"My work as an actor on location/set
is to have the Producer's and Director's visions
up on the screen...!"

- - Badger

Badger in Little Nicky

Tuesday August 08, 2000

Got a call from Charlie at Direct Line, my calling service. Mine outgoing pager message indicated the scheduled costume fitting for Untitled Barner Movie project, but he had a booking for me that day. Thankfully, Background Players was able to shift the fitting to Friday the 11th so I was able to spent Wednesday the 9th working on the new Adam Sandler film Little Nicky.

Wednesday August 09, 2000

I arrived for my 10:30am calltime around 9:30am (for calltime I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late). Early enough, I bused down to Melrose to the crew parking and took their shuttle to The Lot.

My outfit was fine, and as always should not have bothered with "a second wardrobe" as they didn't have us change (as that would have a pay bump).

We were finally brought into the soundstage which apart from some interesting parts of sets nearby, we were mainly on some bleachers "watching" a Harlem Globetrotters game. I didn't realized I'd sat next to stand-ins, so when Team One came in, I found myself sitting next to Reggie (someone), a super cute and familiar looking very young boy named Philip, and SNL veteran Ellen Cleghorn.

Apparently Adam Sandler (co-writer, co-producer) plays one of two sons of Satan, Dana Carvy playing another. Carvy wreaks havoc so more people are damned, while Sandler is a more pleasant type and works to negate such plans. What we're doing is watching a Globetrotters game going awry (thanks to Carvy) and we're all boo'ing and cat-calling, etc. (don't let the movie fool you" we're all miming it while the three have their lines). The three are not integral to the film; they're just cutaways reacting to what is going on down on the basketball court. We saw none of it: it'd all been filmed months ago.

The three have a few bits of dialogue, linse of which were occasionally altered and such. I could be visible as I am sitting next to the father.

After the 4:00pm lunch, they shot a different aspect; we all rearranged where we were sitting. As a sports announceer director Steve Brill was done up with his hair combed and a false moustache. He interviews a boy, asking why he came to the game.
"For the beer and the bitches," the boy replies cheerfully.
"For TV" they had him say "For the beer and the ladies." Personally I figured it they wanted to stay with the alliteration he could have said, "For the beer and the babes."

Then we moved about again and I was about four rows above the action (although Straight Up): a rather plump elderly woman screams down at a free-throwing fan Not To Miss The Shot. She then removes her shirt and flails it about over her head. It did not take much acting for us all to be horrified.

Finally (and we didn't have to move that much), they dressed up (or rather, dressed down) three techs who probably also "wanted to be in th'movie," as fans. They were shirtless each with a single red letter on their chests and bellies, but I don't recall which three letters they'd represent.

We wrapped at 8:00pm, but were told our lunch was to be listed as 1:00pm so we'd get a meal penalty, although for the second meal, not the first. I think. It didn't make much sense. The first lunch came on time, and we were wrapping before owed a second meal. I didn't argue as we were also already on overtime anyway.

Little Nicky opened November 15, 2000.
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