combined intelligence and passion of each site's writers and users to bear on the issue," moderated by the Electronic Frontiers Forum at HotWired. Tavel points out, "Here is a place that web-savvy libertarians should be able to make a positive impact. Note particularly the attacks on libertarianism that are planned and that the starting date of the "BrainWave Project" is tomorrow (Jan. 20)."
Yeah, these "intellects" will be starting by attacking freedom (Libertarians in particular): this from their closed minded press release:
"The first BrainWave event, to be launched January 20, addresses the spreading ideology of libertarianism, the small but influential movement that values individual rights over the state and that preaches the gospel of the free market in every aspect of society. Hostile to government, fanatical about privacy and dogged in debate, libertarians have always had a disproportionate presence on the Net. Now, just as libertarians like Charles Murray emerge into the American mainstream, they are also being challenged by critics who charge them with condoning ever-greater inequalities."

FACTNet International Digest: Archiving Free Speech. Free Thought, and Privacy Rights Issues

Arkansas Acts On Fed

First hearing on Arkansas' House Concurrent Resolution #18, "Urging the Congress of the United States to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act", introduced by Representative Jim Smithson, House Committee on Aging and Legislative Affairs, held 16 February, revealed that the Fed is a private banking cartel.

Pointing to a decision by the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, in the case of "Lewis v. United States," Archibald Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director, Committee to Restore the Constitution, Inc., charged that, "Federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities … but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations…". (1)

"Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region. The stockholding commercial banks elect two thirds of each Bank's nine member board of directors. The remaining three directors are appointed by the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board regulates the Reserve Banks, but direct supervision and control of each Bank is exercised by its board of directors."

Congressman Wright Patman, House Banking and Currency Committee, Congress of the United States, said in 1952: "The Open Market Committee (of the Federal Reserve System) has the power to obtain, and does obtain, the printed money of the United States - Federal Reserve Notes - (free) from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing", quoted Colonel Roberts. "The Fed exchanges these printing notes, which of course are not interest bearing, for United States Government obligations that are interest bearing. After making the exchange", Patman explained, "the interest bearing obligations are retained by the 12 Federal Reserve banks and the interest collected annually on these Government obligations goes into the funds of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks."

U. S. Treasury financial report for 1982 placed the Federal debt (money borrowed from the Federal Reserve System) at one trillion, seventy billion, two hundred forty-one million dollars, said Roberts. Interest paid to Federal Reserve stockholders by American taxpayers on the $1,070,241,000,000 debt, Roberts stated in his testimony, is one hundred fifteen billion, eight hundred million dollars.

Charging that the federal debt is a lien on all property, both public and private, in the United States, Roberts said that the Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve System determines the course of the U. S. economy by setting interest rates charged by member banks, regulating the volume of Federal Reserve notes in circulation, determining the value of money, regulating the stock market, and by controlling other economic factors.

"The Fed", he stated, "controls the government and determines whether American citizens will live in a prosperous or bankrupt society."

Congress has no authority to transfer these vast powers to a cartel of private bankers. The Constitution is very specific about this. Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution of the United States directs that, "The Congress is authorized to borrow money on the credit of the United States", and, "... to coin money and regulate the value thereof".

Quoting CONSTITUTION LAW (16 Am Jur 2d), Roberts said, "The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, whether federal or state, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose, since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inorperative as if it had never been passed." (2)

Being unconstitutional, Roberts told panel members, the Federal Reserve Act (H.R. 7837) must be put down.

The State of Arkansas, operating at its highest sovereign capacity, has the power to correct the 'unconstitutional' Federal Reserve Act of the 1913 Congress by directing its agents in Washington to "enact such legislation as is necessary to repeal the Federal Reserve", as they are authorized to do under the provisions of section 30 of the Act.

Corrective action in the twenty-fifth state, inspired by a coalition of conservative organizations headed by Mathias Frank, is supported by parallel legislation in Arizona, Washington, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana, Pennsylvania, Utah, Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Oregon and Indiana. (3)

In special session, the Arkansas House of Representatives heard Roberts summarize effect on the state's economy passage of HCR #18 would ultimately have. By supporting U.S. Congressman Ron Paul's bill to rescind the Federal Reserve Act, Arkansas agriculture would be energized, business and industry rejuvinated, and the freedoms of person and property guaranteed to the people of Arkansas by the Constitution would be restored and preserved".

(1) Lewis v. United States, No. 80-5905, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, 19 April 1982, beginning on page 2.

(2) CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (16 Am Jur 2d), "D. Effect of Totally or Partially Unconstitutional Statutes", "1. Total Unconstitutionality", beginning on page 4.

(3) State of Indiana House Concurrent Resolution #45, "Urging the Congress to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act", adopted by House voice vote 14 February 1983, page 6.

FREE: Roberts testimony before Arkansas State Legislature with complete text, (1) Lewis v. United States, US Court of Appeals, (2) Constitutional Law (16 Am Jur 2d) & (3) copy, State of Indiana House Concurrent Resolution #45. Send self-addressed, stamped #10 (business) envelope. Ask for "Arkansas Acts on Fed". Committee bulletin #421.

