Kent Stryker, Self-Declared Liar

A few years ago I worked at (rather than "for") a charity based in Eagle Rock that initially claimed to accept all cars in any of the 48 contiguous American states (towards tax deductable charitable donations), raising funds for the shadey National Association for Alternative Medicine, all with little or no hassle on the car owner making the charitable donation. Ironically, my being an actor "disqualified" me from being a phone sales representative (for which I was originally being interviewed). With my knowledge and experience of HTML (and my general love of typing), charity founder Kent Stryker hired me to work on their web site(s) and submit the pages to search engines. Consistently declaring himself to be a liar as well as a thief, this is not inconsistant with Kent's being a Scientologist and all, the fictional religion's founder L. Ron Hubbard being the same, (Hubbard once faked his own death to evade taxes) teaching his more amoral slaves to do as he said and as he did.

Ironically, Kent's business with The Outside World was always exemplary, above board and beyond reproach, while Kent In The Office continually always created (and worked hard to maintain) a substantially hostile workplace (including but certainly not limited to: sexual harassment [several female workers having quit under Kent's barrages and sexist name calling], theft [withholding and threatening to withhold pay for services rendered under the false guise of pay being "contingent" on the company's treasury (when the organization not only had not taken any losses since when I had been hired, but February of 2000 had surpassed the donations of February 1999)], racial slurs and racial "jokes" as well as sexist slurs and sexist "jokes," Kent's own professed/declared religious bigotry and closed mindedness, and my favourite, giving to his CFO [who ("inadvertently"?) gave it to me] written and hand-signed instructions that Vee was to commit a criminal and fraudulent acts against me personally [to wit, she was instructed to alter the amount of allowances on my W4 form without my consent, permission or consent], etc.).
While this fraudulent and criminal act was stopped before it was implemented, the hand-signed conspiratorial document remains in my possession.

A few times a week Kent would grace my coworker and friend William and I (William smartly resigned a week after I was let go) with what Kent foolishly called "motivational" speeches. We had no idea why he called them so, These 45+ minute ramblings (ravings?) comprised back-handed compliments, outright falsehoods, seemingly incoherent babblings, belittling and demeaning statements all apparently designed to drain the mental lifeforce out of anyone even attempting to follow Kent's nonsensical streams of consciousness (for a good example of Kent's "communication skills" [particularly when asked a direct Yes/No question], see Paul Winfield's character Dathan in the 5th season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode [#5.2] Darmok…).
Towards the end of my working there, Kent would ask if we/I need "any motivational speeches." I had learned simply to say no and would keep working: Kent would be unable to grasp that he has never once ever given a motivational speech (probably to anyone), nor would he understand it if pointed out to him that he has no comprehension of the true definition of such words as "motivation," "inspiring" "uplifting," etc.
I had never wanted to be fired from a job as much as from this one…

I got my wish February 25th (the day Holly Britton was born).
The most baffling aspect of Kent is his frequent deliberate unsarcastic challenges to me that I sue him. This was no joke on his part; in front of witnesses he has insisted I "give it [my] best shot" (usually after he has learned I am aware of some of his more unlawful doings). Considering a local attorney general hates Kent but cannot "get anything" on Kent (as the businesses with The Outside World are all legal and above board), I wonder if said attorney general would want to get Kent on a more personal level of unlawfullness…

One of Kent's last stunts (while I worked there) was to threaten his workers with an unlawful [and unsigned] memo stating he might Simply Not Pay Us for current services rendered: that we might be paid "contingent upon the availability of funds in the association's treasury." The memo (the content of which I'm certain breaks several Labor Laws) went on through implication to threaten the probable closure of the currently [at the time] substantially profitable charity and that workers for Kent Stryker/NAAM should "seek more stable employment."

It is ironic that Kent had the nerve to be surprised when William did exactly as the memo suggested, and got a far better job.

Knowing Kent, he could easily falsely file for "bankrupty protection" in an unlawful effort not to pay his workers before paying (or pretending to pay) other creditors.
When it was pointed out to Kent that he had neglected to sign the memo, he calmly tore it up in my face (thankfully, apart from retaining this torn version, I'd already made a copy "for future reference").

Don't just take my word for it; check out some of these independent sites:

  • Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review, Volume 3, Issue 26 (10/04/98) by Rod Keller copyright 1998: Scientologist Kent Stryker was the subject of a TV investigative report exposing "look-alike" charities this week as well as an article in the Detroit Free Press… More

  • Cheating The Charities [from About.Com]: Diane Sawyer and Arnold Diaz reported on a possible scam that has targeted charitable contributions on the 20/20 television program on September 27, 1998. The report focused on Kent Stryker who has launched 200 or so charities with names "strykingly" similar to the names of the major, well-known, legitimate charities. The alleged, questionable intention of Stryker was to cash in on the name confusion. More

  • ABC's 20/20 Features Scientology Crook Kent Stryker, a scathing report by a Hud Nordin, (28 Sep 1998) who seems to know more about Kent than even I thought I knew

  • Xenu - Scientology's Deepest Core Mystery: Cutting to the chase, this information is the "last secret" that Scientology victims (once their funds are nearly completely obliterated), learn is the core of Scientology dogma. This was from a informational flyer for communities in which Scientology may be trying to gain a foothold.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Kent karma

I received an email from Tilman Hausherr, notifying me of the URL for an informative Press Release regarding Kent Styker having been convicted of twelve counts of mail fraud and had received a jail-term sentence of 51 months (and a ten thousand dollar fine). The press release goes into more detail on the case, the trial, et al.

A few other found pages / articles on his conviction:
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