Archibald E. Roberts, LtCol, AUS, ret, Director
c/o Post Office Box 986
Fort Collins, Colorado state
Postal Code [80522]

For some awesome information regarding and how to safe guard your earnings from The Wrong People (or "agency"), you should really check up on
There's also some "unsettling" information here, if you're of the Closed Mind Class of people (or in such a case: a "Sheeple"), particularly regarding the voluntary aspect of Income Tax (a fact of which I've known for about four years). For others, real people, open to New Thoughts and Ideas or Possibilities, the above information will be an eye opening revelation. Enjoy!!

Are you a "Taxpayer"? (a quiz…)

Intriguing Links

The following sites have some astounding information and reference materials,

Team Law is a fact-filled site with tons of intriguing information.

Available, from the ACLU is the Pocket Card on Police Encounters.

Separation of Dual Sovereign Powers - Citizenship, income taxes and Constitutional limitations on government
This link is provided to assist people in their investigation of the issue of sovereign citizenship and other related topics such as the federal income tax and limited federal jurisdiction. This link will provide clips from court opinions and other quotes from within the law which can help you understand your status in this country.

The Missing 13th Amendment - Amazing True Fact(s)

The Federal Mafia by Irwin Schiff (definately check out and bookmark this site)!

Admiralty Courts in Colorado?
No doubt like the unlawful Tribunals you so dutifully attend in your own community to pay "traffic fines."
Is it any wonder we need a Common Law Court of the united states of America such as in Texas? (See below.)

A Sovereign's Page
Great Links here.

Free Ctizen Online

Free Citizen™ State Rights Discussion Board

Free Citizen™ State RightsPostings

Do you hate how the "American Judicial System" has become a travesty? Then check out The AntiShyster On-Line. Editor and Publisher Alfred Adask issues six 64 page issues a year of the well written bi-monthly publication that, while occasionally can be found at better bookstores, it is infrequently found enough that one really should subscribe, as I do.
Their online site recommends the interesting Ending Corporate Governance, We The People Revoking Our Plutocracy.

Did you know Jefferson postulated we should have a total armed revolution every twenty years or so to oust those in power, as he'd predicted that politians (and those in government) would become corrupt? Ask Thomas Jefferson

The accurate Texas Republic, information on which is disinformed to the public and willfully distorted by mainstream media.

Safeguarding Liberty

Public Land and Other Matters Related Thereto

You do not need to have (or use) a Social Security Number.
There is no law in this country requiring you to divulge your Social Security number to anyone, including current (or prospective) employers.

Privacy Act (SSNs, et al)

Removing Newborn's SSN; a hospital that refuses to discharge your newborn without having it first getting an SSN is committing felony kidnapping.

Bank Account Without SSN; the IRS can't seize (what it falsely considers) assets about which it doesn't know, and as your SSN is their tracking device, why use it?

National Political Index

Postscript passport letter

State department's web site: passport information

Privacy-related Resources.

First Amendment Site:

[Censorship is the Obsenity] [Comic Book Legal Defense Fund] Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
For the (1997) holidays, my friend Ted Slampyak gave me the 39-card factory set featuring all-new, exclusive artwork from both mainstream and independent top-notch creators, all proceeds of which benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's crusade to protect First Amendment rights of all comic book professionals for comic book related censorship issues.

The impressive card set is $15 + postage. Postage varies with quantity and destination, so please inquire (information is below). Remember that every set that you purchase from the CBLDF counts as a much needed donation and a portion of the cost is a tax deductable contribution. Send an email to to know about payment options and postage rates in America.

[Common Sense: Not Censorship] To order the set of cards and promote the First Amendment:
c/o Post Office Box 693
Northampton, Massachusetts Postal Code [01061-99990
united states of America

Phone: 1-800-99-CBLDF
Phone: 413 - 596-6967
Fax: 413 - 582-9046 BR> Email:

Via Lattuada, 20
20135 Milano MI

Phone: +39 - 2 - 545 6795
Fax: +39 - 2 - 5518 0086

More Links

Brief Explanation of the Victory Tax of which was repealed

More background on Income Tax being a fraud

More on the "other" United States

Creation of (Second Class) Federal Citizens

14th Amendment never properly ratified either

Law Says W-4 forms Are OPTIONAL

Would that each I.R.S. Commissioner in succession would do the same

According to Jack Warren Wade Jr., former IRS officer in charge of the IRS' nationwide Revenue Officer training program, "The Tax Code represents the genius of legal fiction."

"Humour:" Top Ten List - - "Get Even with the IRS"

Traitor Within The Gates; Great information here!

Gospel Plow Home Page; a little zealous in its religious leanings, but still some valid information can be found here as well.

Sarah Thompson, M.D.
The Righter
PO Box 271231
Salt Lake City, Utah state Postal Code [ 84127-1231]

National Political Index

Constitution Society Home Page

Tax Protester Hall of Fame


U.S.A. The Republic - How You Lost It...!

The 14th Amendment

Is the 14th Amendment a Law or Contract?

Dyett v. Turner, 439 P2d 266, 269 (14th Amendment was not ratified)

Sovereign Citizenship Explained

state Citizen or "U.S. citizen"?

A Democracy or Republic??



Rights2 (Unalienable Rights)

Right to Travel

Power of the DMV

The Common Law Court of the United States of America

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